Video Creation Part 1

Video Creation Part 1

The first step in the ‘video creation’ process is to decide what type of video you are going to create.


We have so many options to achieve this:


* Outsource the production to a professional firm if you have a big budget for actors, special effects,
voice overs and costumes.


* Get a graphic design firm to create a flash style video for sharp, professional effect.


* Get an animated video produced that explains your concept or product.


* Create a Powerpoint Presentation.


* Create a screen capture video


* Create a video log or Vlog video


* You can create a cell phone video


* You can simply convert your article to video using automated tools.


Majority of the marketers will create their own videos by one of the last five methods mentioned


For doing this, you will need a script or a written article.


But i always use this method:


* I will write a Blog posts which is my seed content


* Rewrite this Blog post and make it more formal before sending to the article directories


* I will now take the article and turn it into a video.


In a nutshell, i have used a piece of content three times for maximum exposure. So i use article


When creating a video, take the following into consideration:


* Make people laugh


* Give them goose bumps


* Make people cry


* Work with their emotions


* Strike fear in them.


These feelings are powerful indicators that the video will leave your audience ’emotionally geared’.

They will want to send the same emotional reaction in their friends and colleagues os your video has
its greatest chance of being passed along in these instances.

The feelings of your viewers must be amplified throughout the video.


Some of the YouTube video usually contains the following themes:


a. Funny – The keyword ‘funny’ is one of the most popular keywords typed into search engines such as
Google. Naturally videos that makes people laugh will attract a viral traffic.


b. Shocking – If you post a ‘shocking’ video on YouTube you will get viral traffic to your offer or


c. Sexy – Sexual theme is always popular online. It has a tendency of making your video virals.


d. Inspirational – If you create a theme which genuinely inspires people to improve their lives,
the video will go viral.


e. Interesting – A lot of curiosity must be generated in your video to convince the viewer to
log in to your website.


f. Instructional – ‘How to’ Information is hugely popular, if you can create videos which show users
how to achieve a perticular thing, the video will be viral.


g. Demostration – A well made demostration video can drive lot of traffic to your website within that


Video Length

The lenght of your video is an important factor to be considered as it is directly correlated with your
viewer’s attention span. Users usually get bored at too long videos and click off to another video
before viewing your marketing message.


If you will maximize your video’s viral potentional try to keep its duration to 60 seconds or less.


The Title


* This will attract the attention of the web surfer and get them to click to watch the video


* It enables the search engine spider to index your video for your primary keyword phrase.


The video title is another key factor that can increase your video views.


The Description


The video description is another important element which you need to optimize.


Insert your url at the very first part of your description to link people to your site. Don’t forget to include the http:// syntax to activate your link.


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