How To Create Facebook Sales Funnels

How To Create Facebook Sales Funnels



One thing I love about Facebook advertising is the wide variety of options that are available.


For example, you can build brand awareness, increase engagement, send traffic to your Facebook page or go right for the jugular and try to make an immediate conversion.


It really just depends on your specific goals and what you’re trying to accomplish.


Just look at all of the different marketing objectives you can choose from.


Facebook may no longer be the coolest or sexiest social network on the block. It may no longer be the place where teens go to vent their angst. In fact, 71.1 percent of all Facebook users are 25 years or older.


But you know what? It’s bigger than ever.


Recent data from Statista even shows that Facebook has 1.86 billion monthly users.


And just look at how much it continues to grow. That doesn’t look like a slowdown to me — let alone the “death of Facebook.” This means the marketing opportunities are numerous.


The other thing that I love about Facebook advertising is the wide variety of options that are available.


For example, you can build brand awareness, increase engagement, send traffic to your Facebook page or go right for the jugular and try to make an immediate conversion.


It really just depends on your specific goals and what you’re trying to accomplish. Just look at all of the different marketing objectives you can choose from.




Facebook is more than just buying clicks or impressions. Used correctly, Facebook comprises its own powerful sales funnel.


From a different insight


From a different insight


Let me ask you a question.


What’s your objective when you log into your Facebook account?


Is it to check your friend’s updates, comment on photos and generally see what’s happening in your network?


Or are you logging in to search for products and make a purchase?


Odds are it’s the former and not the latter. You’re going to hang out, not spend money.


Here’s a graph from that shows us what most people spend their time doing on Facebook.




As you can see, Facebook is more about socializing than buying.


This means that there is an overall low buying intent on Facebook. It sounds like a place not for selling, right?


Well, for some, yes. As a result, many brands end up being disappointed with their ROI. Maybe they’re getting new followers, more engagement and so on, but it’s not really translating into solid conversions.


The problem isn’t with Facebook. The problem lies in the approach that many marketers take and “jumping the gun” by selling to someone who isn’t fully on board to buy.


Afterall, you can’t expect a cold lead to instantly whip out their credit card and buy. They’re just not in the buying mindset.


The key to succeeding with Facebook advertising is to first develop a sales funnel.


You must understandand a simple fact that Facebook users aren’t in a “buy now” mindset.


With reference to this let me show you a step-by-step method to creat a Facebook sales funnel.


First Step – Create segmented content


To start with, you’re going to need to have a few different forms of content at your disposal. This could include an epic blog post, video, infographic, slideshow, webinar or eBook.


It doesn’t really matter which specific path you take as long as it’s high quality, engaging, and relevant to the specific product you’re promoting.


Just make sure that it’s on your website. This will be important when you eventually retarget leads and work them further down your funnel.


You’ll need to have multiple forms of content so that you can reach different segments of your audience.


A one-size-fits-all approach won’t usually suffice because you’ll have different people at different levels of the buying process.


Some may be cold with very little interest in making a purchase and are simply doing some research.


Others may be warm and seriously considering making a purchase right away.


Having a variety of engaging content will ensure that you’ve got something for all of the little sub-niches of your audience. And once they’re exposed to your content, they’re in your funnel.


Second Step – Promote content to your “warm audience”


What I recommend doing first is to promote your content to people who are already “warm.” By this, I mean people who have already been exposed to your brand in some capacity and who have expressed at least some level of interest.


This will primarily be your existing Facebook fans but can also include your website retargeting list. What you want to do is pay attention to engagement levels and determine which content is leading to the most purchases.


Take the time to fully analyze your data to see what’s performing best.


The truth is that, if your warm audience responds favorably to the content, your cold audience will as well.


Third Step – Target “lookalike audiences”


Facebook has a term they’ve dubbed lookalike audiences, “who look like your current customers, visitors to your website or Page fans.” In other words, these are individuals with interests, habits, and behaviors that are similar to your existing core audience.


You can think of this demographic as a cold audience that could be easily warmed up to become viable leads.


Therefore, these are the people you want to target.


To do this, you’ll need to go to the Audiences section of Facebook ads.


Now click on “Create a Lookalike Audience.”




It gives you the below as pop up





Begin by choosing your source, which “can be a Custom Audience not created with a data partner, your pixel data, your mobile app data or fans of your Page.”


Whatever is most fitting.


Then choose a location and audience size which will consist of anywhere from 1% to 10% of the population in the country or countries you choose.


Keep in mind that the smaller the percentage of your audience size, the closer the lookalike audience is to matching your existing audience.


Then click on “Create Audience” at the bottom.




This lookalike audience will now be part of your overall cold audience who will need some warming up.


Fourth Step  – Promote your best content


Remember the content that resonated the most with your warm audience?


Now you want to take that content and expose it your cold audience.


Whether it was a video, blog post, webinar or whatever, that’s the content you want to promote.


Ideally, you’ll be able to move a sizable percentage of your cold audience deeper into your Facebook sales funnel so that they become part of your warm audience.


At this point, they will be aware of your brand and should have at least some interest in potentially making a purchase.


Fifth Step  – Effective remarketing


So here’s the thing with advertising on Facebook.


You just can’t expect a large number of people to go from being part of your cold audience to being super-qualified leads that are chomping at the bit to buy.


It just doesn’t work like that.


In most cases, your cold audience will need to be exposed to your brand several times before they’re actually primed to make a purchase.


So how do you effectively prime them and move them further down the funnel?


One word — remarketing.


And Facebook is the perfect network for doing this.


Sixth Step  – Using the Facebook pixel


One of my favorite features of Facebook Ads is the pixel.



Here’s how it works.


You create a Facebook pixel

You add the pixel to your website code

You use it to remarket and bring visitors back to complete a purchase

Here’s how to get started.


Click on “Tools” from the top menu and “Create a Pixel.”




Click “Next.”


It will then ask you if you want to use an Integration or Tag Manager or if you want to copy and paste the code.


I prefer to just copy and paste the code myself, but choose whatever makes the most sense for you.


Facebook will then create your pixel base code.




What you want to do is copy and paste it in your website’s code.


This can be a little tricky if you have limited experience with code.


Just be careful when you’re pasting new code because you don’t want to mess up the original coding of your site.


Step 7 – Remarketing with a video


Now there are a lot of different remarketing techniques.


When it comes specifically to Facebook, I like to use content or video for moving people further down the sales funnel.


You may have even seen some of my content floating around Facebook.


So let’s say that someone has checked out a blog post, video, guide, etc.


They’ve already been exposed to my brand and may already have some degree of interest. What I like to do is show them a content or video ad to make a deeper connection and encourage them to visit my landing page.


This lets them put my face behind my brand and generally helps to “connect the dots.”


I might say something like, “Thank you for checking out [X content], but you’re missing out on some key information that’s available on my landing page.”


Notice that I’m not beating them over the head to make a purchase right away.


I’m simply encouraging them to delve a little deeper and learn more.


I’ve found this to be an effective way to move them further down the funnel or to my landing page without being too “salesy” about it.


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