Solo Ads Emperor

Solo Ads Emperor

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Traffic is the lifeline for online businesses and to build your list. You may have a great giveaway offer and sales funnel but without any targeted traffic, it will be worthless.


Where do you usually get traffic from? Is it through SEO? But it’s risky if you’re depending only on Google for your traffic. Whereas, Facebook ads is also highly relevant and it helps you to get targeted prospects but if you are not familiar with it you might be putting your money to waste.


Even so, most of these traffic sources bring in “cold traffic.” You won’t know whether they are actually interested in your offer. They might not even know anything about your niche. So the chances of them converting to a paying customer is pretty slim.


If you can get targeted prospects that are really keen in your topic, they are more open to new ideas and that will turn into sales once you earn their trust. For instance when you go for a movie and you really enjoy it, you’re going to tell your family and friends about it. They will be more likely to go and watch it because the recommendation came from a trusted source.


Imagine doing the same thing to promote your product or offer online? You need to look for “warm traffic”, people who have already warmed up to your offer or at least know something about it. Where can you get this “warm traffic”?


One of the best sources of “warm traffic” is “Solo Ads”!




The Best Starter Traffic For New

Marketers And New Niche


It’s a paid promotion where another marketer will send out a promotional mailing to promote your offer or product. The conversion and sales you get from this kind of traffic is nothing like any other traffic source out there.


Why you should use Solo Ads:


* Highly Responsive – The subscribers you get are usually in the same niche. They are more receptive since it’s what they have been looking for.


* Higher Conversion – Since they come from another marketer’s list, they probably have bought a few products and they are more likely to buy from you as well.


* Independent – You can bypass all the “Giant” sites like Google and Facebook and go directly to the an individual or a small business owner. You’re not affected by algorithms or policy changes.


* Fast Results – You can start doing this today and get instant results, split test your page and work your way towards a profitable campaign.


And much, much more!


You’re going to get much better results with a few Solo Ads compared to an expensive campaign on Google or Facebook!


Introducing The Solo Ad Emperor



Top 100 “TESTED” Solo Ads Sellers!


After testing hundreds of solo ad sellers over the past 3+ years, I’ve now compiled them down only to the top 100 sellers and called them the Solo Ad Emperor.


Each solo ad seller has been tested for quality!


All sellers on the list are highly reputable and their traffic (Every Single Click!) has been tested for BOTS and fake proxy clicks.


I only want the best solo ad sellers, and the traffic they send must convert at a minimum of at least 28% optin rate.


If the solo ad sellers do not meet our strict requirements, (real traffic + 28% minimum optin rate), they are not included in the


Forget About Wasting Another Hard Earned Dollar On Beaten To Death Solo Ad Leads!


GET THE SOLO AD EMPEROR – The Top 100 list.


This is the most reliable list of Top Solo Ad Sellers EVER CREATED


Run it to high converting affiliate marketing offers
Run it to popular high payout CPA offers
Use it for running to Pay Per Lead Offers
Run this traffic to your Shopify or WooCommerce store
Run this traffic to your adsense blogs


This Will Change The Way You Build Your Opt-in List Forever!


You can try any other source of traffic but Solo Ads by pass the Internet Giants such as Facebook & Google and you deal directly with real people, individuals just like you.


They might have a small, or huge mailing list but the subscribers have learned to believe and trust them.


So the marketer promotes your offer, the subscribers will more likely come to your site, opt-in to your newsletter, buy your product or anything that you want them to do.


It’s almost like a pre sell but it’s even better


This guide will show you how to start doing it yourself within days and get great results from it. You don’t need a big budget to do this. Start with 20, 30 or 50 bucks, once you’re comfortable move on to a bigger budget. You will gain a lot more by going through this course.


And you can do all of the above even in the next couple of hours!


Most people are not aware on how they can leverage this source of traffic, especially if you’re just starting from scratch without any list.


Think About It… If you can build your own list of hundreds of highly targeted subscrib-ers list in just a few days and sell a product at $20.00 per pop to them – your sales letter converting at a 15%, even 20% conversion rate (very, very achievable with a customers list!) how much would you be earning?


Hundreds easily.


Possibly THOUSANDS of dollars!


And for only #3500.00, you will find out the solo ads Emperor and how to leverage it and grow your online business rapidly.



You Can Actually Get the Solo Ad Emperor Guide 

For Just:


#3,500.00 only


Pay To:

Guaranty Trust Bank Plc

Account Name: Frican Global Services

Account Number: 0030718549




Pay To:

UBA (United Bank For Africa Plc)

Name: Abraham Itunnu

Account No: 2055267362



Pay To:


Name: Abraham Itunnu

Account No: 3070664101


Ps: After payment send your payment details and Email Address to 08023901675, your package will be sent to you after Bank Confirmation in 24hrs.



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