How To Set Up Squeeze Page And Auto Responder Funnel

How To Set Up Squeeze Page And Auto Responder Funnel

I will show you how to create an aweber list & how to add Follow-ups

1. Type: “”

or Search ” aweber” in Google Search Engine and Click it.

Follow the image below:

aweber image


2. This is “AWEBER” interface, enter your “Customer Login” & “Password” and press “Login To My Account”


aweber image3

3. Click (Create and Manage Lists)


aweber image2

4. Click “Create A List” button


aweber image4

5. Now enter your “Basic Information” Fill all these details: List Name, List

Description, “From” Name, Address, Contact Address. After entering all the details click “Save Settings” button


aweber image5

6. Click “Personalize Your List” option. It`s all about your Company Branding Fill all these details: Company Name, Website URL, Email Signature. After entering all the details click “Save Settings” button

Note: If you don`t have a website you may leave it normally. The above fields are not mandatory.

aweber image6

7. Next click “Confirmed Opt-In” option. It is a Confirmation Message which people get after they sign up your list. Edit these details: Subject, Info, Signature. After completion click “Save Settings” button.

aweber image7

8. Now we are going to add Follow Up Messages. Click “Messages” button.

Click “Create Your First Follow Up” button.


aweber image8

9. Now Insert Your Subject, Body of the matter.



10. If you want to optimize your body matter. Use this option for editing, linking, Font Colour, Background Colour change, Bold, Italic, Underline, Alignment….. After completion of adding and editing your message c lick “Save Message” button and then click “Next” button.


aweber image10

11. Next click “Save & Exit” button.


aweber image 11

12. After successfully add your first follow up message, you get this interface.


aweber image12

13. Now I am showing you how to create a “second follow up”. Actually creation process is same as above in point: 10,11,12 (Inserting Subject, Adding and editing Message, Save Message and Next button.)But after clicking “Next” button. You got one new step i.e., “Interval Settings”. Set the number of days from your previous message here. Next click “Save & Exit” button.


aweber image13

14. This is your interface, now you know how to “Create, edit Message”, how to add and adjust your “Interval Settings”


aweber image14

15. Now we are in the Last step, Click “Sign Up Form” option, next click “Create Your First Sign Up Form”


aweber image15

16. This is the interface you have.


aweber image16

17. Here you can optimize your optin form with different styles. You can edit text, image and colour.


aweber Image17

18. After completion of the design click “Save Your Form” and then click “Go To Step 2” button.


aweber image18

19. Now you choose, add some “Basic Settings” here. Form Name, Thank You Page type. In Thank You Page you have 5 Options – 1. Basic version, 2. Audio Version, 3. Smart Video Version, 4. Stay on Current Page, 5. Custom Page. If you want to see how it look likes, which one is suitable for you just click the “preview” button and add whatever you want. I am using “Basic  version”


aweber image19

20. After completion of this step click “Save Your Form” and then click “Go to Step 3” button.


aweber image20

21. This is the last step “Who Will Publish This Form to Your Website?” Here  you have 3 Options – 1. I Will Install My Form 2. My Web Designer 3 .Have a Aweber Host My Form. I am using “I Will Install My Form” option.


aweber image21

22. Here you have 2 choices “JavaScript”, “HTML”. These both are good options for adding your optin form to wherever you want. For Facebook purpose I pick up “JavaScript”. Just COPY that code and PASTE it into your Facebook Fan Page.


aweber image22

23. It as simple as this……..


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