Ten Best Ways To Make Money Online

Ten Best Ways To Make Money Online

With reference to the fluke and fake business flowing on the internet these days, I think, It will be good for me to write an article basically on the 10 best ways to make money online so as to help so many people who are seriously wasting their hard earned money and time on some of these useless business and investment on the internet due to their ignorance.


Well, the truth is that I am going to list them in my own preference because there is no one way to making money online, your skills and approach is highly important and what works for others might not necessarily work for you. Some may fail consistently doing affiliate marketing while others will be milking money from it daily. Don’t forget that it all depends on your skills and approach towards any of the genuine business on this website.


You need to understand that before choosing a money making techniques right for you, you need to be fully sure that, you have passion for it and you can see yourself making success in it. This methods will work for you forever on any niche on the internet.


1. Building Content Sites – I have always thought that the big money is in “producing content”. I am talking specifically about creating massive content sites. Some small affiliate sites do not fall into this category. Millions of dollars are being made from these content giants each year. Some of them sold for tens or even hundreds of millions.


For example:

AssociatedContent.com – sold for a cool $100 million to Yahoo…source link


HuffingtonPost.com – sold for a whooping $315 million to AOL…source link


TechCrunch.com – sold for a nice $20 million to AOL…source link


I am very sure that, you will like to work on a website for a couple of years and later sell it for tens of millions? It is very sure that, you may not have to do anything for the rest of your entire life.


So how can you start a web property of this caliber? Well, for majority of people it’s not possible because in my opinion you need to invest funds into this project. Your $5k-10k won’t do it either. You need to hire writers, and have them post at least 10-20 well written and engaging articles per day.


Let’s just say it costs you $30/article. That’s a $600/day investment for a year. Of course, the site would start bringing in profits after a few months (if you know how to promote it right), but either way do you have $12k per month to throw at it?


Most people don’t have that kind of budget . Well, I have a good news for you, you can start without spending such huge amount before making money on the internet.


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2. Creating Mobile Apps – There’s a mobile app for nearly all the pieces these days. You may truly make some huge cash creating simple apps that individuals find helpful, funny, or entertaining.


The business mannequin is quite easy too. You want to create apps that people want to download on their smartphone. You can charge per download or promote advertising area inside your apps.


Some apps get downloaded millions of times and get major exposure. This not solely creates an enormous revenue stream but in addition builds a customer base that you may sell other apps to you will develop later on.


How  are you going to begin creating apps? It’s simple, simply save up some cash because will have to outsource it (unless you are a coder/graphic designer/marketer then go for it)


You’ll be able to outsource small apps on sites like Odesk.com. Prices rely upon the dimensions of your project. You may develop a easy recreation for about $2k-$5k.


I really don’t know a lot about this yet, so if I were you, I might do some extensive research or find out how to promote these apps and methods to get them authorized earlier before pulling the trigger.


You can actually start from the (1) above make enough money to proceed to this second money making method if you are really interested in adding it to your income channels online.



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