Blank Truth About Traffic

Blank Truth About Traffic

Facebook Pay Per Click is like an engine, and the traffic it can send you is like the power of that engine… and it‟s a powerful engine.


You could drive 10,000 people in front of your website within the next 48 hours- if you were willing to pay for it. Your website is like the airplane structure. Depending on how well it’s designed- it will either fly well… Half fly, or crash and burn.


Will it fly? = Will it convert visitors into customers?
If you have a website that cannot ‘fly’ (doesn‟t convert well enough) – then it doesn‟t matter if you have a V12 engine like Facebook powering it. It will still crash eventually…


And that’s what most people in our industry do…


The Biggest Mistake Entrepreneurs Make In Markeitng Their Business Online…


Most people approach traffic like an opportunity seeker…


They have a poorly designed website (sales funnel), that cannot convert visitors into customers very efficiently- or not at all- and they chasing traffic with the belief:


More Traffic = More Money


This is somewhat true… .. but ONLY if your marketing and sales mechanism can extract more value from that traffic than it costs…


Traffic + Conversions = Sales


By thinking that making money online is all about getting more traffic, you make the same mistake Langley made, by thinking flight would be achieved primarily through having a powerful enough engine:


Most think like this.

Some people who’ve been doing this for years, and haven’t yet got results, are failing for this reason. They are focussing on the wrong thing… focussing on the engine partand not the structure.


They send traffic to a blog or site they put together, slap on a buy now button or a few banner ads, and „hope‟ that someone buys.


What they fail to realize, is that even if they were to get 1,000 clicks to their website…

even if they were to get a ton of traffic to their site- it would not matter. That site cannot fly.


Most of that traffic would not convert to sales…
And that’s a problem- because all traffic has a cost.


Let‟s End The Myth Once And For All…


There is no such thing as FREE traffic.


All traffic has a cost: time or money. So- if you are going to try to ‘fly’ doesn’t it make sense to at least build the glider first, and then to strap on the engine?


Doesn‟t it make sense to build an aircraft that can fly, before you add power?

Doesn’t it make sense to design a website that can convert traffic into sales before you even think about getting traffic?


Traffic + Conversions = Sales


Most (especially newbies) think it’s: Traffic = Sales


Let’s look into some senerio here:





Just to prove my point:

Imagine you find a vending machine.

You put in $2… but instead of getting a Coke, you get change. But only $1.80
You repeat: and get $1.60
And then $1.55

You are losing 10% every time…

How long could you stand there in front of that vending machine, putting money into it?


Now- I want you to imagine another scenario.


Let’s pretend you went to another vending machine and when you put in $2, this one gave you back $2.20 in change.

Feeling happy about your good fortune- you might put your $2.20 back in …and this time, it gives you another $2.40.

You do it again- this time, it’s $2.65…


It seems to be giving you 10% more than you put in…every time. For every $1 you feed it, it gives you back $1.10.


How long could you stand in front of that vending machine and put money into it?


Your Website:


The money you spend on getting traffic to your website, is like putting change into a vending machine. e.g. you put in $2, and that buys you 4 clicks.


The sales you make from that traffic (your average visitor value) is like the change then vending machine gives you back.


Your most important role: turn your business into a vending machine that gives you back more change than you put in…


The Holy Grail…


Once you achieve this:

Average Visitor Value > Average Cost Per Click
… you’ve reached „The Holy Grail.


Increase Your Avg. Visitor Value By Over 60%, By Making Small Incremental
Improvements Of 10% In Each Stage Of Your Sales Process…


1.) Leads: (prospects / potential customers)
2.) Conversion Rate (those who bought Vs. those who did not) = Customers
3.) Frequency Of Transactions (the avg. number of times each customer bought from you each year)

4.) Average Transaction Size (the avg. number of times each customer bought from you each year) = Total Revenue

5.) Margins (% of revenue you get to keep) = Profit.



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