Truth About Paypal In Nigeria

Truth About Paypal In Nigeria

It is a good news that Paypal has finally accepted Nigeria to be part of their users. Though they have only accepted paying through their medium but the major part of it which is accepting payment through Paypal has not been activated for Nigerians.


Well, even with this first move, I believe they will lift all other restrictions later. The form of paying through them is a very great advantage to Nigerian business online because there are so many things you need to purchase online to enhance your business but the only payment in some of these websites is Paypal and it has put a very high barricade to so many purchase of such products from Nigerian.


I saw the latest advert or post of some information marketers in Nigeria that they have some businesses that you can do that will start raking money into your account. Some said they have about 20 to 50 businesses.


Friend, don’t be fooled. Presently, there is no business that will pay into your paypal account for now because of the limitation of accepting payment from Nigerians. They only accept spending / purchasing from the account open with them as at this writing.


Do not allow anybody to reap you off or take advantage of you because of lack of information.


Presently, you can only use your Paypal account to purchase or make payment online but you can not accept money into it for now. Get this clear now.


All you can do with Paypal for now is to purchase through the account you opened with them. You can not even place their buy button on any of your website for people to purchase product from you and send money into your paypal account not to talk of people sending money into your Paypal account.


You need to shine your eyes and your minds together.


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