How To Use The Power of Articles To Get More Traffic & Sales

How To Use The Power of Articles To Get More Traffic & Sales

Articles can perform two different viral tasks. They can either be




1.The viral marketing product
ii. The tool that promotes your viral marketing products


As a viral product, the key to success is getting your article widely distributed. In order to accomplish that, you first need to start with an article that webmasters, newsletter owners, and other online users actually want to distribute.


Some will publish your article on their website, or their newsletter and others will feel compelled to sent the article itself or the URL.




Without writing quality articles, of course, none of that will take place. Or, if it does, the results will be minimal at best.


You need to choose extremely compelling and interesting topics. One of the best approaches is to give the reader the solution to a problem.


Sample Headlines

* Lose 10 Pounds in 10 Days or Less Without Pills or Surgery
* 15 Ways To Generate Massive Traffic Without Spending A Dime
* 5 Siimple Changes That Will Doubel Your Existing Adsense Income


Then deliver the kind of quality information the headline promises, which makes people want to publish it, distribute it, and pass it along to others.


Don’t Forget to add something in your articles that leads back to you, your business, or the products or services you’re selling.


The Article Topics

The article topics you choose need to be either directly or indirectly related to whatever it is you want to promote.


The article should include links such as your primary website address, a download link to a free e-book, report, or autoresponder series, or your newsletter subscription page.


All you’re doing is suggesting something that contributes to the value of the information contained in the article.


For Example:

For more tips and information on how to lose weight safely and easily, get your free copy of the New You E-zine.


ii. If you’d like more information, you can download a free report entitled “How To Develop Your Own Adsense Empire In Less Than 3 Weeks”.


In addition to including your links in the body of the article, you have the author’s resource box


Aside from having an article as the viral marketing product, you can simply use them to promote your other viral entities.


For Example

Write article based on your offer, website or products, then somewhere within the body of your article, give them the link where they can download the free e-book.




The point is, the content of the article you write will be:


1. Associated with a specific viral product
2. Lead to that viral product


The more valuable the article, the more it will get distributed, the more it will get distributed, The more people get access to your viral product.




This gives you More Traffic, More Clients, More Attention, More Brand Exposure and More Sales,



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