Steps To Get Viral Clicks With Facebook Ads

Steps To Get Viral Clicks With Facebook Ads

You Need To Target Your Demographic


With reference to this, it’s compulsory that you narrow your audience down so that your ads are being displayed to the right people.


This is done by being super-specific with the demographic you target and letting Facebook know exactly who it is you’re trying to reach.


The truth is that Facebook has simplified this on their platform


It’s just a matter of targeting users based on factors like location, interests, age group, gender and so on.


After creating a campaign and an ad account in Ads Manager, go to your Ad Set.


The screen below will be displayed to you.




Scroll down just a bit, to the “Audience” section




At this point “define your audience, budget, and schedule.”


Let’s say there’s a small, mom-and-pop type coffee shop in Seattle.


The first thing you want to do is choose your location and create a radius to ensure that your ads are only being displayed right in and around greater Seattle.




The next step will be to select the appropriate age group for your demographic. Though the default age setting is 18 – 65, you can adjust this to your own setting.




If you’re only targeting a certain gender, you can opt for either men or women under the “Gender” section.




Where you really need to pay close attention to in the Language section is “Detailed Targeting.”


detailed target

You’ll want to carefully think this through and include a hyper-specific audience.

You can either manually enter a demographic, interest, or behavior or let Facebook help you find the best criteria.

Since our example is a coffee shop, I will choose interests like “coffee” and “food and drink.”


detailed targeting


Note that Facebook will automatically give you other ideas based on whatever term you enter. Just choose whatever is most relevant to your audience.



One of the reasons I love Facebook Ads is because it’s one of the only PPC platforms that allows you to use images, which is a huge advantage.


But of course, not just any image will work.


The picture you use will dominate your ad, so you need to choose very carefully.


And there’s a certain formula that I like to follow.




The goal is simple. You want to immediately grab the user’s attention and get their eyeballs on your ad.


A sure way to do this is to use plenty of contrast.


I personally prefer a light background with brighter images in the foreground to “make it shout.”


People Smiling


To create emotional connection which makes users more receptive to checking out my ads, I recommend using images of other people smiling.




It’s ideal to use images of attractive people.

Another thing is that you’ll typically want to use an image of an attractive woman if you’re advertising to a primarily male demographic and an attractive man if you’re trying to reach a primarily female demographic.


Crafting the perfect headline


So you’ve targeted your core audience and have used imagery that grabs the attention of Facebook users.


The third key element of a great Facebook Ad is your headline.


You need to understand that, the headline you use in your content is incredibly important.


To put perspective on things, “8 out of 10 people will read headline copy, but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest.”


Writing killer copy


Writing copy for your Facebook Ads is pretty straightforward.


In just a sentence or two, you need to motivate Facebook users and get them to take action and click.


Timing Your Posts


The optimal time to post on Facebook according to experts is between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m.

According to research, 1 p.m. is best for getting the most shares and 3 p.m. is ideal for getting the most clicks.


How To Adjust the time


Go to “Budget & Schedule” in your Ads Manager.


adjust time


After Clicking Budget & Schedule, you will be presented with the below image:



Note that the default setting on “Schedule” is “Run my ad set continuously starting today.”


To adjust this to your setting. Click on the second option, “Set a start and end date.”


Then a box will pop up below.




You can adjust the time in which you want your ads to be displayed.





Posting once every other day will get you the highest number of clicks per post. That’s because people tend to ignore your content when you post multiple times per day.


A/B testing


Please one last point.


I recommend performing some thorough A/B testing so that you can get your Facebook Ads “just right.”


Even if you find that you’re getting a solid CTR rate initially, it could always be better.


There’s simply no replacement for some basic experimentation to see what will drive the best response from your audience.


I recommend testing out:


* Different images
* Header variations
* Copy variations
* CTAs


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