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Perfect for Beginners With No Tech Skills or Experience


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EXPOSED: How To Easily Start Your Own Internet Business And Make Thousands Of US Dollars Part-Time…Without Cold-Calling, Prospecting, or even Selling!


Get 3 Days Practical 1 on 1 Home Business Training On How You Can Really Make Money Online Daily 


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Hello friend,


if you’ve been struggling to make money on the internet…


if you are tired of buying products from the so called Gurus…


if you are tired of Monthly Seminar on internet business…


if you really want to make legitimate money on the internet…


Do You Really Want To Know How Internet Business Works…


Do You Want To Stop Toiling and Start Making Money…


I have a good news for you


Book 3 Days With Us For 1 on 1 Practical Training That Will Reveal And Teach You How It Really Works And The Exact Steps To Take To Start Making Money Online.


“To Discover Tested, Trusted, Genuine & Fastest Ways To Get Real Cash From The Internet…As A Total Newbie, Even If You’ve No Experience, Website Or Product!”


Forget Whatever You’ve Heard About Internet Business…


“You will Discover Every Hidden Secret Of Making Real Cash on The Internet In 3 Days”


Put Aside The Past And Set For Future…


Register For 3 Days Thorough


1 On 1 Training On 3 Legal Means Of Making Money Easily On the Internet Without Stress.


I mean genuine source of INCOME Online


Imagine Getting cool Cash You Can Spend From The Internet – Every Day!


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Note: You don’t need ANY previous EXPERIENCE at all.


You might think that sounds too good to be true, but I’m telling you, it’s real.



All you need is a set of simple techniques that can make you profit daily. That’s why I’m going to hand this techniques over to you practically, one on one, so that you can put them to work in hours.



It doesn’t matter what your skill level is. It doesn’t matter if you’ve tried and failed before. It doesn’t matter if you think “nothing works”.


I will reveal to you how I set up my live accounts and the exact steps I use that makes internet business highly profitable for me


I’m here to tell you that this works, and you can start seeing serious cash MUCH sooner than you can imagine when Implemented rightly.



Now, if you’re frustrated that nothing you’ve tried before has worked, I completely understand. So was I. But once you are able to implement any of the  genuine money making methods rightly. Making money becomes as easy as walking despite your little effort!


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Get This! There are so many “get rich quick” schemes online than you can’t count. They’re all designed to rob you, plain and simple.



What I’m talking about here is genuine business that has solid future not junks that has no future, not hype, not life wasting reading mails, not LR investment or Get Rich Quick Scheme that will eventually scheme you out or CRASH!


But with these  genuine means of making money online, you can be rest assured that your business will be ever stable and consistently brings in cash daily.



Let me make you understand something, If I decided to be showing you pictures I took with some Internet Marketing Gurus oversees, it doesn’t make any sense to me.



And If I decided to show you fleet of cars or houses, it is all a bull shit as far as am concern, it doesn’t change anything.


 Do I really need to come up with a fake account or fake videos before you get convinced?


Of what benefit is that to your success online, If that is what you’re expecting for you to be convinced, I will never do that, I don’t intimidate people. I tell people the practical truth on how to really succeed online.



What I’m interested in, is your proven success on the internet


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i.        Go through Online Business page thoroughly to get the hint of the qualities I’m talking about. Not just information seller but a doer with result. You will discover that the site is not a blatant sales copy but a website full of information that can help you online even if you are a newbie.


ii.       So many information has polluted your minds that Nigerians can not do business without Paypal, I’m here to tell you that it is blatant lie, I will personally hold you by the hand and show you how you can do online business successfully.


iii.      I want you to know that you are learning from an expert who is really into the business and will never intimidate or fake anything for you to believe but ready to teach you genuine business that works for him online.



iv.       The training will reveal to you how to flip website hosted for just one and half years for minimum of $5000. The last site I sold was my worldclue for four figures in dollars. I will show & teach you how you can start selling website every 3 months and make good money  Check out the qualities of the website I build.


Click here: Ways To Make Money Online


v.      One of the major problem most people face is how to get traffic to their website or offers there are promoting to make money online. In this training I will reveal my personal secret of free traffic and cheap paid traffic to you. Also check http://fricanweb.com and check my facebook likes. I will reveal to you how I manipulate the social media like facebook, twitter, linkedin and pinterest to flood my website and offers with traffic legally and the wonderful thing about it is that it is dam simple. Go to www.linkedin.com and search for my profile “Abraham Itunnu” I have nothing less than 18 million connections and presently I have minimum of 250 request begging me to join their group everyday because of the quality of my connections.


vi. Cost Per Action (CPA) type of business that enables you to make money without selling anything online, it requires email submit or filling of forms. I currently work with Three CPA Companies Online. I can tell you that they are very profitable and pay out without delay into my account in Nigeria.


I’m showing you all this so that you will be able to clarify some doubt going on in your mind concerning Online Business.



Let Me Clarify Something Here…


I’m not an online marketing “guru” with a magic bullet or some ridiculus ‘push button software,’ that’ll only rob you of your hard-earned money and insult your intelligence… Honestly, I despise those kinds of sharks.. Instead, I’m just an average guy, I am from a very humble beginnings and…I’m blessed to have a very successful online business… which gives me the freedom I need to… BE MY OWN BOSS… and live life completely on my own terms.


I give what I do that works online not just selling information or floating seminar around that leads people to nowhere.


I don’t do Seminar but 1 on 1 Detailed Practical Training So As To Achieve a Quality Result And Place You on A Solid Profitable Business Foundation After The Training.


As a matter of fact, this 3 day training suggestion came up so as to be able to help lives and show people that there are legitimate opportunities online to tap from.


If you really want to put a stop to Financial Embarrassment or Limitation Take The BOLD Step Now and Take Action. 



It is very compulsory for everyone interested in the training to know how to browse on the internet and if you have a laptop it is an added advantage, come with it connected to the internet.


We Want A Fruitful 1 on 1 Practical Training

Not Seminar Gimmicks To Reap People off.


You Will Be Learning 3 Working Business Online

* CPA Business

* Affiliate Business

* How To Make Money With Traffic

Module 1:

What is CPA

Why CPA Business Is A Great & Simplest Way To Make Money Online

How Does it Works

Simple Approach To Join Top Paying CPA Networks and Get Accepted

We Will Setup An Approved CPA Account For You and Train You With Your Account

You Will Learn The Exact Step To Pick Great & Converting Offers

Module 2:

What is Affiliate Marketing

How To Choose and Apply To Affiliate Networks That Pays Directly To Nigerian’s Bank Account.

We Will Setup an Approved Affiliate Business For You and Train You With Your Account.

You Will Learn The Basics Of Affiliate Marketing

What To Consider Before Picking An Offer

How To Detect A Converting Offer and How To Overcome Competition

The Right Approach To Affiliate Links Promotion


Module 3:

Tools You Need To Master CPA and Affiliate Marketing 

Discover The Most Strategic Keyword Research To Make Instant Cash Online.

Simple Precepts by Precepts of Creating an Information Product that Will Make You Money Without Lifting a Finger To Write A Single Word Yourself.


Module 4:

Strategies and Ways To Promote CPA and Affiliate 

Introduction To The Different Strategies

How To Create A Highly Converting Funnels

The Exact Method of Building A Responsive List of Continuous Buyers

Module 5:

How To Get Maximum Traffic Daily With Free and Paid Traffic

I will Personally Reveal To You My Source of Converting Traffic Method

You Will Discover, My Simple FREE Targeted Approach To Social Media Traffic.


I Will Also Reveal To You Where I get Convertng Traffic For Pennies

and Lots More…….


I Will Reveal To You How I Get Targeted Cheap Traffic From Facebook That Converts to Sales With Just $5 Ad Spent

I Will Practically Show You Where I get dirt Cheap & Quality Traffic For 0.002 per Click To Run My Campaign Fast For Profit (Not Even Facebook)

  • We Will Teach You Series Of How To Get Insane Traffic Daily and How To Bring Buyers To Your Website or Affiliate Links to make Cash Daily. This method alone will start you on a solid rock that any guru online will start from. With these techniques, all you need to do is to learn and implement and get result instantly.

  • Steps To Set Up A Money Milking Machine Online.

  • 4 Free Social Media Traffic Sources With Converting Traffic

  • Quora Greatest Cash Generator Techniques

  • Ultimate CPA System

  • 7 Paid Traffic Sources

  • Legitimate Company That Will Pay You Online


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is afpix.pngI need to inform you that ever since I took 1 on 1 training from you sir, the step by step strategies you thought me has been yielding results beyond my reasoning most especially the affiliate marketing approach. Hope I have seen your website before now. Thanks Chidima PH

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is ethpix.pngYou brought smile into my mouth when I have almost gave up about life in general. One thing I appreciate so much about you is that, you know the business, you do it rightly, know the right method to teach it. I don’t believe I can ever make money on the Internet not until after this practical 1 on 1 training. Thanks

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is ethypix.png I have gone through many seminar all around in Nigeria but I can bodly tell you that Abraham Itunnu’s online business 1 on 1 practical training can’t be compared to any of the fruitless seminar i have paid heavily for. From the first day he started the training, I discovered why I have not made money since i have stated my online business. I really want to appreciate you sir for what you have done to my life. You finally put a laughter in my mouth. Mariam Jomiloju 

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is portupix.png I want to sincerely thank you from the depth of my heart. You made me to know the lies and the truth about fiverr business which are not reveal by the fiverr seminar organizers. I have opened fiverr account since January, 2013 when i went to a particular’s seminar on fiverr but never made a dime until I came to your summit where you reveal to me the truth about fiverr business. I really love your sincerity. Mr Kolade Adejare

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is ukpix.pngMy sincere review about your online business 1 on 1 practical training is that, you are really interested in people’s success in what you teach them. I never believe people like this still exist. When i went through your website, I saw so many things that I have purchased from some marketers before for free of charge. Your website (www.fricanweb.com) is a source of knowledge. Thank you for making my life better. Tayo Collins

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is ukpix2.pngThe day i saw your advert online I never believed that it is possible to go through internet business training online without visiting your office. I told myself even if i want to do the training, how will i come to Ibadan from Katsina for a week. You really changed my orientation with your distinct approach and style of your online training supported with full materials in each class. I really do appreciate your support even without seeing you facially. You fulfilled all what you stated on your website in the online training. I say you really have a good heart, you really want to help people succeed online. I have started reaping the benefits of the internet i have been longing. Feel free to use my testimonial on your website. Thank you so much. Melita Donald

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is ukpix3.pngHonestly, your 1 on 1 practical training has exposed my point of errors in this business. Especially the keyword failing method point and the traffic loopholes method you shared with me. This training is really more than what i expected. I now confidently work with any product online with detailed analysis and make money monthly. Thanks so much. Blessing Donald

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is ukpix4.png Mr Itunnu, what you exposed to me in this 5 days 1 on 1 training especially the truth you reveal    about the exact steps to launch your campaign swept my feet off the ground and the common  mistake of the approach to the best Niches to start with online. The fastest approach to CPA you  taught me gave me an edge to quick conversion in my campaigns. Thank you so much. John 

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is switzpix.pngYou genuity among others makes you a distinguished mentor really doing what works online. Your site www.fricanweb.com swept me off my feet. You made me understande the difference between hyips and dependable business that really works and can stay the test of time given me profit daily online. You are really one in a million. Thanks for saving me from high yield investment waste of time and money programs online.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is switzpix2.png I got in contact with your website in Google when I needed the information on your website most. Thanks for the 10 Most Profitable & Legitimate Business Online I purchased from your site, I have already starts earning. Your simple approach is wonderful. Thanks.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is switzpix3.pngI really want to make this confession to you Mr Itunnu, do you know that ever since av joined your email list since last year, you have been the best mentor of all the list I have joined so far. All others only fill my inbox with buying one thing or the other but your mail comes with revelation and knowledge of online business for free. You are one in a million. Thanks. Cyndy

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is ukrapix3.pngI went from zero experience to full online business person making profits online with your 1 on 1 training. You really put a stop to my years of toiling. Dammy G

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is ukrapx.png“You are really a blessing” Of all the marketers I came across in my journey of internet business, you are distinguished and superb. Your 1 on 1 training was a great revelation to me and has put me among those that are earning online. I recommend anyone serious about online business to take advantage of Engr Itunnu Abraham Online Business 1 on 1 Training. Temmy

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is ukrapix2.pngAt the junction of my hoplesss, frustrated situation you came to my rescue. Abraham, what else can I say for a meaningful life you gave to me. I came in contact with your site in January and joined your list, you followed me up and eventually decide to take your 1 on 1 training. Your traffic strategy you exposed to me is highly converting for me. Thanks. Julie Adams


This Training Will Take 3 Full Days With Thorough Practicals


This step-by-step course teaches you how to make money through Cost Per Action, Affiliate marketing and as a Publisher.


I will show you how to succeed as a CPA Marketer and affiliate marketer you don’t even need millions of page views or tons of followers to start making money. In This Training,


We will help you create your own approved CPA/Affiliate account that we will train you with to start with.


Get Detailed Personal Coaching With Us And Enjoy Profitable Internet Lifestyle With All the above bonuses.


By simply following my dead-simple approach to “Online Business” for immense fun and profit, you will be doing everything you need to do to provide a new life for you and your loved ones. Truly. I am that confident!


If you’re trying to figure out Internet Marketing that ACTUALLY works


If you’re a business owner looking for a way to differentiate yourself from the competition

If you’re looking for a non-hypey way to convert more traffic and visitors into sales


If you’re looking to scale your business from Zero To 6 Figures+

If you’re looking to attract more qualified potential clients to do business with you


If you have not been making money online at all 

If you’re tired of your open rates, click rates and sales conversion rates falling


If you’re looking to become a Top Earner in your niche

If you’re looking for ways to dominate your market

Then Book For 1 on 1 Training With Abraham Itunnu


Watsapp No: +2349079157629


This Is The Right Time For You To Stop Financial Limitation


The Total Package Cost




Pay To:

Guaranty Trust Bank Plc

Account Name: Frican Global Services

Account Number: 0030718549




Pay To:

UBA (United Bank For Africa Plc)

Name: Abraham Itunnu

Account No: 2055267362


Pay To:


Name: Abraham Itunnu

Account No: 3070664101



After payment: Text your name, Branch Paid To, Amount Paid, Deposit Slip Number, Payment Date, Telephone Number to this number 08023901675 or send details to frican10@gmail.com


Bring Your Teller To Our Office at No 1, Desalu Street, Araromi Bus Stop, Odo Ona Ibadan


Every Arrangement About The Training Date Will Be Sent To You After Payment


This Is Total Revelation On How To Really Make Money Online Practically 







Book Your 3 Days of Training Now.


You can choose to be trained in our office in Ibadan




No 1 Desalu Street Araromi Bus Stop, Odo Ona, Ibadan. Oyo State. Nigeria.




If You Prefer Online Training


Contact us on 08023901675 or Send an E-mail to: frican10@gmail.com for more details


Note: You might have been lied to. You might have wasted money on Seminars, You might have been into fake and hype business and your money was taken away by the fake website. You might have purchase fake software or get rich quick scheme business. All these experience doesn’t mean that the Internet Business is not real.


I Can Boldly Tell You That The Fastest & Easiest Way To Make Money is When You Are Into Legitimate Internet Business Doing It The Right Way. That Is What You Need To Succeed Online.


If you check all the places I directed you to, you will see that this is actually somebody that does the business. I have once been in your shoes but today it is a different story because I did not look back despite my unpalatable experience with information marketers and fake business purchased.


I will Practically Reveal To You A Secret Code To Make Money From Companies Legitimately In Nigeria.


Note: You will also enjoy a complete money making website that we build for our clients. You’ll only pay 4 the domain and hosting for a year and enjoy all the income for a year.


You should thank God because, you will be learning from experienced person who is still readily in the business and ready to put you through online business practically.


May be Your Distance or Time is standing as a barrier to take the above 1 on 1 Training. You can take the 1 on 1 Training online without any hinderance. You can also start with The 10 Most Profitable, Proven and Tested Business On The Internet That You can do from home and make money daily. Click The Image Below to Check It Out.



You May Be Interesed in The Complete Business Setup. We Will Help You Set Up a Complete Internet Business Where The Account Details Will be linked to your account and all you need to do is to send traffic to Your Business (Money Machine) and starts earning money daily.


After the setup we will also schedule an online 3 days training for you,


If Your Are Interested in The Done For You and Online Training,


Chat us up on our Watsapp No: +2349079157629


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this Course For?

Those who are ready to Free Themselves From Financial Failure, Those who want to really know how online business really works, Those who has not made money before and are ready to do it the right way to start making money online, Those who really want a Legitimate, Sustainable, Profitable and Scalable Online Business.

When does the course start and finish?

The 1 on 1 Legitimate Way To Make Money Online Will Run For 3 Days. You can take the course after payment at your scheduled time apart from Sunday.


What skills will this course teach me?

CPA and Affiliate Marketing will give you the rules, tools, and strategies that will help you develop great affiliate marketing relationships and drive revenue from those relationships. You’ll learn how to identify the right products to promote, and how to share them effectively with your audience without compromising their trust or your reputation.


What equipment/tools will I need to complete the course?

Access to a connected computer, an email account, and an eager and open mind to good success!


Is this a Webinar Training?

No This is Practical 1 on 1 Live Training, Showing you practically and allowing you to practicalize it so as to eradicate trial and errors

Take the right step and Free Yourself From Financial Limitation Totally Today

It’s your chance to pass something on to your children besides stress.

It’s your chance to BECOME a boss instead of working for one.

It’s true.

We’re confident that you’re going to be absolutely blown away by the secrets you are about to discover.

Let’s face it.

You and your family deserve a secure and safe financial future.

I know that, and if you’ve watched this far, you know that as well.

Now is the time to take what is rightfully yours.

Now is the time to experience the kind of lifestyle that you were destined and deserved to live.


Abraham Itunnu

The CEO Frican Global Services



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