The Bad & Best Way For Affiliate Keyword Research

The Bad & Best Way For Affiliate Keyword Research

With my method, most keywords you find will already have low competition but if you’d like to be 100% safe, this is an extra step you can take to make sure competition is low. Determining SEO competition can often times seem very complicated because of all the different metrics you need to pay attention to.


Metrics and factors such as Domain Authority, Page Authority, Page Rank, what is the weight of each metric and how do they all relate tie in together to create a confusing mess for newbies. I will show you a free and reliable tool that will help you determine SEO competition. This tool will tell you exactly what you need to know about your competition, without all the confusing technical aspects of SEO.

How Most People Do Affiliate Keyword Research

Here is how affiliates commonly perform keyword research. I was guilty of this as well, until I found a much, much better way. I will reveal my method to you in time, but I want to make sure you understand why the following way is not as effective. If you are using the methods, I am sure you will recognize the problems with them.


Ineffective Method #1

Affiliates, especially newbies, like to perform keyword research by simply guessing and ultimately go for a generic keyword term with high search volume. For example, if they were interested in promoting a product that teaches you how to jump higher, they would go for a term like “How to Jump Higher”


Why is it ineffective?

There are two main problems with method #1. The first is that because generic search terms have been around for a long time, the topic is most likely covered by many authority sites, which means there is difficult competition. The other problem is that there is no guarantee the keyword will convert on your affiliate product. Because you are an affiliate and don’t control the product, you cannot modify the offer to suit your traffic. To sum it up, the problem with this is method is that you risk spending a ton of time and money ranking a difficult keyword that may not convert into sales.


Ineffective Method #2

Here is what most affiliates who do SEO don’t realize, there is a very specific set of keywords that are virtually GUARANTEED to convert. For this reason, many experienced affiliates like to target these types of keywords. So what are these type of keywords?


Product based keywords.

What are product based keywords?
Product based keywords are keywords that revolve around the product. For example, if the product name was “vert shock”, I would be targeting keywords like:


– “vert shock review”
– “buy vert shock”
– “vert shock results”
– “where to buy vert shock”
– Etc.


The reason why these types of keywords are guaranteed to convert is because anyone doing a search for these keywords already know what the product is and are mostly ready to buy. The majority of these folk simply needs a slight push in the right direction, such as a review or testimonial to verify the effectiveness of the product.

Why is it ineffective?

Targeting these keywords is a step in the right direction, but if you are sharp, you might have already noticed the big problem with this. Affiliate competition. As stated previously, these keywords are known to convert. That’s good, but that also means a lot of affiliates will be targeting these types of keywords. The competition in this case is sometimes harder than having to compete with authority sites, because the top SEO affiliates have powerful SEO resources and knowledge at their disposal. In other words, smaller affiliates who use this method are stuck with unpopular products with low search volume which likely means the product won’t make much money.


The Better Way to Perform Affiliate Keyword Research

So we know product keywords are the way to go, but how do we find product keywords that not only have a reasonable search volume, but also low enough competition that we don’t have to compete with the top SEO affiliates?


The answer is new product keywords that are trending.
We choose to focus on new products rather than old ones because new products naturally means lesser competition. As most of you might already know, the age of a web page is a big ranking factor in Google. The older the page, the harder to outrank it. A web page designed to rank for product based keyword can only be as old as the product itself, so by competing on new products, we automatically skip having to compete against aged websites.


The problem with new products is that they often have very low search volume, which generally makes them not very profitable. The way around this is to find new products that are trending. Trending products are products that are just increasing in popularity, which means their search volume is just going to go up every month which translates to more affiliate sales every month.


Why Does This Method Work So Well?

This works so fantastically well because you are essentially capitalizing on a market trend by positioning yourself before the product hits the peak of its growth. By doing so, you get a strong head start to your competition, which means much less work is needed to bring in much more affiliate sales. Furthermore, because this method targets product-specific keywords, your traffic is virtually guaranteed to convert so you won’t end up wasting lots of time and money ranking an unprofitable keyword.


With this method, you can rank a popular keyword that can bring in thousands per day with the same amount of work needed to rank a keyword that only existed for a few months. Imagine getting the same amount of sales the top affiliates do, but with 10 times less effort?


Here’s an additional tip you can use to capitalize on this method, you can build passive income assets that you can resell at a much higher value. If your web asset is making $x per month, you can generally sell the asset for at least 10x the dollars it makes per month. For example, if you have a website making $500 per month, you can sell it off easily for $5,000 or if you don’t mind waiting, for more. Don’t worry if this sounds complicated to you, it’s really not.


– For now, just know that when you are ranking a profitable keyword, you are building a financial asset.


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