7 Deadly Mistakes Of Pay Per View Traffic

7 Deadly Mistakes Of Pay Per View Traffic


PPV traffic which also stands for pay per view traffic is actually pop-up and pop-unders advertising. However, this traffic are not web based but contextual based. Meaning you can bid on any keyword/url and when the visitors go to the keyword/url that you bid on, your ads will appear right in their faces, above the original browser. For example, you are advertising a weight loss product and you bid on the keyword weight loss. When a visitor goes to any search engine and type in the word weight loss, your ads

will appear right in front of the original browser. Just imagine how targeted that is. There is no need for the user to click on your text ads in order to view your landing page.

Deadly Mistake #1: Do Not Create A Landing Page, Use Direct Linking!

We all know that landing pages work extremely well with Pay Per Click traffic and that using a landing page for our offer will usually result in higher conversion as it presells the visitor to prepare the visitor for what’s coming next. But, what sort of landing page will work for PPV Traffic? What sort of landing page will attract the attention of the visitors to take notice of your pop up and prevent them from moving the mouse over to the cross button and click it?


Directing linking is the best way for PPV Traffic and there is absolutely no need for landing pages. Just pluck your affiliate link into the destination url and you are good to go. Landing page kills CTR and in PPV Traffic, you want to maximize your exposure of the offer page to the visitors and believe me, direct linking will work for PPV traffic and here’s the reason why.

PPV Traffic is sort of a interruption traffic as it diverts the attention of the visitors to your pop up page. Therefore, words and text does not attract attention more than pictures and a nice pretty landing page. Many CPA offers have nice landing page and that landing page WILL attract the attention of users provided it’s targeted. So if you are doing PPV Traffic, good news for you! You do not have to worry about landing page creation or html coding at all. Just pluck your affiliate link into the destination url and you are all set to go.

Deadly Mistake #2: Do Not Select Offers To Try, Test Everything That You Can!

The point here is not to spend all the time in the world to find the perfect offer with the nicest offer page that you think will convert. The offer that you think will most likely convert will usually not convert and the one that you think sucks like shit usually convert like goldmine. So the secret strategy here is to TEST EVERYTHING & EVERY SINGLE OFFER that allows pop ups or contextual advertising. Be sure to do up campaigns only for offers that allows pop ups or contextual advertising so that you can get paid for your commission and not be forfeited of commission because you violated their terms and condition.

Deadly Mistake #3: Do Not Bid On Too Many Keywords, Start Small.. Bid On URL First


With PPC, the more keywords you have, the more chances of you finding the profitable keywords and getting more traffic. Therefore, for a PPC campaign, having 5,000-10,000 keywords is not uncommon and these people are probably making it huge money on the campaigns because of the traffic that they are getting from those keywords.  However, PPV traffic does not work the same with PPC. By throwing in 5000 keywords at one shot to the network, the traffic will come so quickly and bust your budget faster than you can ever imagine. Those non converting keywords will bring you so much traffic that you won’t have enough budgets to find those profitable keywords.

The key strategy to be testing with PPV Traffic is to test by bidding on domain names instead of keywords. Bid on websites that are generally higher in traffic volume and related to the offer that you are doing to test. This will cause your ads to pop up in front of the user web browser and if the offer is related to the website that you bid on, you MIGHT just be able to capture the attention of the user.  Even though website domain brings less traffic then keywords but the traffic you get is more targeted than keywords if you bid on the correct domain name. How do you find related website domain names to bid on? Simple, go to Google and find the top search results for the most targeted keywords you can think of.  page search results for the most targeted keyword that I can think of. I generally start off biding with 5 higher traffic domains from Google 1 Only when the offer if proven profitable will I start to bid on more domains name and eventually keywords to test the traffic.

But the key to PPV Traffic success is to start small and slowly increase your traffic and not to throw in 5000 keywords at one shot.

Deadly Mistake #4: Aim To Become The Top Bidder But Be Flexible When Faced With Competitors


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With PPC, you can always bid lower with your CPC so that you are able to test the offer without blowing off too much budget. It is always useful to bid your ads at position 4 o 6 instead of the top 3 position to find out if the offer will convert or not. However, with PPV Traffic, the truth is the top bidder will receive 70% of the network traffic and the rest of the 30% is distributed to the 2nd and 3rd bidder and so on. Therefore, imagine how much traffic you would have missed out if you were to be bidding on the 2nd or even 3rd position. For PPV Traffic, I always bid at number 1 position in order to get maximum exposure to my offer.

Deadly Mistake #5: Aiming to Track every single domains and offers. That will leave you with no time for other things.

With PPC, tracking is crucial because you often have hundreds to thousands of keywords running in your campaigns at any one time and therefore, there are tools such as Tracking202 or xconversions which will help you to find out exactly which keywords are converting into sales for you. However, with PPV, I hardly do any intensive tracking and what I use to track conversions is via the network subid function.

Subid tracking is the most basic form of tracking and it involves adding in the keyword you want to track in your affiliate link so that you will know what is converting for you. And since I only bid on a few domains for testing, I do not go and track how its converting for me. All I do is just to measure the overall profitability of the campaign with these domains to determine its profitability.

Avoid Deadly Mistake #6: Do Not Simply Add More Keywords/Domains & Expects To Profit Like Mad.. 


There are certain proven strategies that can be used in Pay Per Click to scale up your campaigns and scaling campaigns is one of the most important factor that will let your profit go from $100/day to $1000/day. However, scaling a PPV campaign isn’t that easy as adding more keywords. Most of the time when I add in keywords, I will notice that my profit will go down or even make a lost simply because those keywords do not convert. Adding my campaign over to other PPV network doesn’t work either because the demographics of the users is different.

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Therefore, the way I used to scale up my campaigns is via doing up more campaigns and finding more profitable campaigns. Do more offers from many networks and have income coming in from various CPA network. To be honest, I have about 3 CPA networks that I am generating income from PPV Traffic.

Deadly Mistake #7: Do Not Assume That PPV Campaigns Can Be On Auto-Pilot… It’s a Myths 


PPV Traffic is easy to set up and once you set it up and approved, you will get traffic almost immediately and theoretically you can leave the campaign to run and you can see income coming in within the next 5 mins. Once a campaign is profitable, it does not mean that you can leave that campaign to run and expect income to flow in like water.  Competitors always come and go and your domains will always have competitors and they will outbid you and place you in the 2nd  position and your traffic will decrease almost by 70% immediately. Therefore, you need to constantly log into your account and make sure that your bid position always stays number 1 and this can be quite frustrating to be constantly checking your bid position but this is the only way you can make sure you get maximum exposure for your campaign.


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