Profitable Approach To Affiliate Marketing

Profitable Approach To Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing?



Generating an income by sharing, recommending, and promoting another company’s or person’s product or service.


In other words, when you help another company generate sales, you get a cut!
In this quick-hit reference guide, I’ll share ten tips to help you master affiliate marketing, but before that . . .


Affiliate Marketing is Awesome!


Here’s why:


You don’t have to create your own product, because someone else already did! All you have to do is send traffic through a link to that product, and everything after that is out of your hands.


Affiliate Marketing Rules and Strategies

1. Be extremely confident in your recommendation. If possible, use products that you’re going to recommend first before you promote them and in a best case scenario, you’d be promoting what you already use and trust anyway.


2. Be honest and open with your audience that you’re sharing an affiliate link.
Let them know you will earn a commission if they use it. For those in the US, this is required legally, but doing this no matter what helps your audience understand that you’re honest, and a number of people will seek out your affiliate links to pay you
back for the value you’ve already provided to them.


3. Treat the product you’re promoting as if it was your own.
Unbox that product, show the insides of it (using images or screen capture software). People like to see what they’re going to buy before they buy it. Offer to answer any questions and be there to help if they need it.


If you’re confident in your recommendation and know it will help your audience, it’s your duty to sell it! A single link on a single blog post isn’t enough. You wouldn’t promote your own product that way, would you?


4. Find your “Hosting Company.”
My number one earning affiliate product is for a hosting company called Bluehost. It’s one that I’ve used, still use, and am confident in my recommendation for those just starting a website or online business.


I help people build online businesses, so it makes sense that this is my top earning product; people need a website in order to build an online business. This is the first step in their journey, and the obvious first product to promote to new visitors.


What’s the first step or product your audience needs to get involved with in
order to move forward? When you determine what that is, the promotion of that product and the messaging behind it becomes much more clear.


Hot Tip:

It’s not terrible to promote more than one solution for a particular problem or pain your audience has, but when it comes to their first step, choosing one solution and one solution only is the best thing you can do. Why? Because people who are just starting out get confused when there are a lot of options. Be confident in your top recommendation, even though there may be more than one solution, and it’ll pay off
for you and get your audience started on their journey.


5. Create a resource page.
My resource page is the most profitable page on my blog, and all of the sales on that page, which are primarily through affiliate products, are completely passive.
The resource page is a win for everyone because your audience lands on a helpful page where you have curated all of the top and most helpful tools, services, books, etc. that you’ve mentioned on your website. You’re providing value and generating an income at the same time, which is the name of the game.


various products or tools that you recommend with your audience. These are the perfect complement to an “unboxing” strategy where you show your audience what they’re going to get before they buy it.

• Links: If you do any affiliate marketing through the Amazon Associates program, you can use this tool to make sure you are capturing affiliate commissions from people outside of your home country when they click on your Amazon affiliate links.


Hot Tip:
Make sure you keep all of the products you curate on your resource page up to date. Share at the top of the page that you do that, and people will be more confident in what you’ve shared with them. Lastly, keep track of how many clicks each of those links on the resource pages get, so that you can remove ones that don’t seem to be getting traction and are just wasting space, if there are any. In the next tip, I’ll give you a tool that you can use to help you do that.


6. Three helpful affiliate marketing tools
• Pretty Link: This WordPress plugin allows you to turn those long, cookie-filled affiliate links into a nicer looking, easy to remember and share “pretty link.” This tool also helps you keep track of the number of clicks for each link you create, and it allows you to update those links that people redirect to, without having to go in and change every single instance of that link on your website.

• ScreenFlow (for Mac) or Camtasia Studios (for PC): These tools allow you to capture
screen recordings that you can use to show


7. Cross-pollinate your affiliate links.
In other words, don’t be afraid to mention or share your recommendations more than once, and in different ways. For example, you may create a blog post showing the insides of a particular product (where you’d include your affiliate link), and you could also create a “Top 5 Tools You Use” post, which includes the same product in it as well. Then, down the road, you could perhaps create an article that is a list of all of your Top List posts, which would subsequently get people back into those articles where your affiliate recommendations are placed. Cross-promote between various mediums as well, such as podcasts and videos!


8. Offer bonuses alongside your recommendations.
A great way to stand out and make sure people use your affiliate link (as opposed to someone else’s, because there are other affiliates and influencers promoting that same product on their platforms) is to offer unique bonuses for that particular product. It works best if the bonuses relate to those particular products, although they don’t have to.


Please check with the company/person first before using this strategy. Some companies do not allow offering bonuses when promoting their products.


Types of Bonuses You Could Offer:
• Quick start guides
• Checklists
• Videos showing people how to use it (especially
any tricky or difficult parts)
• Additional parts/add-ons
• Other use cases and variants of the use of that product


9. Build relationships with the product owners.
Before or after you become an affiliate for a product, reach out to that product owner and start a conversation with them. Over time, that relationship can become mutually beneficial. For example, you could feature that person in an interview or podcast on your blog (like I did here with Nathan Barry, the CEO and Founder of ConvertKit, and also here with Clay Collins, the Co-Founder of Leadpages), which will help your
audience learn more about the product, and get to know who will be taking care of them when they make a purchase. Plus, no one knows that product better than the founder, so they will likely be able to share the features, benefits, and results
in a way that will optimize conversions. Plus, you can work closely with that person to make the experience better for your audience too, from custom landing
pages after clicking through to special discounts or offers.



Lastly, if you end up performing very well as an affiliate for a particular product, that will give you the ability to sometimes ask for an increased commission. I’ve done this with a number of companies and have sometimes been able to increase my affiliate commissions by 300 percent!


10. Think openly about what kinds of products or programs you could become an affiliate for.
There are all kinds of products you can promote as an affiliate.

Here’s a list of ideas to help get you started:
• Online Courses
• Books (Both self-hosted or on a platform like, and also ebooks and physical books)
• Physical Retail Products (Amazon is the obvious choice, but it’s not the only one! Target and Wal-Mart have an affiliate program too!)
• Software Products
• Mobile Applications (iTunes Affiliate Program)
• Music (iTunes Affiliate Program)
• Services
• Coaching

The sky’s the limit with affiliate marketing, but only if you remember that you are recommending products that are helping people in some way. And as you begin to grow your online business, attract attention, and earn trust, simply sharing the things you use yourself and how they’ve helped you can be a great, non-aggressive way to make it a win for everyone.

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