3 Simple Facts To Turn Your Traffic Into Cash

3 Simple Facts To Turn Your Traffic Into Cash

You pay for ALL traffic. Whether it’s directly in cash or with the time you spend to attract free traffic, it’s all an investment. So doesn’t it make sense to get as many sales as possible from it?


You’d think so, but I see so many people build their site, add content, add their links and it’s off to the races. And they presume traffic, traffic, traffic is the only way to ramp up their sales.


There’s a much easier way and it’s sadly overlooked. You’ll make much more money if you can make your site convert better, meaning more visitors make a purchase. It’s simple.


You can make money with a small amount of traffic, as long as you’ve focused on polishing your sites conversion factors, which lead to more of your visitors making a purchase.



It’s simple. Would you rather get 1 sale for every 100 visitors, or 2? Think about that for a moment. That one extra sale per 100 visitors, has just doubled your business.


How about 3, 4 or 5 sales per 100 visitors? I’ve seen lots of websites jump from 1% conversions to 5 or 6%, in a very short period of time, when the focus has been on tweaking and testing conversion factors, rather than just traffic.


Spending a little time tweaking your site and sticking to simple principles in future, can really push your conversion rate up and your income with it.


You haven’t got to be a copywriter or marketing expert to do it successfully, you just need to apply my 3 favorite, well proven principles which are known to be huge conversion boosters, to hit pay dirt.


These are my favourite 3 tactics to improve your results, starting today:


1. Help Your Visitors To Trust You



This principle is overlooked by most people and its costing them sales. If your visitors don’t trust you, they are not going to spend money with you.


You must do all you can to build their trust as quickly as possible and there are a few simple steps you can take to help this process.


Firstly, don’t be anonymous. If a visitor lands on your site and they can’t ‘see’ you, you’re already in trouble, so let them know who you are. Without an identity or any details about yourself, your site can look a little scary:


‘Is this person going to rip me off? Who are they? Why are they suggesting I buy these things? Will I lose my money, I don’t know anything about this person.’


Even though most of us have now been on the internet for years and we’re familiar with it, we still need to feel secure. Let your visitors know who you are with a well written About Me page for starters. Introduce yourself, explain why you have made your site and a little about yourself.


Use a photo of yourself, ‘scrubbed up and smiling’ throughout your site, as it’s a great trust builder. It helps when people can see who they’re dealing with. Even knowing your name can help, in fact we added a signature under a headline on a salespage and conversions jumped by 8%. From just adding a signature!



If you have genuine testimonials show them off prominently. If other people are bigging you up it helps new visitors to feel more at ease and confident about their purchase.


If you’re a ‘bricks and mortar’ company, make sure you add images of your offices and your team etc. The more you show, the less you hide and that definitely builds trust and puts your potential visitors at ease.


If you’re selling your own product, offer a cast iron guarantee, make it obvious and remind them again as they are about to buy. A guarantee definitely builds trust as it removes risk for the buyer, so they know they aren’t going to lose their money if they’re not satisfied.


If you’re an affiliate, always promote the Vendors guarantee on your site. Products with guarantees always out convert ones without, so make it clear their purchase is risk free. Don’t leave it to the vendors salespage as your job is ‘pre-selling’ and putting their mind at ease before they buy is a huge part of that.


Use any memberships you have to professional organisations, badges, crests, relevant qualifications, positions etc to show your expertise.


People like to buy from people who know what they are talking about. If you’re an online veteran and have picked up some good media attention along the way, link to it.


2: Learn The Simple Principles Of Good Copywriting



The most important principle is ‘What’s in it for me?’


SHOCKING FACT: Your visitors are not in the least bit interested in YOU (other than for trust building purposes) . . . or your product/service. They are only interested in WHAT it can do for them.


How will your product help them, make their life better, easier, less stressful, save them time, make them prettier, happier, richer or healthier. Help them to picture themselves enjoying the product and it will help conversions.


Sell the benefits. They are not interested in the fact that you have “developed your manufacturing process to ensure 3 millionth of a nano meter tolerances”. But they are interested in the fact that this means your product is indestructible and they’ll never have to buy another one.


So if you’re mentioning features, follow it with the phrase: “Which means . . .” then explain the benefit. Like this: “We’ve developed our manufacturing process to ensure 3 millionth of a nano meter tolerances . . . which means our product is indestructible and you’ll never have to buy another one.”


Important features are great but they’re emotionless. Knowing I never have to buy another one however, means I’m saving money and that always makes me happy.


Using relevant imagery and videos can help conversions too. Show the product being used, action images, how easy it is to get the results they want. Showing the end result of using your product or service is always a powerful persuasion tactic.


Headlines are visitor magnets. USE THEM.



“Welcome to my website” just doesn’t cut it. Changing it for a benefit based headline always pushes up conversions. You need to grab attention and draw them into the page. Every page.


People decide whether or not to read your copy based on its headline. In other words they will scan and either see something that makes them read more, or leave . . . probably never to return.


As David Ogilvy of Ogilvy & Mather, often called “The Father of Advertising”, said:


“On average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. If you haven’t done some selling in your headline, you have wasted 80% of your money.”


This quote really applies to Direct Mail and advertising . . . however, it’s the principle you should think about.


When you pick up a newspaper, how do you decide which articles to read? The headlines of course, as we’re wired that way. A good headline draws you into the page.


3: Build a subscriber list.



In case you’re uninitiated, when you put your email into a box on a site, in return for a free gift, report, discount etc, you are now on the website owners subscriber list. You can do the same on your own website and it’s one of the most powerful conversion tactics you can use.


Remember, it’s all about getting more sales from the same amount of traffic. What could be more effective than having multiple chances to sell to them? Once they’re on your ‘List’, you can send them follow up emails to keep promoting your products.


You’ll need an online autoresponder such as Aweber, iContact or GetResponse, manage and communicate with your list.


Don’t hit your subscribers up with 6 email pitches a day. Most people will soon grow tired of that and unsubscribe. Instead, give them regular useful, relevant niche info, with your offers sprinkled in every 3 or 4 emails.


Write your pitch emails in a way that suggests a problem they may be suffering in their business and present your product or promo as the solution. Once again you’re helping them and stand a much greater chance of making the sale.


Once you’ve grown your list to a decent size, you can also do ‘List Swaps’ with other product owners or affiliates, to promote each others site. And obviously if you’re an affiliate you can find new niche relevant products to promote to your list, to boost your income further.



If you’re not currently using any of the above tactics, it’s your lucky day. I have NEVER seen a website that failed to make more money when these tactics were used. It’s really simple. If you’re already getting plenty of traffic and you’re not using them, you are sitting on a goldmine and will enjoy results almost immediately.


If you’re just starting out you need to apply these as soon as possible, before you promote anywhere. You’ll have the luxury of starting your online business the right way, from the very start, as your site will be a conversion machine.


Friend! The Best Time To Start Making Money Online Legitimately is Now. Stop Procrastinating. Get The Right Knowledge, Implement It and Start Living The Life of Your Dream. This is The Time To Liberate Yourself From FINANCIAL LIMITATION.



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