How To Build A List Fast

How To Build A List Fast

A Few Things to Know About List Building

Before we go too deeply into the mechanics, there are some things I think are very important when it comes to list building philosophy.


First — one of the biggest mistakes I’ve made (after not building a list right away) was hardly ever mailing to that list. I know people think they are being so noble by not mailing hardly at all — but that accomplishes nothing.


People are on your list because they want to hear from you. They are not on your list just to be on your list. If you don’t mail to them, connect with them, and YES, sell to them, it’s not even worth it.


People want to be sold to even if they say they don’t. The difference is in the way you do it. Are you mailing out products to make a quick buck or because you think the people on your list could really use the product? If you don’t mail, will they just buy from someone else?


On the other hand, you can’t just mail, mail, mail without giving anything in return. You’ll often see that I ask people to email me if they are stuck, need help, want to brainstorm, want to share their story, and so on.


That’s because I truly want to get to know the people on my list. You should to.


But you should never be afraid to mail.


You are in business. You can be a nice, caring person building wonderful relationships while still earning a great income from your list.


Without further ado, let’s talk about quick list building.


What You Need…

Sign up for either aWeber or GetResponse — both are great and easy to use. They’ll give you everything you need and both have wonderful help documents.


The Ways to Build a List

It is definitely not one size fits all when it comes to list building. Here are a few of the ways I’ve used to build my list:


Through my blog

Through selling my products

Through affiliates promoting my products

Via marketing forums

Through free downloads of my stuff


Building Through a Blog

In the main guide, I recommended you have a blog as your Internet marketing hub. Make absolute certain that you have an opt-in form on your blog — more than one, ideally.


If you post regularly enough (guiltily I do not) you will get sign ups. BUT, you have to entice people to sign up. They aren’t going to do it out of the goodness of their heart.


Set up your autoresponder sequence as well — that way people who sign up to your list will get relationship building and sales emails without you lifting a finger down the road.


Build Through Selling Products

Building your list by selling products is the fastest way I know how to build a list. In another quick guide, we talked about creating fast mini products. This is awesome because you can have someone added to your list (have them confirm their email, which is default at most autoresponder companies) as soon as they buy your product.


If each product has its own web page, with affiliates and the search engines promoting for you, you’ll have fast sign ups and sign ups that happen passively down the road.


Never sell a product without attaching a list to it — it’s so painful when I think about the sign ups I’ve left on the table because I didn’t start collecting emails from my buyers right away.


Build Through Affiliates

Make sure you give your affiliates a good commission so they will be enticed to promote for you. Their list members will be on your list too as soon as they buy! This is a wonderful way to leverage the assets of others
to build your list quickly.


They key to getting affiliates is to network. I’ll admit, though, that I’ve left a lot of money on the table because I tend not to network with the ‘mega’ affiliates. There are many out there who churn out products based on techniques they’ve never used themselves just to make a buck. They then promote each others’ stuff and it makes my stomach churn.


Build Through Marketing Forums

Networking is a huge part of the ‘game’ for anything you do online. Make sure you include a link in your signature file either to your products (if that’s allowed) or a blog or website where you have an opt in form. Make it very enticing for people to sign up.


I’ve gotten great sign ups through simple chats on forums because people have gotten to know and trust me.


As always — no matter how much someone likes you, they won’t sign up unless they know they are getting something valuable in return.


Through Free Downloads

You know how I’m so keen on you making mini products? After they’ve been up for sale, you can then use them as free downloads in exchange for an email address. People love knowing they are getting something for free that used to be for sale.


Make it clear on your opt in form that they are getting something very high value just in exchange for their email.


You can promote these free downloads on forums (where allowed), social media, article marketing, and so on.


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