7 Dangerous Mistake You Must Avoid

7 Dangerous Mistake You Must Avoid

Are you an experienced marketer who needs to learn new tactics to get to the next level or a fresh newbie who is brand new to marketing?
Maybe you’ve had some success with a handful of sales or still yearning for that first sale. Whatever the case may be, keep reading because you may be guilty of committing one of the 7 dangerous sins of marketing.

You may be a dedicated marketer and eager to be a top earner, but something is missing and you can’t quite figure out what that is yet. In this lecture, you will read about the 7 dangerous mistakes internet marketers make and how to fix them fast. No need to dwell on the mistakes of past marketing campaigns. Find your mistake, fix it and move on.

Successful people have mentors or coaches. Connecting with someone in your industry with the results you want to achieve is the first step towards the path of growth and success. I was once like you, throwing myself into my online business day in and day out. Creating ads and writing emails to try and grow my list. People really do not believe my line of business at the initial stage, I didn’t give up and I persisted with my business and thank God I did.

Are you an experienced marketer who needs to learn new tactics to get to the next level or a fresh newbie who is brand new to home business check out the dangerous mistakes below:

Mistake One: “Shiny Object” syndrome

Every day new email offers are bombarding you with the latest and greatest technique on how to convert leads into sales, increase conversions, set up profitable blogs, drive more visitors to your website, etc. You purchase one that looks appealing and read the entire course from beginning to end. You follow the course of action plan and implement the steps. Weeks go by and you only a handful of leads come through and no sales.

Where are the leads that were supposed to pour into your inbox and the profits you were supposed to make? Since you didn’t achieve the results you were hoping for, you label the product as “failed” and move on to the next shiny new object.


On average it can take anywhere from sixty to ninety days to see if an offer or method of traffic will convert into sales. Continue to engage with your audience and build your email list. Once you build a relationship with your readers, they will trust you and eventually buy your products.

Mistake Two: Focusing on multiple sources of traffic

Solo ads, banner ads, Facebook advertising and pay per click are just a few of the ways to advertise on the internet. Not only can advertising on multiple platforms be confusing for an internet newbie, but also it can add up very quickly!


Stick with one source of traffic and master it before moving on to the next. Once you’ve generated a significant amount of leads and start making consistent sales, master another source of traffic.

Mistake Three: Inconsistent Emails

In the beginning when you start getting new subscribers, you email them every day or every other day. A few weeks pass, you get busy with other things and now email your list twice a week. After a month or so, you’re lucky if you send out an email twice a month. Sound familiar?


You need to be consistent with your emails. At best, email them every other day or every day if possible. People choose to opt in to your list because they believe in your message and your solutions. If your subscribers are not being reminded of who you are and what you do, they will soon lose interest and seek help elsewhere.

Mistake Four: Temptation of the World Wide Web

We all like to surf the internet, check emails and browse our social media accounts. When it comes to working on your internet business, you start out with the best intentions. You put aside one hour to come up with new content for your email series or research new traffic sources. As soon as you log on, you check your email and see
Facebook notifications. Now you log onto your Facebook account to see the latest postings for your friends and like or comment on their photo. Before you know it, two hours go by and you’ve accomplished ZERO!


Guard your time like a knight guards its castle. Knights protect outsiders from invading the castle and it is up to them to stay focused or someone could get past them and invade the castle. As an internet marketer, you need to set goals, concentrate on your work and not be distracted by outside factors or your business could come crumbling down.

Mistake Five: Not Knowing Your Target Audience

If your email list isn’t growing at a steady rate and you haven’t made any sales to date, perhaps you’re marketing to the wrong audience or your offer isn’t solving their particular problem. If you’re selling garden plants or tools, you don’t want to advertise on websites that promote video games or travel.


To find out what problems your readers are facing, take a survey of the top three problems. From there, craft an offer around the solutions. To fine tune your audience to internet marketers, an example would be to do an internet search of best websites to advertise for entrepreneurs or people interested in home businesses.

Mistake Six: Test,Test and Test?

If you purchase three solo or banner ads and make a significant amount of sales, would you know which offer ad in those sales? Wouldn’t you want to use that same traffic source again? Too bad, so sad you didn’t have a way of testing your ads. You might as well have picked the first three vendors with doubt and hoped for the best.


Testing is not only in schools but must be done in online businesses as well. There are special links you can attach to your ads that will allow you to track your sales, opt in rates, etc. Search online for link tracking vendors. Once you know which ads are successful, continue to use those and adjust the others that are not converting. Remember to always test!

MIstake Seven: I’m not a salesperson, I’m a marketer

You’ve written a report or a blog post on how to increase sales by hosting webinars. Your readers are intrigued and want to learn more. You never include a link or have a landing page in your posts to advertise a product because you don’t want to come off as “salesy”. You’re a marketer after all not a salesperson.


Great marketers are great salespeople. If you show people you have a solution to their problem, you’ll have customers ready to buy. Include a link in your blog post, report or email taking them to a landing page where they can enter their information and download an e-book or purchase a mini course. Not only will the customer be happy, you now have their information where you can continue to engage with them and market future products.

Once you get your first success, you can build upon it and take your business to the next level just like my other students did.

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