9 Simple Steps To Video Ads

9 Simple Steps To Video Ads

There is a certain beauty in simplicity – and I made sure this system was as simple as I could make it, so it’s easy to implement and doesn’t take long to start making money for you.

The problem is…people will tell you it’s too easy, it’s too good
to be true, you’ll probably even think the same thing yourself if you’re not careful. Just take my word for it – start using these strategies and you’ll soon see how devastatingly effective they really are.

To grow any business, you need a constant stream of targeted, high converting traffic. Without it, you have no way of getting the ‘new blood’ you so desperately depend on.

If you’ve been building a business online for long, you’ve probably noticed it’s become harder to convert cold visitors into leads and sales.

There is an unfolding crisis that is affecting businesses of all sizes.Making it extremely difficult for average folks to get online
and start making sales.

So you have two options:

You can compete with the masses until everyone outbids each other making advertising unprofitable for absolutely everyone in the game.
Or you can pay attention to trends and jump on the latest advertising opportunity before the masses.

1. Setup Your YouTube Account

YouTube has over 1 Billion monthly active users and reaches more people than any TV cable network. You can even utilize the 76 different languages supported by YouTube. Even big brand names are using TrueView ads.

Create your account here:

The strategy for successful video ads is to understand the audience you are targeting and want to market to. Find our their needs and wants so you can match a product or service to their needs and wants. You need a targeted compelling video that speaks your targets language. The video should be around 30 seconds – 1 minute 30
seconds. Be very specific and straight to the point with a call
to action.

2. How To Set Your Channel Up Properly

Click on Creator Studio and go into the Channel. Get your account verified and in good standing to keep a good long safe YouTube Channel.

Verify your account with Google to complete your registration. Link your adwords account with your channel. Design your channel with nice artwork, website links to your social media accounts and add some keywords related to your niche in the settings.

You can use a service like Fiverr.com to get great designs
for $5.

3 Advanced Audience Targeting

Finding keywords using the Google Keyword Planner. Do a google search you will find the link. Login to your google adwords account. Make a notepad document with all of the keywords that you find using the keyword planner because you will have tons to work with.

Use YouTube related searches that are being searched for on YouTube.com search box. Use VidIQ.com as a really powerful tool to spy on the best keywords. Make sure you are going after an audience that has a huge audience so you have a huge pool of people to work with.Also compile a large list of related keywords so you can increase your audience reach.

4. Start Making Some Good Videos

If you prefer to outsource your videos, use Fiverr.com.
Make your videos 30 seconds – 1 minute 30 seconds maximum to grab the attention of your viewers. People have such short attention span that you must capture their attention fast.

Leave 15 seconds at the end of your video to insert a call to
action. Very important step that needs to say click the link below with your url.

You can use iMovie built in app or Adobe After Effects CS6 or Video Co Pilot. Video Co Pilot has tutorials you can watch and learn how to do next level effects for your videos.

5. Track Your Video Conversions

This works after your campaign has been optimized. You must wait at least 1 week for this to work properly and to make a big difference in your campaign. Tracking your sales is essential for growing.

Once your clicks per view is steady and not fluctuating up and down too much, go into your adwords account, settings,and switch to youtube search only. Set it to the accelerated delivery method for max benefits.

You want to optimize your video for views to get maximum amount of views on your videos with high conversions. Now you will see why video ads are the next best thing around for you.

6. Advanced Conversion Tracking

This is how you start tracking traffic, subscribers and sales by selecting a conversion category based on your objective.Very critical step that you must complete.

Add the conversion code onto the webpage the users lands on after they fill out your opt in form or survey to track leads and subscribers.

The sales conversion code goes onto the webpage the customer lands on after they purchase your product or service.

Follow Google’s instructions to make sure you install the tracking codes in the proper places. You can click on View Page Source to ensure the code is installed on your webpages also.

7. Over The Shoulder Campaign Setup

To get your campaign setup, get your video ready and uploaded onto your channel. Make sure the video is unlisted and not public yet. Add a custom thumbnail image. Add your Title, Description and tags.

Your custom thumbnail must be sized at 1280×720 for it to fit and put a colourful border around your thumbnail image so it can stand out among the rest. In the advanced section you should turn off comments and ratings so nobody can leave negative comments on your video ad. Your website that you are sending your traffic to must be google compliant and looks really legit to first time visitors. Stay away from hype and big claims because Google will ban you for life if you
decide to go that route. Create something that is easily approved so your ad can start running on YouTube fast.

8. Optimization & Scaling Techniques

Start by lowering your bid on keywords that are too high and not performing well. You don’t want to keep paying money for keywords that are not working for you. Refine, add and remove keywords as you go along to keep optimizing for the best performance of your video ads. Fix the age range for your ad to be displayed to only certain groups of people.

Only pick keywords and niches that have to do with your topic. Keep it all congruent from your video ad to your product/service for sale to ensure your visitors stay on the path with you.

Raise the daily budget by $25 a day very slowly everyday.Don’t set just 1 set budget because it raises flags in the eyes of Google. Tweak your video ads headlines and description to see what works better for you. Your custom thumbnail can also be tweaked.

9. Start Remarketing For Maximum Profits

Remarketing can help to you give huge profits, lower your conversion cost and skyrocket your results fast. Remarketing is when you re-advertise to people who already seen your video ad. You keep showing up while they browse the internet and they will keep coming back to you.

Your remarketing lists/audience is very profitable and you can turn people who did not buy anything from you, to red hot buyers using remarketing. You can put remarketing code/pixels on your website to also track all the visitors coming to your website from your video ads. Install this on every webpage you have.

Start growing a massive list of people who have performed a certain action with you. This is a secret of the most profitable online businesses as they re-market their visitors to maximize revenue. Inside your google adwords account, go into shared libraries to start building your remarketing audiences.

Most people setup their ads the wrong way, and quit before they get them right.They are using the wrong ad types, the wrong videos and the wrong targeting.

There is a formula for doing it right, and that’s why my top clients and I have cracked YouTube, while everyone else jumps from traffic source to traffic source, struggling to find anything that converts or scales

When you exercise ‘experimental marketing’, you get ‘experimental results’.

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