6 Techniques That Don’t Work At All

6 Techniques That Don’t Work At All

TECHNIQUE 1: SLIDESHARE – Slideshare is one of my favorite techniques to drive traffic to my blog or website. It really sends good amount of traffic. So I decided to test this for my books too.




I was shocked to see that the traffic that I was sending from Slideshare to the sales page of my book was not converting at all. On further inspection I found that while the platform sends traffic to the sales page of your book, that traffic is not the kind of traffic which really wants to spend their money. That traffic is the kind of traffic which is looking to absorb as much information as it can without paying a dime. Then, I stopped using Slideshare because I was putting in too much effort and was not getting any results at all.


TECHNIQUE 2: FIVERR GIGS – Many a times we hear about the Fiverr gigs available in the market that promise to increase your sales or free download drastically. They make a bold claim to do so and back it up by saying that they have a loyal list of people who eagerly wait to be fed with quality information related to the niche.




But have you ever tried it? Well, if you haven’t tried it yet, don’t try it now. I can assure you that these gigs don’t work. I have spent money on these gigs and I didn’t see any results at all. I was very disappointed because I was expecting a good number of sales from these gigs but I didn’t even get a single sale. I can just say that Fiverr gigs are now a waste of time and money. You should stop expecting any results from this place.


TECHNIQUE 3: REVIEW SWAPS – There was a time when even I asked people for review swaps. Because back then, this thing used to work a lot. But people over used this technique so much that Amazon noticed it. Now Amazon is no fool. It started banning the accounts of the people who were doing review swaps.


This was a major setback to the authors who solely relied on review swaps to market and promote their book. If you go for review swaps now, Amazon would know one way or the other and will delete those reviews which have been put up by swapping. If this is repeated again your book can be banned too.


So, stop doing review swaps because there is a risk of getting the reviews deleted as well as having a ban on your book on Amazon and your account too.


TECHNIQUE 4: PRICING YOUR BOOK TOO HIGH – When we are publishing our books on Amazon, sometimes we get greedy. The feeling of earning more money dominates us and hence, we price our books too high. This should not be the case. It’s good to price your book between $0.99 to around $7. At this price there are greater chances that the book will sell more than if it would have been priced at $9 or above. As an author I can understand the fact that we want to get appreciation for the efforts and hard work we are putting in. For many of us money is one such factor that appreciates our hard work and efforts.


But this doesn’t mean that we should price our book too high. The price we are putting up should be well justified for our audience. They should not feel that they are paying too much for a book. Rather, the trick is to put up a price tag which they see and feel that they are really getting a great deal. Because a person likes to make smart choices and for them, this is a very smart choice as they are getting a high value book for a good price.


TECHNIQUE 5: SPAMMING YOUR BOOK WITH AFFILIATE LINKS – Your book is a product which provides genuine value to the readers. It’s definitely not a place to put more and more affiliate links about your other products.


Firstly, your readers wouldn’t like this. They will have a feeling that you are continuously trying to sell them your stuff. And two, Amazon hates it. If you put affiliate links in your book then Amazon will most likely ban your book or not approve it and hence your book will never get published. You can though send people to another platform to build relations and provide more value and ultimately pitch them about your other products. But I would recommend you not to put in any kind of affiliate links in your books because this is the road which would lead to your downfall. Better lead them to another platform, provide value to them and pitch them there about more products created by you.


TECHNIQUE 6: SENDING COLD HARD TRAFFIC TO YOUR BOOK’S SALES PAGE – Would you like to land on a sales page without having any clue? Even if you land on the page, would you like to buy the product? I guess not. At least, I wouldn’t. So how can you expect this from the cold traffic that is swarming up on your book’s sales page? First of all, you are misleading those people and secondly, you are losing your credibility when you are sending them directly to the sales page of the book without even educating them about your product and how can it benefit them. There are high chances that you would be doing this and if that’s the case then I would ask you to stop this at once. This will not help you in any way. It’s better to send warm and targeted traffic to your page than hard cold traffic because warm traffic converts better.


In conclusion, I will say that focus on the techniques that work and avoid using these marketing and promotional techniques. I have tested all of these techniques and didn’t get any satisfactory results. This is the reason I am telling you to stop all this.


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