5 Quality Approach To Facebook Algorithm Update

5 Quality Approach To Facebook Algorithm Update

1. Make Each Post Unique
As brands are expected to consistently post Facebook day after day, it’s common for businesses to run out of their own content to promote.


This ultimately results in either brands repeating themselves by posting the same pieces over and over or not getting enough mileage out of their content by only posting once.


The solution?

For starters, consider crafting unique descriptions for your posts in order to reintroduce them to your followers without becoming repetitive. Where you might have used a quote the first time, you could switch things up with a tag or question the second or third time.


Another strategy for reintroducing older pieces to your feed without repeating yourself is repurposing content.


There are tons of Facebook tools out there that can help you transform your pieces into something totally new in no time flat.


2. Make the Shift Toward Facebook Groups
The reported drop in Facebook page reach, with some sources citing organic reach as low as 2%, is the latest Facebook algorithm’s elephant in the room.


While this doesn’t mean you should totally give up on your brand’s Facebook page, it does explain why many marketers are migrating toward Facebook Groups instead. As fans and followers essentially “opt-in” to a group and commit to discussions within it, customers who join your group are arguably the most likely to engage with your brand’s content.


For marketers focused on problem-solving and educating communities, Groups might be better suited to your strengths rather than starting a Page from scratch.


3. Narrow Your Audience
The beauty of Facebook is the ability to zero in on your audience.

If you have a widespread audience, consider narrowing your audience down by interests or geography. Facebook gives you the option to set these preferences and restrictions per post. While this may initially narrow your reach, it may increase your engagement as a result. Think of it as fine tuning the relevance to specific fans.


4. Time Your Content to Perfection
The Facebook algorithm prioritizes posts that receive engagement, which is why timing your posts is so important.


To maximize that ever-so-important engagement, brands should strive to stick to a content calendar that taps into the best times to post on social media.


5. Embrace the “Pay to Play” Approach
While brands should certainly focus on improving their organic reach, there’s no denying the power of Facebook ads.



The good news?

Data shows us that Facebook ads produce an overwhelmingly positive ROI with 93% of marketers already on board. Laser-targeting combined with so many creative options, Facebook ads offer marketers freedom unlike any other other ad platform.


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