Top Ways To Index Your Site Faster

Top Ways To Index Your Site Faster

If your website isn’t indexed correctly in Google it will never get any traffic period and sometimes there are a lot of issues with Google not indexing new sites or indexing some blog posts but not others that’s why in this video I’m covering the top 10 ways to get Google to index your site faster so that you can focus on getting more traffic and building your blogging business.

First we have to check and see if our site is even indexed at all and it’s showing up on Google at all so to do that there’s a couple different ways one is that you can just put your whole domain in at site colon and then put in a domain and then you’ll see the number of results that Google has indexed.

It will show up all the different stuff so if nothing shows up there that means that you’re not indexed another way you can do it is to go to a Google search console and then you can inspect the URL so you can put any specific URL like my article on how to start a blog for example and then it’ll retrieve the data from the current index and it will tell you under URL inspection if the URL is indexed or not so it says it’s on Google it is indexed now if it says URL is not on Google then what you can do is request indexing you click that button here and then it will Quest and say Hey Google please crawl this page if it is not yet index so those are the two main ways that you can make sure that your site or individual articles are actually indexed and will show up on Google real quick.

when you’re staring at a blank screen and after writing hundreds of blog posts over the last four years I have finally figured out that I need to stop writer’s block by using blogging templates so all the posts you create should follow a similar structure and layout so really blogging templates allow you to work faster and publish more content because it’s pretty simple if you don’t hit publish your posts aren’t going to get indexed.

Here are the top ways to get Google to index your site faster

First one I showed you use the Google search console URL inspection tool so you take the URL you paste it a search console and you let Google tell you is it indexed or not if it isn’t you request indexing it’s really that simple another one is to remove crawl blocks in your robots.

txt file so in rank math and in yoast you don’t want you want to make sure to check that file within your WordPress dashboard and see oftentimes it’s like disallowing Google or disallowing hrefs or different tools from actually crawling your website so you want to check that and you can Google like optimizedrobots.

txt files but definitely check that you also want to check the sitemap URL for the blog post itself so with rank math and with yoast your sitemaps live sitemaps live on sitemap underscore index.xml that’s pretty standard and then you can look at the different individual post and page sitemaps so I could click like post and I can look and see what is actually in the index and once you’re in here you can see the individual URLs the images when it was last modified and all the different URLs on your website so you can see all the different ones you

can even do this for your competitors analyze what they’re writing about and all the different content there but you want to actually check the sitemap to make sure that it is in the physical site map next you want to check that it isn’t an orphaned page and what an orphan page is let’s say you publish a new article but there’s no internal links pointing to that article anywhere else on your blog that would be an orphan page no internal Links at all it’s just kind of sitting there by itself so you want to check for that.

you want to fix nofollow internal links as well maybe you accidentally added no follow links to an article through a blog post on accident you want to check for those and make sure that there aren’t any of those there because that could mess up your site map or mess up your indexing on specific blog posts we can also do is add more internal links pointing directly to the post so maybe some other articles talk about relevant content you can make sure it’s not an orphan Page by adding links from other articles to that article fixing kind of

the structure and making it seem like a more important blog post on your website another one is you got to make sure it has high quality unique content so you don’t want to have articles that are very similar like duplicate content so this happens often times when there’s articles that are some what similar like maybe you wrote about the best web hosting and then you wrote another article about the best web hosting for beginners and it’s almost the same number of companies and the same content Google will probably not index one of
those because they’re too similar

so you have to have unique content make sure that it’s actually good it’s not just some AI content you know blasted out there for no reason it’s Unique it’s high quality content it’s long it’s not too short it’s you know it is matching search intent all of those things so you want to make sure it is actually high quality first you could remove low quality pages so oftentimes you can improve your crawl budget by removing pages that you’re not using so maybe youhave some pages that you publish that you don’t even want indexed or no one’s reading them anymore or you have blog articles that just aren’t getting any traffic anymore or maybe you focused you got topical Authority in one area and then previously you’re covering you have like three or four articles on this other sub Niche that don’t make any sense anymore well it would make sense then if they’re not getting traffic all you need is to just delete those low quality pages to optimize the crawl budget for the pages.

Another thing you can do is just build more backlinks so often times brand new sites you start a site it’s brand new you get the domain out there and then your domain rating you know your Authority is zero you have no links pointing to you yet well it’s often hard for Google to find these sites and it takes a lot longer for them to actually do the initial index on your site if you have no backlinks at all

Then do some link building make sure it’s part of your strategy passive link generators creating you know in-depth good linkable assets doing some active link building on your part because then once you get other websites linking to you initially that will help you know Google actually notice you and see you and you’ll get indexed a lot faster that way so oftentimes it’s just that you’re a brand new site you don’t have any links pointing to you from external sites so it’s really hard to get indexed

So getting more backlinks is important to any blogging strategy then you can also update your blog post with new content so you know if the article is a thousand words and it’s just not getting indexed and it’s a little bit similar to another one maybe you add 250 words you add unique content new content blocks imagery different things you want to update that article and then maybe updating it making it different making it better will actually help get it indexed as well.

Remember, just because a blog post is indexed does not mean it will rank right Google understands and knows it exists doesn’t mean it’s going to get in the top 10 or 20. so you have to have a full blogging SEO affiliate marketing content driven strategy to do that if you’re interested in learning more

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