Common Facebook Posting Mistakes

Common Facebook Posting Mistakes

Today, I will like to share with you some of the most common Facebook Posting Mistakes that Marketers make.


Too Much Text


Truly engaging content doesn’t have to be three paragraphs long or overly detailed. Your Facebook posts should be long enough for your readers to grasp the entire idea but short enough to easily like or share it. Your post should entice people to click a link to read the entire content.


Do Not Post The Whole Blog Article


Too much information may ruin your post. Write just an overview of what’s on your website or on your blog. Your post should appeal to your audience’s senses. Rather, than give away the entire content of your blog post, grap your readers attention by playing on their emotions. Associate your post with emotions that add a sentimental value to your readers, this is just one great technique to them into clickin your call to action for more information.


Multiple links


Each Facebook Post should only have imperative message or a “call-to-action” to effectively deliver your message to your users. Providing several call-to-action’s will only confuse your audience and make it harder for them to digest the post. It makes them feel obligated rather than appreciated. In the end, your post will only be truly engaging if it motivates the reader to take action. Consequently, having too many links would only result in a negative impact on your “page click rate” or the percentage of people visiting a web page through clicking a hyperlink.


Directly Promoting Your Business


People are tired of advertisements that compel unnecessary expenses. More often than not, Facebook newbies tend to treat the Facebook community as an opportunity for direct sales. They try to deploy the same traditional marketing such as flyers and print ads and eventually lose more and more of their loyal customers.


Ideally, your post should solely benefit your business but in the Facebook era, marketing dictates the unconventional way. In other words, your Facebook posts must show genuine concern to your customer’s needs by providing some value for users, either in the form of entertainment or valuable information.


Not Keeping Your Audience Engaged


In the Facebook world nothing is carved in stone. Everything can change in a snap of a finger. Your post may have gone viral today but you may find yourself struggling by tomorrow. The true test is how to stay on top of positive growth and the only way to sustain your credibility is to keep your following constantly engaged. You must monitor your post and the level of engagement it receives on a regular basis, this will help to guide you in optimizing your future activities.


Secondly, remember that every comment deserves a reply. You always want a great conversation going. On the contrary, if you leave comments unattended, this will make people feel unappreciated and will deter any future commenters. This applies to negative comments. You have to timely address negative comments to prevent any ill will among your customers or other’s who may see the comment. Use this as an opportunity to explaining your side of the story and to justify your actions.


Begging For Likes and Shares


Facebook advertising is not election campaign, Stop asking people to like and share your Facebook posts, and especially your Facebook Page. This purely begging and would definitely turn most people off. Find some creative and unique ideas that will boost curiosity among your viewers instead of directly asking for it. You cdan also offer a form of incentive to enhance the level of engagement as well as to boost Facebook exposure, as mention earlier.


The Basic of Facebook Posts


You’re away of the mistakes of posting on Facebook and how you can utilize the powerful social network to drive traffic and boost your business. Let me take you through the basics of Facebook posts and creating content for your page.


Here are four ways to craft engaging content for your page or posts:


1. To avoid sounding monotonous, there should be some diversification in your content. this gives an element of surprise to your readers without totally diverting directly to your branding. One way to diversify your content is by presenting it over multiple formats. For example, some may find using memes boring but some might enjoy it more. So play with different platforms that Facebook offers and see what will best serve your purpose.


2. You can amplify (repost) content from other relevant blogs or websites. This would be a nice break for your audience and will foster a community of learners.


3. Post contents which are relate to the trending topics in the industry. This will show that you are updated and your customers will know that you are on top of your game. Be assertive but not aggressive. Do not engage in shameless promotion of your brand.


4. The fastest way to engage your reader is by asking questions. Start a Facebook post with a simple questions or a simple reaction to a trending topic. Reader’s will immediately consider how they would answer the question and become immediately engaged.


The bottom line is Facebook is all about your content. Before you engaged on the technicalities of posting and Facebook advertisement try to improve upon the basices. Remember the saying, “Poor quality input will always produce faulty output.”


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