How To Set Up Squeeze Page

How To Set Up Squeeze Page

The squeeze page is the quintessential instrument used by all dot com millionaires. The money is the list and the list comes from the squeeze page.


But what exactly is a squeeze page and how do we use it to build a list. Well a squeeze page is simply a web page that extracts a site visitors ‘name’ and ’email address’ in return for receiving free information whether in the form of an e=Book, e-Course, video or software.


Behind the scene the name and email address added via a squeeze page are added to that marketer’s list. That marketer has now received implicit permission to email that subscriber with email promotions related to the subject matter on the page.


A good sales page will have a conversation rate of around 4%. Conversely a good squeeze page could have a conversation rate of 50% or more. So when you contrast the two what do you think generates more sales:


A. Driving traffic to a sales page where 96 out of every 100 visitors leave never to return or


B. Driving traffic to a squeeze page where 50+ people of every 100 visitors are added to your email marketing list and can receive multiple more promotions for each of your sales pages and affiliate products.


I think it’s clear that you can see that my philosophy is that ALL traffic should be sent to a squeeze page adn then diverted via your email marketing efforts to your corresponding sales pages and affiliate products.


The vast majority of internet marketers spend all their time writing articles and trying to send people from these articles directly to a sale page. They are oblivious to the fact that they are completely wasting their time for several reasons;


A) People who are reading articles in the article directories tend to be in ‘information seeking mode’. They are not looking to buy something, just to find information. For that reason conversions will be extremely low unless you divert them to squeeze page that provides an information product that pre-sell them and then follows up later with additional promotions.


B) People will not buy from someone they don’t know because there is the ‘trust’ factor. By providing a FREE product via a squeeze page they can see that you are trust worthy because your products are highly quality. They will think to themselves ‘Well if his or her free information is this good , their paid products must be amazing’.


C) It has been proven that the average customer needs to be exposed to a product 5/7 times before they make a purchase decision. Sending someone direct to a sales page expects them to buy having seen the product just one time. Conversely by sending them to a squeeze page you can easily send 5/7 follow up emails.


There are several critical elements that every squeeze page must have in order to maximize conversions.


1. A Compelling Headline

Just like a sales page, a striking headline is critical in order to attract the reader’s attention and get them to the rest of the squeeze page.


You need to make a direct statement that indicates the reader is about to get access to something very special indeed.


You thus need to create a headline that piques the readers interest by hitting their ‘hot buttons’ and appealing to something that is very important to them.


2. The e-Book / Software Cover

Always include a professional image of a 3D cover for whatever it is you are giving away. Do not skimp on this part of the squeeze page. Visual impact has a strong impact on conversions.


3. Explicit call to action

Having an explicit call to action is important in order to tell the viewer exactly what they need to do to get their ‘freebie’.


4. The Web form

The web form is the device that captures the email address and adds the contact to your email list. In order for this to run smoothly it is essential that you are joined a proven email marketing service. The top two in terms of deliverability, reputation and functionality are 1. Aweber 2. Get Response.


Presently, aweber doesn’t accept Nigerians but you can be good with Get Response.


I try to make this short and sharp so as not to waste your precious time.


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