What You Need Before You Build Your Funnel

What You Need Before You Build Your Funnel

#1 Free Giveaway – this is a report, an audio, or a video where you share as much as possible on the specific aspect of your niche where you will focus your time and attention as an entrepreneur. This is also related to the first pillar of communication and selling as you begin to build your funnel, something I will discuss is great detail throughout this training.


Think of this as the point where you have the opportunity to turn someone who visits your site into a prospect and then a customer. There is a level beyond this where your customer becomes a client, but that is something I will discuss later.


#2 Opt in Page – this is basically a two page website, on its own domain where visitors will decide whether or not to opt in with their name and email address in order to receive your free giveaway (see #1 above) or click to leave the page. There are no other choices here, as this site does not have a blog (at least not a visible one; adding content for SEO – search engine optimization – purposes is always an excellent idea.) No, this site exists solely for the purpose of having the visitors who arrive make a quick decision as to whether they will join your community or leave forever. This sounds drastic, but it is a necessary part of the process.


#3 Monetized Download Page – I mentioned in #2 that your opt in site has two pages, the front page has information about the topic, as well as some information about you in relation to the topic. The second page is the thank you page, and on this page you will share additional, relevant offers and freebies that are your own products or those of affiliates.


Three offers are plenty here, and I prefer to share just one paid offer and a couple to free ones, unless you are recommending books. But you must be careful here and stick with the specific topic the visitors turned prospects opted in for in the first place. For example, if someone finds your site because they are looking for information on reducing inflammation to help with joint pain, and that is exactly what you share within your free giveaway it does not make sense to offer them free or paid items about the Keto diet or using yoga to reduce stress.


Even though all of these things could be viewed as a part of the overall topic of heath, you must resist the urge to get away from your more specific topic of reducing inflammation for joint pain. The idea here is that it will be much better, and far more lucrative to make sure 100% of the people who truly need help with this problem come aboard and get to know, like, and trust you as an authority and expert in this area. I will talk much more about this in shortly.


#4 Your Special Offer – once these visitors have opted in to your list and become prospects in your community you will have them set up in an autoresponder sequence to further teach them and help them to solve their problem or at least to alleviate their pain. Now it’s time for your special offer, which could be a twenty minute laser focused call with you at no cost, a one month trial in your membership site at a significant discount, or a discount code to use for one of your products or courses. This is another of the five pillars of communication and selling I will introduce a little later.

But wait, I can hear you saying, I don’t have any products, courses, or even a membership site, and I wouldn’t know what to say to them if they came on a call to speak with me. No worries, for here is where affiliate offers come into play.


#5 Affiliate Offers – I got my start with affiliate marketing and this business model and passive/residual

revenue stream continues to account for approximately forty percent of my annual income. The important thing to not here is that the affiliate offers you present to your prospects and customers must be relevant and related to the specific niche topic you are focusing on. To continue with my example from above, you would want to recommend affiliate products and courses that address the issues of reducing inflammation to help with joint pain, which might include but not be limited to chronic pain, foods that naturally reduce or help eliminate inflammation, exercises, sleep patterns, meditation, and other topics that are directly related. If you are not a part of this target audience, find three people who are and ask them what they buy and what they need to help them deal with this issue in their lives.



NOTE: You may also put together an affiliate funnel, where everything you offer is something created by others, but I am finding that a funnel that consists of your own products and services for the most part is more effective and can also create passive and residual income.

Also, before we go any further I would like to define two terms for you: “target market” and “demographics.”


These are two marketing buzzwords that will be invaluable to you as you build your business and funnels. Although these are often used interchangeably, they do have very different meanings. With that being said, they do work closely together.


Essentially, demographics are used to inform and identify a target market, so we can think of them as some of the broadest yet most basic factors to creating a hyper-targeted marketing plan and funnel.


Demographics are observable, measurable identifiers that can be attributed to a group of people. They include things like age, gender, education level, household income, race, parental status, religion and geographic location. Any group of people can be classified by demographics in order to help define a target market. In fact, you would be hard-pressed to create a target market without demographics.

On the other hand, your target market is the group of existing or potential customers that you want to target in a specific marketing campaign and funnel. Demographics will help you segment your consumers by value. For example, you might find that single moms in their 30s who have a college degree spend more on your product than other groups. That indicates that marketing dollars spent targeting that cluster will be wisely spent.

In my business my demographic is men and women forty-five years and up who are college educated. They have currently or had previously a job or career they enjoyed and were successful with for decades. My target market is people within that demographic who have come to the conclusion they would prefer to work from home, enjoy helping others in areas they are interested in and knowledgeable about, all while having the time freedom and financial freedom to live life on their terms. Does this describe you?


Determine Your Long Term Goal
But I have actually put the cart in front of the horse here. Allow me to explain. After you choose your niche and the target audience you will serve you must decide where you will take the people that choose to follow and learn from you. What I mean by this is that you must determine your goal for this part of your overall business. What is the final outcome you wish to accomplish?


Perhaps you want to enroll people in a membership site, or teach them through an online course, or have them attend a live event. You must think long and hard about this so that your funnel can be reverse engineered to lead them there.

We’ll come back to this, but for now I want you to think big, bigger than you ever have before as an entrepreneur and know that anything is possible and that you have the ability to create a massive presence and business that will serve you and the people you help for years to come. Think about everything this entails and begin making some notes. As visionary Stephen Kellogg says,

“It’s better to be at the bottom of the ladder you want to
climb than at the top of the one you don’t.”

I take this to mean that you may as well create a business with the outcomes and results of your choosing rather than one that you could become bored with or soon realize is taking you in the opposite direction of where you wish to go.

Positioning Yourself as an Expert
You want to be seen as and thought of as an expert and an authority on your topic, and this is also directly related to building a funnel that clicks, meaning that it runs somewhat on autopilot and brings in income no matter where you are or what you are doing. Here’s where to begin:


1) Write about it. Writing is the cornerstone of your funnel, even if people tell you otherwise and encourage you to only create videos, or host a podcast, or speak at live events. Those are all excellent strategies to market yourself and get you in front of your audience but my more than a decade of daily experience has proven that writing is the way to build a community and move forward in the way that you choose to do so that you will receive the results you are looking for. The main reason for this is that you own and control the site where you write and it is not dependent upon anyone else to get your message out to the world.

I was not a writer when I came online in 2006 but through daily writing I am now approaching one million published words. These include the methods I am recommending for you, which include writing blog posts on your topic, repurposing these blog posts into short reports, creating a written free giveaway, updating social media strategically, and writing books. This becomes you virtual “body of work” and allows you to present yourself to the world as a thought leader and someone who can serve others by taking them from where they are today to closer to where they would like to be tomorrow.

2) Do it. You will always be your own best Case Study. By this I mean that once you do whatever it is you want to teach and share with others then you instantly become more credible and someone others want to connect with. It’s the idea of hitching your wagon to a star, where we are more likely to spend time and money with someone who has lost weight and kept it off if we want to lose weight, or to join a program about writing and publishing a book given by someone who has written a dozen bestsellers, or to learn to create funnels that click from the person who has set up a hundred funnels already.


Work hard to achieve your goals and then teach others how to do the same or something similar. For example, if you have reduced the inflammation in your body and it has reduced your joint pain, create products and courses and other programs to help millions of other people to do the same. Allow them to join you on your journey and quest to continue to learn more about the ways to achieve this goal successfully and share every detail of what is working, as well as what does not work. I can promise you that if you set up your funnel and think about it from this perspective standpoint you will be very successful and in a short period of time.

3) Teach it. During the twenty years I worked as a classroom teacher I learned some valuable strategies to ensure my students learned what I was teaching and were able to retain that knowledge over time. Once I taught a lesson I would observe to see who really got it and would be able to help another student to do the same.
What I am suggesting here is that you teach your topic to others in a variety of formats to make sure you have it down cold and to see where you may need to review or revise your information.

4) Author a book about it. Nothing screams success like a book you have published on your topic. I knew that was true when I first came online, yet it took me four years to publish my first book, Huge Profits with a Tiny List: 50 Ways to Use Relationship Marketing to Increase Your Bottom Line. At this point in time you absolutely must have a book published on your topic. If you have one already, begin writing another one that is even more specific on your niche topic and subject matter. If you do not yet have a book, begin by blogging about your topic and see which posts will become a part of your book.

5) Speak about it. Words spoken aloud are powerful. Think of our great orators of the past hundred years and the names Martin Luther King, Jr., John F. Kennedy, and Sir Winston Churchill come to mind. Even though these people’s speeches read well in print, hearing them speak their beliefs and truths stays with us forever and helps change the world. Take every opportunity to speak in front of live audiences and to share your thoughts and ideas in a way that rings true to your message.


Note: Your goal is to become an authority and an expert on your niche topic so that you may more easily build the know, like, and trust factor for your business.
These five strategies are also the five pillars of communication and selling that will come together as your funnel over time.


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