20 “Do’s” For Successful PPC Campaigns

20 “Do’s” For Successful PPC Campaigns

The 20 “do’s” you have to apply for successful PPC Campaigns

1. Track Conversion: This can help so much in your campaigns such as
a. Customer purchase
b. Inquiry form completion
c. Registration and Whitepaper downloads.
d. Subscription for newsletter

2. Set a Sensible Budget:
a. You should stop overspending and underspending with your advertising campaign
b. You can also reduce your advertising cost by limiting your keyword

research to more profitable keywords, optimizing your bidding

strategy, monitoring your campaign on a daily basis and removing the

keywords and ad groups that aren’t working.

3. Go For Quality:

a. The PPC ad you are creating should have a call to action and be

attractive, with an appropriate title and ad copy.
b. You can target your audience according to their location, device and demographic.

4. Find Niche Keywords:

Set up your ads after completing keyword research in your niche for your PPC campaign. You can make use of Google’s Keyword planner, Bing and other keyword tools. Be specifit with keywords because you are paying for the customers that has interest in your niche.

5. Use a Landing Page:

Your landing pages need to be productive and talk about the

detailed information which your ads have. You need to talk about the prime aspects of the page and remove deflecting elements from it.

6. A/B Split Test:

Take advantage of A/B split testing to desing outstanding ads. A/B testing allow you to advertise two or more ads at the same time This test brings more visitors, improves converstions, and boost brand awareness.

7 Remarketing:

Remarketing simply means retargeting. With remarketing, you can reach your lost customers with specific ads relevant to their interests. You have more of a chance to turn them into customers.

8. Geo Targeting:

Geo targetomg permits you to show your ads only in the specified location which you have chosen. Location targeting saves you money. You need to be sure that your ads are customized for your niche market.

9. Organize Keywords Into Tightly Themed Ad Groups:

Group your potential keywors on the basis of a theme and determined ad group that is relevant to a group audience. You can create differenct types of ad groups according to audience’s curiosity. You need to be sure that your PPC ads are really relevant because related ads boost your click through rate and their by increase your ROI.

10. Test Different Ad Versions:

Segment your audience and create multiple ad variations and landing pages to discover the most lucrative ad. You can create a slick ad using a great headline and ad copy with sound keywords. Testing and measuring assists you in maximizing your campaign’s efficiency.

11. Clearly Defined and Data-Driven PPC Advertising Goals:

To kknow your goals, you can ask yourself question, know your customers and your PPC Strategies. Defined goals can help you get the best results with your campaign. PPC ad campaign can help you to increase your traffic, brand awareness, leads, sales and revenue.

12. Refine Your PPC Campaign:

When you’re running a PPC advertising campaign, utilize the benefits of filtration. You can analyze your campaign to discover the keywords and ads that are not making profits for you. Out of all keywords that you are using in your PPC campaign, only 20% of them are really valuable.

13. Use Ad Extenstions:

Add “ad extension” to your “do’s” list of PPC things to add links in your text ad. Ad extensions permit you to display product, include geographical area and contact numbers, and extra hyperlinks all in a single advertisement.

14. Test Your PPC Campaign:

You can test your keywords, biding price, ad position, landing page, ad copy, device, language, etc

Analytics help you know the working and non-working things across your PPC campaign. Don’t be afraid to remove the vain things from your campaign to boost your campaign performance.

15. Be Strategic Instead of Being Short-termed:

Underprivileged PPC campaigns are a waste of time, money, efforts, and brand reputation. Strategic PPC campaigns will work more effectively and make you more profits. You can get more leads, targeted traffic, revenue and save your valuable time.

16. Think Bigger Than Basic:

You can include some graphics and banners instead of only text in your ad. You can also take advantage of multiple search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing, AOL, and Facebook instead of using a single search engine to expand your reach.

17. Test and Optimize Landing Pages:

You can use a landing page as the destination of your PPC ad. You can test the Headline, URL, page title, key call-to-action, page layout, and copy of your landing pages. Most effective landing pages improve your return on investment and decrease your cost per click.

18. Make Use of Negative Keywords:

Negative keywords assure that your advertisment will not appear on search engine result pages. Negative keywords eliminate irrelevant searches. This can increase productivity, improve your click through rate, conversion rate and quality score.

19. Use Device Targeting:

If you’re planning to increase your advertisement reach across multiple devices, you can create multiple ad campaigns according to devices to expand your reach and improve targeting. Device targeting increases your ads visibility on mobile and other devices.

20. Set Campaign Levels:

You need to segment your campaign into multiple step by step divisions to get more profit. A step by step PPC campaign saves money and time. With this, you can have better command of your complete campaign.

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