Ten Best Free CRM Software For Use

Ten Best Free CRM Software For Use

There are two main things that define a business which are profitability and sustainability. suprisingly, the latter is often overlooked. Too many businesses, with excellent products and services, never reach their full potential. They’re leaving a TON of money on the table, because they aren’t nurturing the relationship with the customers. And here’s the funny thing… There are quite a few excellent free CRM software solutions that make this task a piece of cake.


Here, we’ll be focusing on specific FREE CRM software solutions. As with all software, different solutions offer different features and levels of functionality. I’ll give you an overview of my top 10 free CRM software, so you can make and informed decision and choose the one that will best fit your business goals and needs.


And, since these solutions all include a free option, you don’t have to commit to anything. Heck, you can try ALL of them if you want, to see which one you like the most.


Regardless of which one you choose, you’ll have all the relevant data in one place. And this doesn’t amount to just information about your customers. It includes data on your suppliers, and everyone who interacts with your business. You’ll see emails, their demographics, interests, positions, and in some cases – even the last conversation they had with your business.


So let’s start straight away


Top 10 Free CRM Software 2018


1. HubSpot CRM



HubSpot’s free CRM software is one of the best there is. The reason is simple – they offer a LOT, free of charge.


With zero investment, you’re getting access to full CRM features! And, you can add as many team members as you want.


The only restriction is that you can have up to 1 million contacts. Which I personally don’t think is much of an issue.


Apart from being super powerful, it also sports a user-friendly interface. Additionally, it automates a big part of the process.


For instance, you can easily add a contact by entering their name and email. The software will then automatically pull their image, as well as details about their company.


HubSpot CRM allows you to keep track of as much information as necessary, through custom fields. You can even integrate Gmail & Outlook 365 to track and schedule emails.



2. Bitrix24



Bitrix24 is an excellent choice if, alongside CRM, you’re looking to improve team communication.


It allows you to track and manage your team’s contacts, share files, plan future projects, and more.


Streamlining communication between teams and team members will inevitably increase your business’ productivity.


So, if you have up to 12 people on board, this is a must-have.


As for CRM, you’ll get access to a standard suite of tools. Additionally, you’ll be able to send out invoices to customers, to charge for your work.


Unlike HubSpots solution, Bitrix24 doesn’t automatically pull company and personal info. However, it does allow you to organize contacts as you see fit.



3. Agile CRM



Agile CRM is an excellent choice for consultants and coaches. And, of course, anyone else whose services require scheduling meetings, appointments, and sessions.


If you fall into this category, then you know how stressful scheduling can be.


You need to make sure you don’t have two calls at the same time. You have to plan ahead and constantly be aware of your calendar.


Missing an appointment, in the best case scenario, means a lost customer.


In the worst case, it can lead to negative reviews. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to risk your reputation simply because you forgot an appointment, or made an honest mistake when scheduling several months upfront.


That’s where Agile free CRM software truly shines. It makes scheduling meetings with prospects a breeze.


It provides a clear overview of all the upcoming meetings, so you can never schedule something when you’re actually not available.


And, it’s incredibly simple to use. From the contacts page, you can schedule events with a single click.


It works the other way around, too. The appointment scheduling page allows contacts to see when you have an open slot.


Then, just as easily, they can choose one of the available times to schedule a call.


Agile CRM will also keep your team motivated. It features a leaderboard, which tracks the number of calls, tasks, and deals every person has completed.


4. Zurmo CRM



Their free CRM software is on pare with professional solutions, like Salesforce.


They might pay less attention design, but offer a ton of information on your contacts.


Since they’re detail-focused, you’ll know everything that’s going on with your contact, at any time of day or night.


Additionally, Zurmo helps you easily keep track of your products. This also allows you to link opportunities and deals to the products you’r team is selling.


Just like Agile, Zurmo also features a leaderboard to keep your team members motivated.


5. vTiger



vTiger is a full-feature CRM solution. In other words, it covers everything from contact managing and deal tracking, to finalizing sales with quotes and invoices.


Additionally, it’s a great tool to streamline customer support. And that’s not all!


You can also use it to manage projects, inventory, calendars, and so much more. Really, the possibilities with vTiger are endless.


However, there’s an obvious drawback to all this. The number of options, features, and tools can be a bit overwhelming.


If you’ve never used a CRM software before, this probably isn’t the best choice.


If, on the other hand, you’ve got some experience, then this is your best bet.



6. Raynet



Raynet is a great solution in a specific situation:


It’s awesome when you only need to select which emails you want to track in your CRM.


Now, what does that mean? Well, Raynet doesn’t automatically integrate with all your emails.


Instead, you get to pick-and-choose the relevant ones. It may seem like extra work, but it’s exactly what some businesses need.


It helps you de-clutter and only shows you data from relevant contacts you selected.


Regardless of the email provider you’re using, you can copy Raynet to relevant emails to keep track of them.


One thing to keep in mind is that it doesn’t offer that much for free. It’s free for only 2 users, 150 accounts, and up to 50 MB of storage.



7. Capsule CRM



Another user favorite, with 5 stars and 99% user satisfaction.


I believe this comes from the fact that Capsure is super simple, yet super flexible.


At it’s core, it offers a full-suit of CRM capabilities. This includes contact management & communication, sales opportunities, and managing/tracking tasks.


Furthermore, you can manage all relationships with Capsule, not just customer relationships. You can stay in touch with leads, vendors, suppliers, etc.


However, Capsule stands out from the rest on the list when it comes to managing your sales pipeline. It allows you to track deals, bids and proposals.


Capsule can also function as a team management tool. With a single click, you can share specific tasks with your team. You can assign tasks to the right team member, monitor them, and set deadlines & milestones.


All around, Capsule is a great free CRM software with plenty of features.


It can be used startups, small businesses, and enterprise level companies alike.


And, you can download it on your tablet or smartphone!


8. Streak



If the bulk of the work you do with contacts happens in your inbox, then Streak is the solution you’re looking for.


Streak was built specifically for fully customized CRM inside Gmail. Hence, it’s best if your main focus are email conversions.


It’s dead-simple to install. Basically, you’re just adding another Google Chrome extension.


Adding it will allow you to see a Pipeline tag and a Streak button to add emails to the pipeline.


This provides you with an entire CRM workflow. Here, you can monitor a prospect’s entire journey from lead to customer.


Streak also takes Gmail to a whole new level. It provides tools which help you easily track and schedule emails.


It also offers a variety of cool templates, which can help you write up amazing emails in seconds.



9. Suite CRM



This is the best option if you’re interested in a self-hosted CRM solution.


This beautifully designed open source CRM offers a ton of data, while at the same time making it fairy simple to read.


Suite CRM is great for managing contacts. Additional tools it provides help close sales with more efficiency.


Additionally, they enable the platform to automatically create workflows based on your contact information.


What stands out about this particular solution is customer support management.


It offers detailed actionable actionable insights regarding your customers. It also helps boost sales and increases conversions.



10. Zoho CRM



This is another excellent CRM tool, which offers a lot of functionality in its free version.


There’s one thing to be aware of here. It’s that Zoho CRM isn’t just a contact management tool.


In fact, the company developed a standalone product for that purpose – Zoho Contact Manager.


The CRM solution, on the other hand, includes a full suite of lead & sales management tools.


The free option allows you to add up to 10 members.


The free plan is customer-centric. It includes tools that help streamline email marketing, visitor tracking, social marketing, and so on.


It even allows you to create custom surveys and send them out to contacts.


Furthermore, Zoho has a fantastic analytics board. So, all your marketing decisions will be backed by solid data.


Don’t forget, since all of these are free or at least offer a free version… You can test out different solutions to find the best fit for your business.



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