My Keyword Research Strategy

How To Make $100 DailyI want to share some important part of SEO journey which is keyword research. This is what usually determines whether we are going to make success on our campaign or not. So please take time to focus on the important point stated on this page.


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Well I wouldn’t know how much money you have with you to spend on softwares or on how to make success in your business. That is why I have tried to simplify issues on this page to show you how to really dig a good keyword research without paying a dime for any tool.


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The Whole Process Of SEO Starts With Keyword


It is very paramount that you think about root keyword carefully before you dive into ocean of failure looking like a success.  You can choose a keyword:


  • Which you have knowledge about

  • Highly profitable

As for me, I prefer high profitable keywords that look very interesting enough for me to get more topic. It makes me never to be bored while working on the website.


Keyword Requirements:


Go for keyword over $5 CPC and over 1000 searches per month local. However, most times, I go after a keyword with lower CPC if the competition is easy.


Where to get your first keyword idear


The truth is that is not so difficult! Let me show you my very easy to perform and very powerful keyword research techniques that you can use right away. I will advice you to copy and paste into notepad any keyword that you find during this process so as to work with it later.


  1. High Traffic Websites Method: Go to big websites such as:

  • Amazon, Ebay, Other big retailers

  • Ehow, Wikihow, HowStuffWorks

  • News, Magazines

  • Clickbank

  • Authority Websites in big niches ( think of health, sports, hobbies, music, movies, etc)

  • Or Use Alexa Ranking to find high traffic websites

Dig randomly into categories or articles on these sites and you will find literally thousands of good keyword ideas. When you are on the page, click on the Density Button on the Seo Quake Toolbar for firefox


So many keywords will show up. Keywords are sorted by phrases number (1,2,3, or 4 phrases).


We’re interested in two phrases words most of the time. E.g Life gear, tools and, kindle fire, health niches etc


You can pick anything that’s worth your attention and copy it into notepad or you can just copy the whole list into Excel or Notepad. Then use Google Keyword Tool to see how many searches these keywords have and filter keywords with low search volume right away.


  1. Search Keywords by most profitable niches: You can find the best popular advertisers that spend their money with google adwords. Simply get the root keyword and put it later to Google Keyword Tool. It is also good to get the synonyms of that keyword from Thesaurus.

  2. Google Suggest Method: Simply start typing anything into Google and see what it suggests to you. This method is working very well if you want to find keywords with high search volume or with very high urgency. E.g How much does, where to buy, how to buy, cost of, etc

These are just few examples, you just need to be creative and search your own ideas for google to suggest.  Though Google suggest doesn’t show you all suggestions available but fraction of them. That is why I prefer using, ubersuggest (


Ubersuggest will give you big list of suggested terms and will also dig the related words.


When using Google keyword, remember to check exact match, USA and English Language.


Type your first keyword into Google Tool. A list of related keywords will show up.


To filter them so as to avoid gabbage keywords. Apply filters as follows:


Local monthly searches more than 1000, approximate CPC > 1

The filter will screen your list according to the status specified above. You will now be left with few keywords.


Next Step: Find a keyword, competiton & commercial value


  1. Using “High Traffic Websites” I will visit a health related niche and click randomly through few pages on the page and select one and check the “Density” on SeoQuake. A list of keywords will be displayed, I will concentrate the one that I prefer, e.g medical assistant

  2. I will go to Google Keyword Tool and type in “medical assistant”. I will also use filters CPC>1 and local searches > 1000

  3. I checked each keyword completion level for many keywords until found my “golden keyword”.

  4. The next thing I will do is to check the backlinks with my simple method.

  5. Now I will go to check the commercial value of this keyword. I want to be sure that there will be many advertiser bidding on my keyword and my CPC and CTR is very high. (the more advertisers bidding for a keyword, the better ad text they need to write to convert their offers. That’s why CTR is higher in these niches).  I use and type my keyword on the homepage.

Please take note that whatever tool you may be using, they will not give you keyword ideas to start with. That is why this techniques above will still work great even if you have your paid tools.


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