Reasons Why 95% Of People Are Failing

Reasons Why 95% Of People Are Failing

1. Listening to the Wrong People

Most people fail even before getting started because they listen to the wrong people, instead of them to ask from people with right information and right approach. The best way is to look for mentor, people who really know how it works. They can give you appropriate advice.


2. They Quit Too Soon:

Some people start and believe that there is no obstacles in business and they launch into business and before you know it they fail. You need to build strength against resistant, Thomas Edison try 1000 times and believes that he doesn’t fail but discovered 1000 ways more to overcome the approach of his problem. Quiting too soon is another reason


3. They put their dream on starvation:
So many people worry about someone else dream and live their lives on whatever comes their way, they don’t know what or how to accomplish their goals. You have the capacity to choose, you can choose your dream, what you want and what you’ll do everyday to accomplish your dream. You build and nourish your dream everyday.


4. Not been consistency enough:
Most people quit before 52 days of their business online, that’s why most people fail. Longevity does not work without consistency. You need to have longevity to get you to that level.


5. Procrastinating:
You procrastinate every task you need to do in a day, you complain about the tools, the right people, the time. If you are a true believer of what you are doing, you will always want to go back to the basic and try hard everyday to move your business forward everyday doing the right task daily. Times wait for no one.


6. Fear of Failure:
They fear to fail, The truth is that you can’t fail, it is just that you get more experience,take action rightly, if you don’t want to fail.


7. Fear of Succeed:
What if I do it and I become unsuccessful. It is because you have built it in your mind and you allow satan work on them daily in your mind, change your mindset.


8. Information overload:

The 5% are doer of what they see, read, about information. Do something with the information you get. Take yourself away from the 95% and put yourself in the %5 be a doer.


9.They reinvent the wheel:
People don’t want to learn because of their ego, you need to learn the strategies or right approach from a professional not trying to do it in your own way, reinventing the wheel, it is possible to take that route but most time, it is always very frustrating and many people fall by the way side for not knowing the next thing to do. All you need is to get what is working and work it out with a working strategy. Don’t try to reinvent. Learn a strategy that is working add your knowledge and make it better.


10.Mindset (Old Believe):
Refrain your mind based on the goals you have in life. Change your subconscious mind and believe that you can do it. You need to start changing that old believe. Most people limit themselves to what they have heard even from those that has not tried the bad news they propagate.You need to take the bull by the horn and change your life. Their people who makes money even without office, you need to sharpen your mindset, question your believe and change your habit and change your subconscious mind progressively by feeding your mind with the right information.


If you work on all the above points, I promise you will be part of the 5% that never fails


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