How To Make Money Online Truth II

How To Make Money Online Truth II

Are you curious about something that may be capable to assist you and your family without having to go via rigorous technique of getting actual job. If you are uninterested in the fixed rat race and the common life that jobs provide. (J.O.B that is Just Over Broke)!


Think about it for a minute…If the corporate you’re employed for can afford to pay you a wage every month which means they are making more cash from your providers than what they’re paying you. Which means that you’re making them wealthy and so they can change you with someone else at any time. Don’t neglect that everybody is replaceable!


Does that sound like financial security to you? It doesn’t to me because you are not developing an asset that would allow you to quit what you are doing and still make enough money to have a decent life.


Can you quit your job and keep getting paid? The answer for most people is ..No


As soon as you quit your income stops and now you have to look for another job or face the consequences.


This is why so many people, including you, want out of the daily grind and want to experience true financial freedom. You see, internet can provide that if you play your cards right but you need to be aware of what you are getting yourself into first.


The dream of being able to make money online with just a laptop computer while sitting on some beautiful beach is not achievable for most folks out there, in fact it’s safer to say that it’s just an illusion and something like that doesn’t even exists. I just crushed your dream didn’t I?


Let me tell you what the main difference is between having a job and working or developing your own online asset.


When you are working for yourself trying to build a business you need to work TWICE as hard! Wow, how do you like that? I bet the fire inside you is now a lot smaller than it was before you landed on this page, am I right?…Good, because by the time you get to the end of this guide it will be either totally gone or burning even hotter. It depends on what kind of person you are. If you are stubborn like me and will do anything to make it work then you just might make it to become one of the 1% that found success, otherwise don’t waste your time.


So let’s move on…


Where were we? Oh, the dream! People want it so bad that they forget about common sense. They jump from one thing to another without having the right knowledge, skills, and idea of how things work.


They get so blinded by all the hype out there that they start believing the most ridiculous statements I have ever seen since I got into this game.


You know what their problem is? It’s the fact that there is the other group of people who already know how money is made online and what the folks who are just starting out want to hear. (Read that sentence again!)


If you are here on this page chances are that you are in the beginning stage of your journey. Some people at this stage are actually desperate to make money and they want an easy way out. It’s a very dangerous stage to be in, because you are vulnerable to marketing messages that promise the world but deliver just another piece of the puzzle or totally fail on keeping the promise.


Have you ever played the game called “Lemmings”?  If you haven’t it was a game about guiding these little guys to the exit of the map. The map had traps and stuff but the lemmings would always go where you wanted them to.


I loved that game but real life sometimes is just like that too. The only difference is that they don’t want you to leave the map because if they can keep you there they will make more money. People believe stuff that sometimes doesn’t make sense but because it’s their dream and they want it so bad their brain stops questioning their actions.


The other group of people I mention earlier that already has this game all figured out knows how to create these marketing messages so that you don’t question it and just hit the order button. Everything would be fine if what was promised was actually delivered but unfortunately that’s not always the case.


They promise to guide you to the exit but in reality they are telling you to jump into a swamp. Are you starting to see the full picture yet?


For example, let’s say you are brand new to making money online and you just started searching for a solution that would allow you to quit your day job. You spend hours in front of your computer reading a lot and everything seems so hard to do. You think to yourself, “I don’t want to write articles, I just want to push a few buttons so that everything would be done for me”…sounds familiar?


Then all of a sudden you notice this tiny little ad that says, “One Trick To Making $375/Day!”…Bingo! You think someone up there heard your thoughts and now you are saved. You visit the site and some video starts playing automatically that you can’t even stop.


But you don’t want to stop it because they are telling you exactly what you wanted to hear. According to them you can make money by just pushing a few buttons…that must be it then! You are all excited and you wait patiently to the end where they tell you that for just $47 you can gain access to their magic system that will solve all your problems.


Whaoooo…there goes your credit card.


It feels good to buy stuff doesn’t it? Anyway, you made your payment and you can’t wait to get to the members area so you can start using their magic software, formula,  or whatever. Boom! What’s that? Another video starts playing that says you can’t fully automate the process if you don’t buy this upgrade for $97!


The thing is…you want to automate it right? So you wait to the end and…swipe again 🙂


Now you are out of $144 already and you didn’t even get what you paid for initially. No big deal, as soon as your second payment goes through you will finally reach the product download page.


You click on the download link and another page loads that says you need to register for this exclusive coaching otherwise you won’t even know how to use the software properly. Price is just $197…ok!


Just so you know you just spent $341 in like 5 minutes, but it’s all good because in 7 days you will be making that much or more per day, right?


You start using their system and hope for the best. 3 days go by and nothing…5 days go by and nothing…2 weeks go by and still nothing! What in the world is wrong?


Let me tell you what just happened. They knew about your dream and told you exactly what you wanted to hear. It was an easy sale for them. They made $341 but you just wasted a lot of time and your money.


What I just described above is the typical sales funnel that you will experience in the internet marketing/make money niche. Don’t get me wrong though, there are some real good products out there with real valuable upgrades but I needed to tell you about the worst kind, so you are aware of this process.


If you are aware of what’s happening you will probably be able to make a better decision when buying something next time.


Now let me ask you a question. Would you rather be the buyer with a dream or the seller who accepts payments? I think we both know the answer to that one at this point.


I am not telling you that in order to make money you need to go after people who will fall for the same trap that you did. Well, at least I hope you won’t do that. What I am trying to tell you is that if you want to earn a living online you need to


  1. Follow a working and genuine route to success

  2. You need to do business that will stand a test of time online

  3. figure out a way to deliver value to people in exchange for money.

  4. You need to purchase quality products that reveals the exact steps to success online


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