How To Create Pyramid Backlink

How To Create Pyramid Backlink

Quick Guide Without A Software


1) Register a profile at Make it fairly detailed.

2) Register an account at If you have one and don’t mind  using it for marketing, you can skip this step.


3) Go to Go to the following sites and register: Stumbleupon, Digg, Reddit, and Google Bookmarks. Later when you will be bookmarking your articles and/or videos, it will be very fast and easy.


4) Search in Google and write down links to 10-15 niche-related blogs that allow comments. You can save the list as a .txt in NotePad.


5) Get three 500+ word articles on certain topics in your niche. The topics aren’t really important as long as they are niche related. So if your niche is cooking, you can choose topics such as ‘Secrets of a great cake recipe’, ‘Tips and tricks for cooking steak’ etc.


6) Go to Sign up. You can sign up with FaceBook or Twitter to make it faster. Once you’re in, follow the instructions at Squidoo to register your mini website. It’s very easy and self-explanatory. Create it in the same niche/topic as your main website.


7) Go to Complete the sign up form. Your blog address should be something related to your niche so, like before, if your main website is about cooking you will want to make your link (for example): Ofcourse choose the free plan, that’s all you need.


8) Go to
If you have a Google account just sign in, if not, register. It’s super simple. Once logged in, click on ‘Create new blog’ and follow the steps on the screen. Same procedure as with Squidoo and WordPress – niche related title and link, keep it simple.


9) Time to submit your articles. Submit your best/longest article to Ezine and then the remaining 2 to both ArticlesBase and GoArticles. So if you name your articles 1 2 and 3, submit 1 to Ezine, 2 and 3 to ArticlesBase and both 2 and 3 to GoArticles as well.


NOTE that while submitting the articles to the following directories, you will want to add links in the Author Bio section/website URL. You will do it according to the graph on the next page.


10) Now it’s time to add some content to the web 2.0 sites that you created in step 6,7 and 8. The fastest way would be to simply rewrite/spin the articles that you already have and simply add all 3 to each of the websites. However, you can also get brand new articles. All efforts you put into at this stage are very important because this is where you either make it or break it. You must make sure that the sites have a decent amount of fairly – good content. I always aim at having three or four word articles on my web 2.0 sites.


11) Add a link to your Main Website at the end of every post on your web 2.0 sites. So if you post an article, add a direct link to your website at the end of it.


12) Now it’s time to utilize our bottom layer. Go to Google Plus and Twitter and share the links to each of the articles (at Ezine, GoArticles and ArticlesBase). Remember to add a couple words from yourself so it looks legit.


13) Go to Bookmark (submit) your articles to the following social bookmark sites: Stumbleupon, Digg, Reddit, and Google Bookmarks. You have already registered on them in step 3.


14) Last step – open up your list of niche-related blogs. Visit them one by one and add RELEVANT comments with links to your articles (the second layer). Make sure the comments don’t look spammy or you’ll have them removed.


15) Bonus step – go to and ping each of your web 2.0 sites. This will help them get indexed and noticed by Google faster.



Using link pyramids is one of the most effective ways or forms of SEO for your website that you can come across in the market today.


If you want to get some real success with backlinks, try to go the natural way and you will never have to worry about anything.


Go & Try This Now. Good luck friend!


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