18 Steps To Email Marketing Profit

18 Steps To Email Marketing Profit

If you can write in English and you are willing to put in some sales. You don’t have to be a world class copywriter or be a someone who knows all the snazzy tricks to get sales.


1 Write Emails In A Friendly Conversational Tone


You need to think about the kind of an email a person like read more – a boring sounding email from a big company OR an email from a friend telling him about his day or vacation?
Of course, its the latter. When you write friendly emails in a
conversational tone, you can build a strong connection with
your prospects by making them feel like you are just talking to them one on one. This helps you develop a deeper bond with your prospects which in turn produce sales.


2. Use Your Actual Name In The From Field


When sending emails, use your real name (and not the name of your company or product) This allows your prospects to connect with you better.Speak Your Prospects Language
When you write emails, imagine that you are writing an
email for your ideal prospects. So speak the language that
your prospects would use.
For example,
Internet marketers use terms like “list building”, “oto”,
“upsell”, etc.
Network marketers use terms like “sponsor”, “recruit”,
“downline”, “duplication”, etc.
If you don’t know these terms, don’t worry. Read a lot of
industry blogs and articles and slowly you will get the hang of it. It’s not a big deal.


Value Based Style
Write your emails in a way that you deliver value and ask for the sale at the same time. Going for pure pitch emails are fine as long as they are done occasionally. But generally, your emails need to do some pre-selling (light education) for the product you are promoting.


Add Personality In Your Emails
Everyone has their own unique personality and style of
Some people like to be blunt and honest….others like to take
a more diplomatic tone when conveying a point.
Some like to swear and be outrageous (while being
honest)….others don’t like swear words and prefer to keep it
Some like to take a no-nonsense “I don’t care what you think”
approach….others like to take an “I understand your situation
and let me guide you to the right path” kind of approach.
Just like everyone else, you too have a unique personality.


Make sure your emails reflect your personality. When you do that, your emails will STAND OUT from the crowd and you will be able to bond well with your prospects.


3. When Selling, You Need Proof, Proof, Proof


People buy from a person or company they know, like and trust. The trust is key. Do you have proof of your product or service working for you? For someone else? For another company? Get that proof and testimonials and stack it in your emails and offers.


4. Use The Power Of Demonstration


The most powerful sales technique is demonstration. When
you give a demonstration (by explaining how your product
works step by step), it persuades people way more than
anything else. Also demonstrate your competency by giving
value in your emails. When people get value, they start
trusting you more and this leads to sales.


5. Target Different Product Angles


Every product will have various features & benefits. So write different emails targeting various angles.
For example – If you are selling an FB Ads Training, you can write different emails about finding perfect audience, crafting good ads, finding good images, setting up campaigns the right way, bidding strategies, scaling methods, landing page secrets, etc.
Each email can focus on its specific topic with the end goal of selling the FB Ads Training to your subscribers.


6. Position Your Offer As Something New


A rule of selling is that people like to buy something “new” more than an add on product. That’s why position your offer is critical. So if possible, try to present your product as a replacement of something else.


Use Mystery/Curiosity
Have an air of mystery in your email to get people interested in clicking through to see what you have. You want people really curious about what you’re doing/what you have. This is really one of the top triggers of generating interest in your offers.


Pattern Interrupt In Your Subject Lines
You want, no, you NEED to have your subject lines standing
out in today’s super busy inbox. You can do this by
capitalizing a word, asking a question with double question
marks, even sometimes having subject lines that don’t make
logical sense. You need those email opens.




You always need to track everything yourself to make sure
you have the proper metrics. From the clicks on your ads to
your optins. You cannot rely on someone else tracking
your clicks for you. You can use a tracking solution such as
cpv labs.
Also make sure to split test your headlines and body copy of
your ads to have it as optimized as possible. Even if one seems to be profitable for you, make sure to create some variations to test it against to see if you can get it to work even better for you.


7. Flow Of Email Copy


You want all your emails to flow smoothly. So after writing an email, make sure you read it again and reword it to get the flow. But don’t obsess over getting the flow. The more emails you write, the better your flow gets.
Another tip to get flow is by using connecting words, phrases and sentences.


For example:


  1. As you can see,
  2. Which means,
  3. Therefore we can say that
  4. But here’s the problem…
  5. To be honest/To be frank
  6. Of course,
  7. Hence
  8. Bottomline is that
  9. So why do I say that
  10. What does this really mean
  11. So what this really means is
  12. If you think about it,
  13. Simply put,
  14. Core Concept


What is your reason/core concept of sending them this
What is the offer you have?
What is the valuable information about you are giving them?
Your prospect needs to know right away what the email is
about to get them intrigued with what you’re sending them.


Don’t Make Your Emails Long & Boring
What I mean is don’t make your emails super long for the
sake of it. Try to keep your emails around 300-500 words
and if there is a genuine need, go for longer emails. But
remember the most important point, DON’T BE BORING


Snappy Sentences And Paragraphs


Keep your sentences and paragraphs short. When text is all
put together as one big block it does not very look appealing
to read. You need short sentences and you need the entire body spaced out into many small blocks, not one big one. This is essential.


8. Use “YOU” More Often


It is well known that good copy contains the word “you” a
lot. It is about the prospect, not you. However, adding to
this, you want to use the phrase “so you can” in your copy.
For example, “do this so you can get this.” Try it out. It’s a
powerful phrase.


9. Mix Things Up Occassionally


Every once in a while, start off your emails with a different greetings, use a different type of closing, add images, etc It makes your emails look fresh.


10. Use Benefits To Create Positive Expectancy


Positive expectancy is a top buying emotion. Well laid out benefits go along way in helping to create it and also differentiate you from your competition. But remember to use benefits and not features. Features tell and benefits sell.


11. Try Using Third Party Factual Data


When you have a point you really want to get across to your
prospects, if you can back it up with third party factual data it really hammers the point home and gets them saying “wow”.


12. Stories, Stories and More Stories


Question: What engages people from all walks of life the
most? You guessed it…stories. Stories are emotional, they
suck people in. Everyone is a sucker for a good story. A very
powerful storyline to use in your email copy is the us vs
them framework. In this story you would position yourself
in favorable light over your competitors.


13. Us Vs Them Scenario


Try to create an enemy and rally people against that enemy.
When people feel they are part of a community fighting against injustice, it spurs them to take action.
For example,
In network marketing, you can create an enemy out of cold calling/hotel room meetings/offline prospecting and rally people agains them.
In internet marketing, you can create an enemy out of crappy traffic strategies/poor funnels/ineffective training and rally people against them.
The stronger the enemy, the closer the bond people will have FIGHTING that enemy. And when you present your product as the solution to vanquish the formidable enemy, you will see more sales.


14. Three Calls To Action Asking For The Click


You don’t want to just ask someone to click through from
your email at the end. Have around three calls to action (links) dispersed throughout the email. This will help you get more clicks while delivering value to those who are interested in reading your full email.


15. One Time Sales And Bargains


These can be used to create urgencfy and scarcity. Power marketing triggers. Create a special offer that is only available for a few days. However, use these very scarcely. This isn’t something you do on a weekly basis.


16. Relevance


If possible try and tie in something happening in the news
or a popular topic of discussion in society to make your
content even more relevant and create curiosity.
Let’s say a celebrity screws up or someone dies or someone
says something funny….when you use the latest news,
gossips, stories in your emails, you will notice a higher
engagement from your prospects. Sales will be up too.


17. Don’t Be Overly Creative
In order to stand out from the crowd, A lot of people try to get very creative when writing emails. That’s a wrong approach. While boring emails don’t work…overtly creative emails don’t work either. Nobody likes a wannabe or a try hard.


What you need to do is keep it simple, provide value, let your
personality shine through, talk about recent events, stories, etc
and do it all like you would talk to your close friend.
When you do that, your subscribers will love your emails and buy from you.


18. Always Segment The Un-Opens


Did you know that every time you send an email broadcast
to your list, there is always a great number of subscribers
who have not seen your message?


This result is lower open rates and less clicks on your links. So how do you fix that? It’s simple. Inside your email markeing prodiver, find the section that shows you the list of subscribers who opened your email and those who did not open your email. Once you find the list of people who did not open your email, you must creat an unopened segment, and then once again send that segment your email to ensure every subscribers gets your email.


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