Using Social Network To Drive Targeted Visitors

Using social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace is another excellent way of driving targeted visitors to your site as long as the list of ‘friends’ that you begin to accumulate are business targeted. In other words, you cannot use these social sites to drive targeted traffic if the list of followers or friends you gather together is not similarly targeted.

 For instance, using Twitter as the example, if you already use Twitter on a personal basis, the first thing to do is register a new account for your business activities.  Use one of your main keyword terms as your account user name, although you should try to ensure that it does not appear too nonsensical (or plain silly) if you do so.

 Now, create your profile, again using some of your niche related keywords in your description before searching the site for other people who are in your niche.

 Search with the Search Twitter resource using your appropriate keywords to find others who are in the same niche as you.  Everyone you find who is in the same market as you are, ‘Follow’ them by clicking the small button under the account avatar after you sign-in. When you follow others in your niche, many of those people will have set their account so that they automatically return the favor.  Others will not follow automatically but will do manually so the end result is the same either way.

 Now, if you have a self-hosted WordPress blog as your main niche site, install one of the many plug-ins that tie Twitter accounts and WordPress blogs together so that every time you add new information to your blog, a message about it will be automatically added to Twitter.  This means that everyone who is following you will receive notification that there is new niche targeted content on your blog and many of them will follow the link in your ‘Tweet’ to see what it’s all about.

 If on the other hand you do not have a blog site, you can either add information to Twitter about new content on your site manually, or make the whole job easier by adding a WordPress blog in a sub-directory of your site so that the whole process can be automated.

 The process that you just followed to grab yourself a huge group of niche targeted followers from Twitter is pretty much the same process as you follow using other social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace as well.

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