How To Create Viral Fanpage

How To Create Viral Fanpage

Why Facebook Fanpages?


If you are going to have any success in internet marketing, at some point you are going to need to set up a website and all that entails: hosting, domain,autoresponder, etc.


Unfortunately, however, this can be a bit intimidating if you are just starting out. Many people never get started because they don’t know how to set all these things up.


But this is where the concept of Facebook fanpages as mini-websites becomes so powerful. Essentially, it’s like getting a free website with a very short learning curve.


And then there is the fact that you have direct access to your followers. This is one reason why I think fanpages are a fantastic first step into internet marketing.


Another reason, though, is the sheer scale of Facebook. There are well over 1 Billion users a month on Facebook. To put that number in perspective, consider that it was only 200 years ago that there were 1 billion humans on the whole planet!!


At its root, internet marketing is simply learning how to sell. If you want to be good at it, as with anything else, you need to practice. You need a simple plan of action. You need to get started.


Fanpages provide you with easy, cheap access to a potentially huge audience. They are a great way to begin learning how to develop an audience, how to anticipate their needs, and ultimately how to fulfill those needs.


So let’s get started!


Step One: Choose Your Niche

In exploring any niche possibility, it is usually a good idea to start with you. Starting with you will help ensure that you stick with even if things get tough.If, for example, you have website, regardless of how far along it is, you should definitely create a fan page for your website. If you have a consulting business, or a bricks-and-mortar business, same thing.


At the same time though, Facebook presents a great opportunity to expand into new niches without having to go through the process of building a website. So even if you are a total beginner, why not take advantage of it?


After starting where you are, there are essentially four ways you can think about how to pick a niche.The first of these is called an evergreen niche because it never gets dormant.


Think about the phrase “happy, healthy, and wealthy.” Each of these represents an aspect of humanity that has been of interest for all of history, and is likely to remain so.Because evergreen niches are perennially popular, they are also extremely competitive. While it’s true that a very large potential audience is a good thing, it’s also true that it will be very hard for you to stand out, especially early on.If you want to pursue an evergreen fan page, my recommendation is that you really narrow down your audience within that niche. Better to be too specific rather than too broad.


An alternative is to create a fan page for yourself. This is an excellent way to position yourself as an expert in the field, as well as to begin to build a following. Another general type of niche is a passionate interest. These are fan pages built around topics that people absolutely go crazy for. These would include sports teams, types of pets, celebrities, social/political issues, gaming, cars, etc.


The trick here is obviously to pick topics that people love. You want emotional responses here. These pages may be more or less cyclical, but they almost never go dormant. Consequently, you would be wise to choose one that actually interests you as well. The third category of niche is a trending topic. These pages are based on people,events, issues, etc. You can find out what’s hot at Google Trends and if you are skilled at decoding hashtags you can use to find more trends on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


The problem with trends, of course, is that they don’t stay hot for long. You really need to be a skilled Facebook marketer to build up an audience quickly enough to be able to capitalize on trends like these. I would generally recommend avoiding them when you are new.


A final option for picking a niche is something I call a general interest niche. These pages are general enough that they provide a lot of room for marketing, but they are usually designed for a particular purpose. One example is general interest pages about tee shirts, which are set up to provide a platform for marketing tee shirts in many different niches.


These pages are designed to get as many images, videos, or links to go as viral as possible. So, here are five different ways to come up with a niche around which to build a fan page. Don’t worry; this is an easy action step.


Step Two: Create Your Page

Now it’s time to actually create a fan page. Assuming you are already have a Facebook account, go to create pages or press the down-arrow from the menu bar on the top of your main account news feed or home page.



You will then have to choose one of six different options for your page. These options affect how people will find your page, so do give your choice some thought. Click on each and check out the categories before you decide.



For each of the first five options, you will also select a category within that option. It’s difficult to recommend which option to choose because there are so many possibilities, but the sixth option, Cause or Community, is always a great choice if you are in doubt. You are, after all, building a community of followers.


In any case, once you have decided on an option and possibly a category, enter the name of the page exactly as you want it to appear. Then click “Get Started.”


If you are not already signed into your account, it will ask you to. You should do it so you can easily switch from your personal account to your fan page(s). Now you are ready to begin to set up your new page. There are four steps to setting up the page. The first is the About tab. It provides general information about your page.






Now the specific information requested will be slightly different depending on which option you chose in the previous step. But these are pretty universal. Make sure your description includes any keywords you want to target. Add an external URL (website, landing page, etc.) if applicable.


If it allows you to “choose a unique Facebook web address” try your page name or a variation on it. This will make it easier for people to find and remember how to find you. The next tab is Profile Picture. It may be stating the obvious, but make sure to have an image that people will immediately associate with your page. It must be at least 180 x180 pixels to upload.



The second step will be to upload your cover page


The third tab is Add to Favorites. This simply puts the page on your pages bar on the left-hand side of your main account. It makes things a whole lot easier for you.


The final tab is Reach More People. This tab will allow you to connect the page to a credit card or a PayPal account. I highly recommend doing this now, because we are indeed going to get you advertising to grow your page here shortly.


If you can follow these five steps, you can create your fan page in literally minutes. Now that you know how to do it, it’s time to take action!


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