8 Paid Ad Secrets You Can  Learn From

8 Paid Ad Secrets You Can Learn From

Now, one thing I have for you is, if you’re going to do paid ads, listen to these eight steps. if you implement all of them, you’re going to do better with your paid advertising.

Number one

focus most of your ad spend on seasonal opportunities.

Easter, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Black Friday, Mother’s Day, graduation season,back-to-school season, St. Patrick’s Day,Father’s Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving,Cyber Monday, free shipping opportunities,these all do extremely well and they convert higher.

Two, avoid spending too much of your ad budget in the beginning and the end of each quarter.

You need to pace it out and take your learnings. By taking your learnings and pacing it out, you then have the firepower to spend when you need to spend.
Huge companies try to reach their quarterly goals. The goal isn’t to just spend it all at once, the goal is also to be there consistently,which helps your ad campaigns perform better in the long run versus you turning them on and off. Because when you keep turning on and off,depending on the platform you’re spending money on,sometimes you have to warm things up back again,which is just a pain to do,and it causes a reduction of ROI.

Three, prepare for seasonal opportunities,months before they happen.

So most of the big companies we work with, they’re planning their Easter promotions,their Christmas or Black Friday,way before it happens, months and months. Not just their ad campaigns, but products, inventories,even service-based, software companies,they’re all starting to run offers and they prepare months in advance,and it works exceptionally well.

Four, optimize for mobile,Mobile sales are projected to be 73% of total e-commerce sales in 2022.

Look, if your website’s not responsive,you got to make sure you are responsive,because if you don’t want to to design a different website
for mobile, or desktop, or tablets,it’s the easiest way to maintain an all-in-one experience.

And make sure your purchase experience on mobile is even better than desktop, it should be one click.

I love the Shopify Pay because I can click a button and boom, right?

People can just end up paying and then going through without filling out their credit card details,or Google Pay, or PayPal, add the different options.

And if you post long-form content,try using shorter paragraphs,than just having a really long form,and break those paragraphs up,and make sure that you include media and CTAs.

Five, A/B test everything you can.

Ad creatives, ad copy, ad audiences,bids, add-to-cart buttons, product images,big companies test everything,and they’re constantly testing.

And what we found is when big companies run a test and they find a winner,they don’t just assume two years from now that’s going to keep being a winner,they retest their winners because sometimes market conditions change. For example, it used to be when big companies would have people sign up, they would do things like sign in with Google, and that worked out great years ago and some of them saw 40, 50, 60% lifts in conversion. But then, people started getting scared about security.

So then, when they had to sign in with Google,as the only form of signing in,eventually their conversions tanked versus having multiple options.That’s an example of what worked in the pastmay not work today.

I’m not saying that’ll happen with you,but that’s why you need to retest, and that’s why big companies retest.

Six, use Google Merchant Center and Google Smart Shopping campaigns.

When you run a Smart Shopping campaign, Google will automatically position your products in the best places to maximize your conversions.So leverage the technology that Google provides,it’ll help you get a better ROI.

Number seven, multichannel retail.

Leverage marketplaces and their ad platforms. From Amazon Ads to Etsy Ads, to eBay Promoted Listings,to Walmart Advertising, this all helps.

And number eight

Facebook dynamic product ads.

It automates a process to show the most relevant products to the most relevant people.

It eliminates ad targeting guessing game.And this is super effective because if you’re going to do ads,why try to figure it out on your own?

Why not use the technology that big companies have to maximize your ROI?


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