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How to make moneyAt a point in time in your life in this journey of life, you might have asked yourself this wonderful question that “ why is it that some people get success faster and easy than others, some struggles for decades and still can’t breakthrough? What are the successful ones doing so distinctly than what you do? Why are they successful and you are not, despite the fact that you follow the same pattern highlighted.”


The fact still remains that everybody are willing to be a success in all they do. As a marketer or a blogger you might have come to the conclusion that there is something wrong? This is not a matter of not having the right knowledge or skills. I think it is something a bit complex in my own view.


On a lighter mode, you have spend 80% of your time researching and finding ways to make money online, get traffic and make sales. You discovered that search engine can give you traffic and you try your best to rank for the first page but it is taking too much years to accomplish. You’ve tried paid traffic campaigns and everything totally failed. What do you think is wrong?


After the end of each week circle, you probably ask yourself , what is making me to fail why others who don’t have my skills are making outrageous money. Does it mean that they have been destined for success right from the start.


May be because you don’t work hard enough? – For some individuals it does take numerous exhausting work to get to the top. Overnight success doesn’t happen in a single day often, but after watching the internet advertising area you are most likely starting to question this myth by now. Some of you work harder than any of the gurus you see flashing all their money, however for some purpose they are the ones flashing the money and not you.


You additionally continually hear awesome success stories like how some folks simply got on-line 2 seconds ago and rapidly made $123,432.02 with Clickbank in their underwear while making scrambled eggs. So what in the hell is going on here? Aren’t you tired of all those bloggers telling you how hard you need to work to get some decent results while you obviously are not blind or stupid enough to not notice something sketchy about this whole thing?


Is it because you are not persistent? – Persistence may be dangerous especially for these who don’t like giving up too easily. Typically we do things that don’t have a single likelihood of success however as a end result of we are so persistent we maintain doing it over and over till you get to the purpose of no return and mentally break yourself.


You must have a limit. Sometimes it’s good to give up and move on to something else. With that said I think persistence gets overrated a lot of occasions, particularly in the marketing space.


I am actually very persistent however I’ve realized to dwell with it. I now give projects priorities so a minimum of I give myself a manner out of a blackhole generally I discover myself in. However I don’t surrender on earlier projects. I just gradual their progress. This permits me to continuously evolve and adapt. I want to believe that persistence is very vital too.


May be because you are lazy? – That is the biggest myth of all. I am lazy but I do well for myself. If it was just about that we wouldn’t hear all these crazy stories about how some people never touch a keyboard but make millions online selling magic formulas. Don’t get me wrong, some of those formulas (very few) that they sell actually do work, but not for you for some reason.


There are 2 kinds of laziness.

1. Pure laziness – This is a state that you Do NOT want to be in. People that are pure lazy do not care about their well being or people around them. They do not clean after themselves and their house smells like decomposing dead rats.


2. Work laziness – This state is actually cool to be in if money just rolls in. You still care about yourself and others. Your house is clean and you get to spend your time working on yourself instead of actual work for money.  Let others do the dirty work for you while you just collect the cash.


So it can’t be just about laziness don’t you agree? You can be work-lazy and still make a good living online if you use your brain right. That gets us to another question…


Is it because you are not smart enough? – It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to determine how money is being made on the internet. Mostly it’s all about arbitrage. It’s the main foundation of every on-line business. They spend certain sum of money on their business and get extra out of it. You don’t should be good like Einstein to make severe dough.


Even in the event you don’t know the place to begin out you are able to do a lot of research yourself without spending any of your own cash on products.


Not only that, but you’ve in all probability seen that stupid folks sometimes make more than the educated people who are also attempting the business.


I say you could be dumb as a rock and nonetheless pull 6 figures while others are slaving away for years on their websites and don’t make squat.


Something is unquestionably not right however we are slowly getting closer to the answer.


May be because you are broke? – Now I think we are getting somewhere. Money makes things very easy online. You can buy anything or anybody (everyone has their price).


Starting to see the picture yet?

But sometimes even people with money fail. They make bad decisions and it all falls apart for them. So I think that money can seriously increase your chance of success to like maybe 70% but it’s still possible that you could totally lose everything at the end.


So what is the magic bullet here? What can increase your chance to 100% so you can be like some of those people that whatever they touch turns into gold? Well, let’s answer another question that pops into my mind.


Is it because you are just not lucky enough? – Life is unfair. Some people do get lucky and get everything handed to them even though sometimes they don’t even deserve it. That’s just how it is and there is nothing you can do to change that. But does luck really influence anything? You might think it does, but I think that luck is just one way to become successful and doesn’t increase your chance overall.


Luck is just luck. It happens or doesn’t happen kinda like flipping a coin. So luck can make you successful but it doesn’t actually pave the way for you to become a success story if you know what I mean.


You are either in the group of lucky people who love everything about it, or you are on the side where people hate life and how unfair it is. There is nothing in between in my opinion.


So we are still not getting our chance of success increased to 100% because our luck might never even come. We need something more substantial and that gets us to the last question of this post…


May be because you don’t have the right connections? – Now we are getting closer to the truth. I believe that connections are better than money in some situations. You have probably noticed that a lot of times the top bloggers share stuff with their followers not because it’s great content, but because they are friends with the person they are putting in the spotlight.


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All the stories you hear about instant overnight successes happen because of connections. In the IM industry for example if you happen to be good friends or family with one of the successful people, they can manufacture your success without you working too hard…or even being smart.


So anyway, now you know what ingredients you need for success. With the right funds and good connections your chance of success gets increased to almost 99%. The 1% still depends on you in some way because you can screw it all up if you choose so.


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