How Your Motives Can Affect Your Business

How Your Motives Can Affect Your Business

You will agree with me that money is cool. The fact is that if having money is the only reason why you’re in business, then you need to watch out!


Are you operating your own business because you think it will allow you spend more time with your family? Good but not necessarily so.


May be you don’t want a boss to stand over you, breathing down your neck, ordering you on a particular task to accomplish at a specific time. You also need to think twice!


Well the three reasons above are majorly while majority start up a business especially a home business!


All the reasons are good and without fault.


But the truth is that they are not enough!


It has been established by business researchers that people need more motivation than these three to build a successful small home business!


If you can add any of the below major reasons to your motivation factors, then you will hava a much better likelihood of realizing a sustainable business which will last a lifetime and perhaps even beyond!


Other motivating reasons to start your own Business:


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* Do you have a strong passion and fervent love for what you’re doing in your small business? Do you firmly believe that your business merchandizes a service or product that fills the needs of your customers?


* Do you have the driving force, the patience, the longsuffering and determination to see things through to the end? Are you wllling to try one more tme, seek a new way, when others quit?


* Are you willing to work hard and proceed through a learning curve in order to accomplish your goals? Do you learn from your mistakes and improve your outcome by incorporating their results into your planning procedures? Research has shown that successful business owners are those who are willing to learn from, and build upon, their prior mistakes.


* Are you physically and mentally able to address the challenges you’ll face on a daily basis? Do you have the support of your loved ones?


* Are you able to work independently of oversight? Can you schedule your tme and then stick to your agenda? ARe you creative in your problem solving? Can you thrive under pressure?


* Do you like to connect and collaborate with others? Are your dealings with them full of friendship, integrity, honesty and truth?


* If one of these above six characteristics fit your reasons for starting or running a small business, then you chances of a sustainable success aren’t very good. In all likelihood, your business will end up in that 66% failure category.


If on the other hand, you’re found one or more of these describes you, then you have a much better intrinsic motivation for business success than all othe the three mentioned at the beginning of this write up.


Your Business Chances of consistent success is very high!



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