Done For You Online Business

Done For You Online Business

Completely Done For You Internet Business

Get Instant Access To The “Done For You” Sales System That Deposits $550…$1,350….$2500…. and More Into Your Bank Account

Very Limited! Get Your Own Money Making Machine “Completely Done For You”. This Will Help You Make Money Online Easily

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Dear Friend,

My name Is Abraham Itunnu, A Microsoft Certified Computer Engineer, a Professional Forex Trader, an Internet Business Consultant,  a Publisher, a Web Master, Internet Marketing Expert, An Affiliate Marketing Professional. The CEO of Frican Global Services. Corporate Affairs Commission Registration No: IBZ026395. A Certified Netprenuer who is into Legitimate Business Online, to the glory of God I’m a genuine good citizen of Nigeria whose passion is to liberate lives not extorting people with undefined route to success. By God’s grace I have trained thousands of people with a quality success. I am not an information marketer who makes money through paper advert. I give what I do that are working for me.

Getting to this site is not by accident, it has being ordained by The Most High God. Please take time to read and take a faithful step that will turn your life around.

Understand that, there is different between building wealth and making money on the Internet. This is the grace I enjoy till now because I’m dedicated to building wealth on the Internet.

I’m not interested in wasting your time by telling you some cooked up and irrelevant stories. Let’s go straight to business.

Many people struggle on the internet, for a long time, even years, due to the fact that they don’t know the right steps to take.

So many people who want to make money online are getting their fingers burnt because of the so called paper advert guru that take advantage of your ignorant to churn money into their bank account.

Does the following analysis in anyway related to your story:

You heard about Internet wealth opportunities and invested your time, money and energy but as I speak, you have not made your first $1 online.You tried your hands @ taking surveys, data entry, get paid to read, multi-level marketing, etc but you still have not made anything despite investing hugely.

Does This Look Like Your Internet Business Expenditure Sheet?

Survey Seminar-N4,000

Survey Materials-N3,500

Data Entry Training-N4,000

Data Entry Membership Site Fee-N15,000

Data Entry Success Ebook-N5,000

Multi-Level Marketing Club Registration-N30,000 but you
paid for 8 slots,making N180,000

Get Paid to Read Seminar-N5,500

Total Time Wasted:1 year and 6 months

Total Energy Wasted:Unquantifiable

Total Expenditure:N215,500

Out of N215,500,N150,000 was borrowed money.

Does This Look Like Your Internet Business Income Sheet?

Total Income in Naira:00.00

Total Income in Dollars:00.00

Let me be frank with you, following the foot part and guide of a professional will make you soar on the internet.

Would you like to see your website dumping money into your bank account every month as long as it is hosted?

I think it will be very nice for you doing your business from your home with little or no effort on a ready made, fully optimized Website with high paying keyword generating quality adsense or high paying Affiliate programs on each page of the site. I’m talking about what works on the internet.

There is no how you will make loss on this type of site because the site will be built in such a way that you can sell it with good amount.

You see what you don’t know, you don’t know. The amount of information you know determines your level in life.

Do you know that there are some of my student that base their online income on selling website and making cool money. This is the standard am talking about.

Beloveth this is a research I personally worked on and till date it has been making cool money into my bank account even while am sleeping.

I’m Going To Give You a new Blueprint to Internet Business
That Will Make You Cool Cash Every Single Month
For As Long As You Host The Site and follow the steps rightly, You Will Continue To Make Money Daily!


You will get the step by step complete video of source of quality traffic and the exact steps to get them to your website or offer easily with less than 2hrs set up.

This system provides:

A Proven websites and marketing funnels that turn traffic into cash for you

Quality products that provide REAL value

Top-notch customer service

Merchant processing and accounting

You can also google this keyword (How To Make $650 Weekly) in Bing, Google and Yahoo to see position at the front page among millions of competitors. This is due to my professional style of optimization. I will optimize the website and get it indexed in Google Search Engine for you.

If you check the likes in you will see thousands of people who liked the page for the honest and quality information on this website to help lives.

Just To Show You That I am Not an Information Marketer Trying To Put Up Craps For You To Buy But The Doer of The Business Making Money From It.

I do not need to put up a long sales page or brag like the so called guru will take some pictures somewhere, put it on their sales page or make a fake Photoshop income sheet so as to take the advantage of your ignorance to fill their Bank Account.

By the grace of God, I have helped thousands of people achieve financial freedom on the Internet and enjoy a better life.

Are you Employed or Unemployed?

Are you a Graduate or Undergraduate?

Do you need another source of income?

Do you wish to overcome the present financial situation in this country?

Are you interested in viral income?

Are you a Clergyman / Cleric?

Are you a Lady or Woman that need an income to support your hubby?

What is your present financial status?

Permit Me To Setup Your Internet Business For You In

Just 7 Days That Will Print Money Monthly.


I Will Reveal A Legitimate Source That Can Help You Run Paid Advertisement  Without Initial Deposit. They Will Start Promoting Your Business In Search Engine Immediately Without Paying A Dime As Deposit Before They Start Running Your Adverts. Meaning You Will Start Promoting Your Business Instantly.

If You Would Like To Make Money on The Internet Setting Up A Complete Money Making Website, You Are About To Take The Right Decision To Your Wealth.

Qualities of the website

* Full Professional Hot Niches Keyword Research All Done For You

* The site is fully Optimized and Monetized to give you maximum earning, using a distinguished secret techniques which you can’t get anywhere.

* A Pumping Money Making Website is about Quality Content, High Paying Keywords, Automatic Update Affiliate Programs. The site is about Uniqueness and highly search engine friendly. Churns traffic to your site free from Google

 * High Converting Affiliate Product Added To Your Website

* The Affiliates & CPA pays to your bank account here in Nigeria

* The website is fully automated in such a way that you’ll never need to worry about maintenance costs (Except For Hosting & Domain Name Renewal After a year). Note that we give Admin login details not Cpanel of the Website.

* Step By Step Instructions and mentoring for a month

* You’ll Get My 3 Hidden Secret Source Of Traffic To Flood Your site with Traffic Everyday. I will show you How To Promote Your Website and get tons of visitors to your website on daily Basis, So As To Make More Money.

* If you decide to sell the site after a year, I will reveal to you the exact secret to apply that will make you sell the website more than $5000 these techniques has never fail ( I will reveal where & what you need to do to accomplish this to you live). I’m 100% sure that when you discover this techniques, you may prefer the building and selling website type of business than any other business online.

Take Note: This is NOT a ONE Page Website that is built on selling just Information product being advertised by majority out there. 


I Will Reveal A Legitimate Source That Can Help You Run Paid Advertisement  Without Initial Deposit. They Will Start Promoting Your Business In Search Engine Immediately Without Paying A Dime As Deposit Before They Start Running Your Adverts. Meaning You Will Start Promoting Your Business Instantly.

Other Bonuses:

1. One year Domain Name & Hosting Registration For The Site (free)

2. Free 77 channels to drive traffic to your site without paying any dime

3. Four most effective ways to drive traffic to your site paying a peanut

4. I Will Give You My Facebook Traffic Video That Will Reveal To You 3 Methods To Drive Insane Traffic To Your Website. This Will Give You Instant Converting Traffic.

4. We’ll Help You Host The Site Free With High Tech Hosting Company while you Pay The Subsequent Hosting Fee after 1 year. We give admin login details not cpanel for the first 1 year.

5. Step by Step Guide to Sending Thousands Of Traffic To Your Site From Facebook and Twitter Daily

6. High Converting Products will be added to your website to make cash daily.

7. I Will Help You Add An Information Product With A Quality Sales Letter To Sell On The Website.

Giveaway: We will build a Professional Fanpage for The Website, Which makes it easy for you to reach out to targeted traffic on Facebook 

Please Note: After Setting Up Your Money Making Website and we give you all the benefits above, it is very compulsory for you to take action and do your own part to follow the simple steps to drive traffic included in the package to the website daily to make more money daily.

All these benefits are embedded in one time payment of the site:

N35,000 Only

Pay To:

Bank: Guaranty Trust Bank Plc

Name: Frican Global Services

Account Number: 0030718549


Pay To:

UBA (United Bank For Africa Plc)

Name: Abraham Itunnu

Account No: 2055267362


Pay To:


Name: Abraham Itunnu

Account No: 3070664101

Bitcoin Account Number: 

Send $25 Payment To: 3LKzdQHimi94YVMedhy5rxrw3v4KsP2GVn

After Payment You’ll Send The Following Requirements:

* A Gmail Address

* Your Passport Photograph

* Your Bank Account Full Name

* Your Street or Postal Address

* Your State and City

* Your Country

Also, Text your name, Branch Paid To, Amount Paid, Deposit Slip Number, Payment Date, Telephone Number to this number 08023901675 you can also scan your payment slip to: /

I will deliver your fully packed, money making website to you in 10 days and you’ll start making money into your bank directly as I do with my no brainar secret.

Beloveth, am talking about genuine business and take note that procrastination is a strong weapon of satan against success.
Act now, the offer is for a limited time.


I was thinking, it will be like other promise and fail business while I wanted to make payment for the Done For You Business but going through your website I saw some differences from others and your free follow up training boost my determination. I thank God I followed my heart and at last I was never disappointed. This is really a fantastic job, you also included the source of traffic as you promised. Thanks. Abigel K. Yenegoa

For curiosity purpose, like I told you, I do not need to brag or pose before a car or mansion on my site so as to make you believe me, by His grace am already making cool money. I have presently, numerous sites that dumps money to my bank account monthly even while sleeping. You may visit the least of my site here. I’m doing this For You to know that i’m not one of them.

PS: You can sell the website from $5000 above with a little tweakling that I will reveal to you after your website is a year older.

PPS: If you decide to Buy Domain name and host the site yourself I will send the complete website to you in 7 days right in your box.

PPPS: You may even prefer the one on one training. Just book an appointment with us, after the training of each of our student we build a money making, fully optimized site for them which they only need to pay for the hosting and domain name

PPPSS: Please this is not a get rich quick scheme business but for those who are ready to follow the genuine steps to make money online.

If you are looking for a singular button or software to make money overnight this business is not for you. This is not an overnight button business but for those who are ready to work genuinely following the steady and profitable approach to how to really make money daily online from the done for you website. This is 100% genuine approach to success in online business.

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Abraham IT.


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