How To Setup Up Your Business on Facebook

How To Setup Up Your Business on Facebook

It takes less than five minutes to create a Facebook profile,
and it’s the first move that’s required because if you don’t do that, then you’re not really going to be able to leverage Facebook for your business or anything else.

Facebook allows all ads from a user account to be carried out. So in essence, you can do ads for your business profile or anything else by just creating a Facebook profile.

But first you need to sign up for Facebook and give them the

information on your business for email address and all that kind of stuff as well to get set up. So when you’re setting up your Facebook profile, make sure you upload a profile picture. Without that, people aren’t going to connect with you as much.

Put in information about your hobbies, your interests, the kind of services, products that you offer for your businesses, and upload personal photos and experiences that people could end up relating to and connecting with easily.

What people don’t realize is even though there’s billions of active users on Facebook, there’s not as much competition with business pages. There still is, but not as much. And there’s roughly 60 million active business pages that you would be potentially competing with, and majority of them aren’t going to be doing the same exact stuff as you. So once you have your profile set up,

go to, and then start with the Business and Brand. Enter your business information, such as your business name, and when you’re picking your business name, it should be the name people know you for, not just keywords that you want people to type in.
For the category, choose a category that your customers thinks about your business. For example, McDonald’s offers ice cream, but they’re not really a dessert place. They’re more of a fast food joint. So pick the one that people know you for, so that that way there’s no issues or mix up or people struggling to find you because you’re picking the wrong category.

In addition to that, you need to upload a profile and cover images for your business. You want to create a great first impression, so make sure it’s pretty, it’s friendly, it’s not off-putting. After you create your Facebook page, then you’ll want to set up content and you can set up content by posting relevant things about your business, things that would help your customers, even if it doesn’t cause you to generate more leads or sales, that’s okay as well.

You’ll also want to click Edit Page Info. Fill out the description, categories, contact information such as email address, phone numbers, location, hours, and any extra stuff that you are willing to share that could help people find your business and potentially buy from you. After you do that, you want to publish your page with all the necessary details that you’ve pretty much finished, and then people can start following you.

And this goes back into content. If you don’t have useful content, content that just doesn’t sell, but content that helps educate and helps people out, you’re not going to really get a ton of followers on Facebook. You should also share any of your own blogs, related content from your industry,
any videos, anything that your team or coworkers or colleagues have also recorded as well.

You can put that up on Facebook because they do love videos. When you’re setting up your business page, you should have your description, you should have your website, and you should even link to all your other social media profiles, similar to what I’m doing. And this is how mine looks. Yours should look something similar, but instead of your person name, it should be your business name. If your business is named after you, kind of like me, then it can be of your individual name. You also may be wondering, “Hey, Abraham, what do I offer on my Facebook page?”

Well, Facebook Offer gives you a opportunity to connect with potential customers. Click the Offer button and create an offer. But please know that only pages with 100 or more followers can see this feature. So you got to create more goodwill, release a lot of good content so that way you can show that Offer button and then generate more sales.

Then select the type of offer you use and then make value from your offer that is simple to understand, so that way people want to sign up, and then upload a compelling image for your offer so you can stand out.

So what to offer on your Facebook page?
Set a limit to the number of claims that could be processed and a expiration date for the offer. It’s a easier way to generate more sales. Click Terms to apply necessary terms and condition.

Then when you’re finished, you can preview the offer to see what it’ll look like for other prospects. And after checking, then you want to click the Share button. Now, the next thing I want you to do is set up your Facebook Business Manager.

Business Manager allows you to manage ads. This is a easy way to just generate more sales from Facebook. This is how Facebook is worth so much money, is because their advertising platform is so lucrative. So go to when you set up your advertising account and this platform will walk you through how to set up ads. And of course, throughout this course, I’ll break that more in depth as well.

The Business Manager is also a good place to keep all your assets all in a centralized, safe, and organized location, so then that way you can leverage it in the future. When you’re setting it up, you have to have a personal profile on Facebook to create a Business Manager account,
and that’s why I walked you through that at the very beginning. You want to specify what you’re going to use your Business Manager for.

Are you selling services or any goods or products?
And then you want to use it to add ad pages and ad accounts, use the business settings and focus on People, Partner, and Pages and Ad Accounts. A few cool things that you can end up doing with your Business Manager.
You can manage access to pages and ad accounts.

You can add or remove employees or even agencies if you’re working with a ad agency. You can connect to other apps like Instagram or WhatsApp. You can share data sources and pixel information across accounts.
You can use a payment method across accounts. And don’t forget to control your security and other business settings. Really, really important, especially on the security side. I also wouldn’t recommend that you use your personal account to advertise.

The Business Manager has many perks. It’s easy to control and it helps you independently monitor accounts from a personal presence on Facebook. Now, the next thing that I want to break down for you is setting up a group. There are over 10 million groups on Facebook used by 1.4 billion people. Just think about that, 1.4 billion people. Groups have been a key part to their platform. And because of Groups, you can end up doing really really well in the long because Facebook wants more people to use them.

So you should consider pushing them out, pushing content out on Groups, creating your own, because it’ll just make it so it’s easier for you to get more fans, more followers, and more people buying from your business as well. There’s a lot of things you can do with Groups. I would turn on the Groups tab in your page setting.

After you activate a group, you can view your page and click Create a Group. This will allow you to link your Facebook Group to your Facebook page. Give your group a name. It shouldn’t be your business name, it should be something else. Some people name it the same as your page,
and there’s nothing wrong with that. But I found that it does better if you name it something different. You can also select your group’s privacy and visibility settings, so you can make it either a private group or public.

I recommend you mainly do public groups, but if you want to do private, you can go for that as well. The cool part about a group is after you set it up, add your cover photos and pictures, you start adding content. What’s cool about a Group is you can just start inviting people.

And when you invite people, unlike a page, people on a Group tend to have discussions and you’ll find that it’s easier to get likes, comment, and engagements versus a fan page or even a profile page. When you’re going through the process, make sure that anytime people start engaging within your community, you answer them, you approve posts, you assign moderators, you’re super active, because if you’re not active and you’re not giving the community what they need, you’ll quickly find that your traffic is going to start going down or more so engagement than traffic.
And that’s one of the big keys with the groups that people make mistakes of like,

And they start really pushing hard in the first week or two and month, and then after they slow down, because they get lazy. And once your group’s been running for many, many months or even a year, you can even do events for members only. And this is a cool benefit.


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