21 Instagram Marketing Guide

21 Instagram Marketing Guide

Guide #1: Blast Emails to your list. — Instead of just following others on Instagram, send emails to your list and let them know that you are going to share cool tips and tricks on solving their problems on your Instagram page.


Guide #2: Put an Instagram Button on your website. — This allows other Instagram users to share your blog or squeeze page for free.


Guide #3: Add signature file for every outgoing email. — You just need to mention something like… “P.S. You can always follow my every move on Instagram at {Your INSTAGRAM URL}”.



Guide #4: Add Instagram page to your business card. — Instead of just putting a plain email contact and website URL on your business card, also add your Instagram URL. This allows your potential customers to see the activities in your business.


Why is this important? Potential clients need to know what you can do for them first. By allowing them to follow you on Instagram, you give them the chance to see how you can solve their problems.


Guide #5: Create A Special Discount in Exchange to Following You on Instagram. — Create a *SPARK* and incentive for your audience to Follow you on Instagram.


Guide #6: Reply to each Instagram post in your niche. — Remember: You should only reply to posts in your niche. For Example: If you are in the weight loss niche, only reply to posts within that particular niche. When you stay focus on that particular niche, you are able to maximize the results.


Guide #7: Create A Cash Contest. — You can use *real* cash as part of your contest where you ask people to follow you or engage conversation with your post on Instagram. In addition, you can also provide *gift certificate* that can be used to purchase your product.


Guide #8: Brand Your Name First. — It is important to brand your name such as: FricanwebFans. This allows you to build your reputation as a public figure where you will attract loyal followers for your business.


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Guide #9: Brand Your Business After You Brand Your Name. — Let people get to know first. Once they do, people will want to get to know your company and the progress within your company.


Remember: Instagram’s vision is all about photos and videos sharing. It means that when you brand YOU with photos and videos, you will create a higher engagement. This allows people want to connect with your business. It is that powerful


Guide #10: Schedule Your Posts Ahead of Time. — Use “ScheduGram” or “Latergramme” to schedule your posts on Instagram. This allows you to invest your time on building your business. NOTE: Search “ScheduGram” or “Latergramme” on Google.com.


Guide #11: Target Buyer Keywords At All Costs. — Which one is more profitable? Wedding consultants or Wedding articles?


Guide #12: Focus on Recommending Quality Products to Your
Instagram Followers At All Cost. — Instead of focusing on just maximizing your cash flow while your audience suffers greatly, become the SOLUTION for your audience. This is how you are able to make your audience *stick* with your business.


Guide #13: Track Your Link At All Cost. — If you don’t track, you lose cash. I know it is easy to feel that you don’t have the time. However, if you don’t track your link, you won’t be able to know which produces more clicks and which wall post give you a lower conversion.


Guide #14: Always Use Your Squeeze Page URL on Your Profile Description. — This allows you to build your subscriber base from Twitter. Always remember that your goal from Twitter marketing is to build your list first. NOTE: Studies have shown that each subscriber that you have is equal to $1 to $1.50 per month for your business.


Guide #15: For Affiliate Marketers, Focus on How Much Cash (Not Percentage) You Will Receive Per Sale. — A lot of time, we are intrigue by the percentage of sales we are going to get.


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Guide #16: Use Fiverr.com to create professional Instagram pictures. — Instead of trying to create an unprofessional pictures, find a professional on Fiverr for $5 to do the work for you.


Guide #17: Always Use Images that focus on the result you want your audience have for your business . — Images are more powerful than words. Use them to show your audience what they can get if they utilize your products and services.


Guide #18: Insert Image on Your Profile Header to Show The End Result You Want Your Audience to See in Their life. — How does it work? If you are in the Internet Marketing Niche, show them your lifestyle. If you are in the weight loss niche, you need to show the pictures of before and after. This is how you are able to seduce your audience to TRUST you without even have to sell them.


Guide #19: Exchange Your Instagram Page With Your Friends, NOT Your Phone Number. — When you go to a party, a conference, a workshop, and much more, give your Twitter Page URL where they can get to know you more.


Guide #20: Add Instagram Timeline Widgets on Your Blog.– Use
Snapwidget.com to display your Instagram photos on your blog. This allows you to receive traffic from both your blog and Instagram.


Guide #21: If you have nothing new to tweet, you can always image with motivational quote. — With so many negativities around us, motivational quotes will attract your audience to follow you on Twitter.


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