What To Do When Your Paid Ads is Not Generating Any Sale

What To Do When Your Paid Ads is Not Generating Any Sale

The first thing I want you to do is look at your landing page.

There’s tools like Crazy Egg which show you heat maps where people click, where they’re not, where they’re getting stuck.

This is really important because when you look at things from a visual perspective, you’ll understand what’s stopping people from converting.

And when you know what’s stopping people from converting, you can then tweak your landing page.

The truth is that not all of the converting issues with the ads are related to the ads.

In many cases it’s related to the landing page.

Secondly, I want you to look vividly look at your ads.

Who are you targeting?

Well, you can copy converting ads but if you’re targeting the wrong people it won’t convert.

With a lot of these ad platforms like Google and Facebook, you can do things like remarketing, which tend to have a higher conversion rate.

That’s when people already landed on your site, you can remarket them and get them to come back and the eventually buy.

Or you can do things like lookalike audiences.

It takes all your existing customers who are the right fit, who have bought from you, and it finds other people who are like them and it shows the ads to them.

When you do that, you’re more likely to target the right people so you’re generating more sale from your ads.

Thirdly, I want you to test your ad copy.

And not just test your copy in your ads, but also test your copy on your landing pages.

If someone’s going on Google and searching a keyword like MacBook Air, and you don’t have that keyword on your landing page.

You’re less likely to drive conversions.

Not only do you need it in your ads, you also want it on your landing pages, keeps a cohesive message, and you’re more likely to boost your sales.

The next thing you need to do is survey your audience.

Majority no matter how good your advertising or CRO, they’re not going to buy from you.

So surveying them, finding out why they’re not going to buy, and you can use tools like Survey Monkey, once you figure this out you can make those adjustments.

You still won’t get 100% of the people who come to your site to buy, but you can improve those numbers.

Google Analytics and Crazy Egg doesn’t tell you everything, you need to talk to people as well to get their feedback.

Another thing you need to consider is try dayparting.

With dayparting, you’ll find out that, if you’re in certain sectors like B2B, and your customer only buys from you from 9a.m. to 4p.m., why would you show ads at 7p.m.?

Though, you may get clicks, but in most cases they’re going to be irrelevant and you’re going to be wasting money.

So it is important you spend majority of your money during the right hours.

Lastly, you need to look at the regions you are targeting?

If you’re not targeting the right regions, and you only serve certain amount of them.

You’re not going to really generate sales.

For example, if you’re a weightloss expert in Toronto looking for people in Toronto, but you’re showing advertisement in United Kingdom, your advetisment in United Kingdom is sent to a wrong country target, it means there won’t be any conversion.

So if you’re not targeting the right areas, you’re also not going to see any conversions and sales

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