Steps To Create a Gmail Remarketing Campaign

Steps To Create a Gmail Remarketing Campaign

How to create a Gmail remarketing campaign

If you have experience with Google Adwords, creating a Gmail remarketing campaign is simple.


If you haven’t used AdWords, you’ll need an account to get started.

1. Create a new Google AdWords Campaign 

Start on your main dashboard.



When creating a remarketing campaign for Gmail, you’ll need to use the new interface.

If you’re operating in the old version, simply hit the “Settings” wheel in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.



Then select the option to try the new AdWords interface.

This should reload your screen and bring you to the new design.

Next, you’re going to want to go to the “Campaigns” page



You can then start a new campaign by either clicking the big blue circle or the “New Campaign” button at the bottom.



Either way, you’ll be prompted to either create a new campaign or load campaign settings.



Loading campaign settings will allow you to create a new campaign using information from past campaigns.

But in this case, let’s create a new campaign.

On the next page, you’ll be asked to select your campaign type. You want to choose “Display.”



Then, you’ll set your goals.

If you establish a goal, AdWords will give you recommendations for settings and features within your campaign.

But you don’t need to establish a goal. Simply select “Create a campaign without a goal.”



Keep in mind that you can’t use the “product and brand consideration” or “brand awareness and reach” goals when trying to create a Gmail campaign.

But for this example, select “no goal” for the new campaign.

Next, you’ll be asked to select your campaign subtype.

This is where you want to designate that you’re creating a Gmail campaign.


When you’re all done, hit “Continue.”

Now the basics of your new campaign are all ready to go.

2. Set your audience specifications

After setting up the foundation for your new campaign, it’s time to specify the audience you’re trying to attract.

On the next page, you’ll be asked to give your campaign a name, set the location and language, and select a bid strategy and budget.

Set this up just the way you would with a typical AdWords campaign.

Once you reach the “Audiences” section, you’re going to want to select the group you’re trying to remarket.

Designate the group you want to reach by “How they have interacted with your business.”



You’ll then be prompted to edit your target audience.


If you’ve been using AdWords for campaigns, you’ll see a list of your saved audiences



You can select one list you’d like to work from, or you can combine a few.


If you don’t have any lists, or you’d like to create a new list, you’re going to need to back up for a minute.


To create a new audience list, select the “Settings” icon along the top of the screen.



Then, hit “Audience manager.”

You’ll be brought to a dashboard showcasing all your lists.

To create a new audience list, hit the blue circle.



In the pop-up, you’ll be asked to select what kind of audience members you’d like to use.



While you can choose to target customers, app users, or a combination, for this example, we’re going to select “Website visitors.”

Here, you’ll be given a number of ways you can segment your list of website visitors.



First, you want to select the list members.

From the drop-down, you’ll see the following options.



As you select different visitor types, you’ll be presented with different page specifications to help narrow down your audience.

Let’s say you want to create a list of individuals who visited two specific pages on your site.



You can add in rules about URLs, Referring URLs, and how specifically you want that user to match the rule.

Add your credentials and select “Create Audience.”

Now, let’s head back to our new campaign.

After adding your new audience, you’ll see that a new column is added.

You now have “Website visitors” featuring the new audience group just created.



You’ll also notice that AdWords also gives you an estimate of how many people you’ll reach with this audience.


While you want to reach a lot of people, you also want to be sure you’re reaching the right people.


And that brings us to our next step.


3. Get specific

As with any kind of digital marketing, Gmail ads are all about getting the right message in front of the right audience at the right time.


Sometimes, just segmenting your list by audience isn’t enough to really connect.


You might need to go deeper.


Thankfully, AdWords allows you get really specific with your campaigns.


After choosing your audience, you can also select specific demographics.



You can also use dynamic ads to remarket leads.

Dynamic ads are tailored to site visitors who have visited your site, showing them specific information about what they looked at while on your page.

One of the most common ways this is used is in the hospitality industry.

Let’s say you’re an airline. A visitor comes to your site and looks at a flight from New York City to San Francisco.

But they leave before ever purchasing.

With a dynamic Gmail ad, you could adjust the content within your ad to be specific for flights from New York City to San Francisco.

Because dynamic remarketing ads are even more unique and specific, they can help you reach your audience even better.

4. Create your ad
Before your campaign is complete, you’ll need to design your ad.



Designing within the campaign builder is rather simple.


After you select “New Ad,” you’ll be given options to add a business name, headline, description, and your final URL.



You also get a nice preview so you can see how your ads will actually appear within Gmail.

If you’re looking for a bit more personalization, you can include a custom teaser, call to action, or unique color options.


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