How To Setup Targeted Pinterest Profile

How To Setup Targeted Pinterest Profile

You do not have to be a licensed business to use a Business account and you can have as many Pinterest profiles as you want as long as you use a different email address for each profile.


Create a New Pinterest Account


1. Bring up the Pinterest Business registration page


2. Enter your email address (you can have multiple Pinterest profile but you need a separate email address for each of them)


3. Choose a password


4. Enter a name for your profile – this name should mention your niche, be intriguing, and be easy to remember. For example, if your niche was golf you could use something like “Golf Madness” or “Wild for Golf” or “Golf Is Everything”. If you want to use a name or alias as part of your business name (for branding purposes or to become known as an influencer based on that name) you could use something like “Cali Angel – Golf Queen & Total Fan”


5. Choose the business type: Other


6. Click the Create Account button


7. Set the language as English


8. Choose the United States as your Country setting


9. Click the Next button


10. Choose 5 or more topics that would interest your target audience from the pop up box that comes up


11. Click the Next button


12. The next screen asks if you want the Pinterest browser button – decide if you want to install that or not. Doing so will make it easier to pin images from other websites.


13. Create a profile image:


a. You can use a personal image or create one so that you don’t show your face. It’s up to you. To create an image:


i. Go to and sign in to an existing account or create a free account


ii. Click the Use Custom Dimensions option:




iii. Choose 600 by 600 px wide and click the Design button:



iv. Click the Elements tab:



v. Click on the Illustrations icon:



vi. Scroll through the available illustrations and look for one or two that are FREE and related to your niche. When you click on those illustrations they will show up on your blank canvas. You can then move or resize the illustrations by clicking and dragging on the image or the handles of the image. You can also click on the Backgrounds tab and choose a background color for your profile image:



vii. If you don’t find any illustrations that work for your niche, you can also go to and browse through their free images for something related to your niche. Download the image from MorgueFile and back in Canva, click the Uploads tab. Upload your image. Click on the image to put a copy of it on your canvas. Resize it, use the Filter link at the top of the screen to change the coloring, brightness, and contrast. You can then add illustrations on top of the background image, if needed.


viii. When you’ve finished creating your profile image, click the download button:


ix. Choose to download the png version of the image and click the Download button:



x. Back in Pinterest, click on the Change Picture button in your profile settings screen:



xi. Browse your computer for the image you downloaded from


14. Once you’ve changed your profile image, scroll down to the About You section in your profile Settings screen:


This is your profile’s description and will show on the public view of your profile. This is an important keyword field AND needs to be a description that will capture the interest of your target audience. Since you’ve chosen a niche in which you have a personal interest, this should make writing the description a bit easier. BUT don’t think about this field as being your personal bio. Instead, you want a short line that explains what your profile is all about in a way that will appeal to your target audience. You want to mention your niche in this description. For the golfing profile example, a description like this would work: Golf news, products and tips for casual and serious players and ultimate fans.


15. Click the Save Changes button at the bottom right of the screen:



16. Click your profile image in the upper right corner of the screen and then click the My Profile option:



17. Check that your name, description, and profile image look good. You can always click on your profile image in the upper right corner again, go to Settings and make any necessary changes. Just remember to save your changes.


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