Importance of A List To Your Business

Importance of A List To Your Business

What is A List?

A collection of emails addresses that have been collated to form a list from users subscribing, opting in or being added following a purchase. They all share a common targeted interest. This is an economical way of communicating with a targeted audience.



Why Build A List?

Email is not going anywhere, you will discover that social media come and go in the last 10 years but email remain.


People read their emails. When you build a list, you are in control. You are not limited by the rules of the traffic source or social media. You are totally in charge of your list.


The email is a targeted audience that makes it easier for you to interact with like minds.


It is also an Economical way to advertise or spread a message to a target niche ready to consume your products. It gives you advantage to send many emails to them whenever you feel like.


Problems people usually have


* They give up at the first hurdle/setback/bump in the road, they are not prepared to wait for a return on their investment.

People with big list don’t give up at the initial stage. Once you are able to build a list e.g 10,000 it is a potential for you to have 10,000 income per month


* No Strategy

They don’t know how to communicate, interact with their list. You need to map out strategy to interact with your list.


* Don’t understand Traffic


A lot of people think that if they would just post something out there, people who come, it doesn’t work like that. You need to be thinking where the traffic is coming from


* Don’t have large amounts of money to invest up front and decide to do strategies that takes a long time and at the end of the day they give up. They believe they can achieve everything free, they don’t want to invest anything at all.


The Idea Scenerio When building a list


* We build a laser targeted people. It gives us the advantage of ready made products to market to them and what to talk to them at any point in time and it makes it easier for you to sell to them easily.


* Our Investment is neutral


The truth is that when you invest in traffic, the likehood is that you will get a better traffic, I mean traffic that converts.


Recommended Funnel of How I build Multiple List that are profitable, converts and interactive


* Laser Targeted Traffic that will pay for
* We send them to a Landing Page with a lead Magnet that gets their mail in exchange for our lead magnet. This is build on a specific niche list.


Targeted Traffic – Landing Page/ Lead Magnet – Payback Offer – Lead Magnet


What is a Lead Magnet


A valuable or actionable piece of content, an offer or a utility, it is offered for free in exchange for opt-in details, a kind of incentives for someone to join your list.



Why do you need a lead magnet?


You will gain authority as an expert so you product a lead magnet on a subject or niche which makes people look forward to you for details of the subject. It allows us to build a list. People need a reason to subscribe


Beauty of a lead magnet


It is a friendly brible to get people to join you.
Fairly easy to put together, it is something that is small
It helps you build a laser targeted list because your lead magnet will have a specific subject and those that opt-in are entering for that purpose


Types of Lead Magnets


* eBook-guide or report on a particular niche
* Cheatsheet or Worksheet put together that someone can put together to achieve a goal
* List of resources
* Video, you can create a tutorial that people will be interested in.
* Offer: You can send them a free trial offer from an affiliate company, you are affiliated with
* Software e.g plugins


How To Produce Lead Magnets


* You can produce them yourself
* You can outsource it
* You can buy PLR products with rights to redistribute or rebrand


Things To Consider When Producing A Lead Magnets



* Branding e.g your logo, website etc
* You have to look professional
* Be specific, this helps us in communicating with the list
* You have to offer value, it must be on point
* Time to consume it must be relatively short not whole lot of time to read and read a lot of pages.
* Make sure you use a call to action. Remind them to click on their email or your website. This helps you to maintain a relationship


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