How To Set Up Pinterest Account To Make Money

How To Set Up Pinterest Account To Make Money

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is currently the number three most-popular social network in the

US, behind Facebook and Twitter, according to Experian Hitwise (Apr 2012.)

Pinterest has been around since March 2010 but didn’t really enter the

mainstream consciousness until December 2011. At that point the site

became a top 10 largest social network service and had 11 million total

visitors a week.

Pinterest exploded from mid-January to mid-February with a unique users

moving average growth of 85% (comScore.)

This rapid growth caused blogs to explode with Pinterest buzz and

marketers scrambled to hop aboard the Pinterest train.

This unique social media site has proven a hit among women, especially in

the 35-44 year old demographic.  Not surprisingly, popular “pins” can

sometimes mirror the contents of a popular women’s magazine with home

décor, fashion, desserts, recipes and fitness images topping the list of

popular pin images.

The fun is in creating one’s own pin boards, “scrapbooking for the digital


Imagine a bride (anytime in the last half century) dreamily flipping through

a bridal magazine. She might be stirred by certain images that inspire her;

she feels these images represent “her” and how she wants her wedding to


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Setting Up A Pinterest Account

1. Go to

2. Click on the obvious red “request an Invite” button

3. Type in your email address then hit the blue “request invite” button

4. Wait for email with invitation and instructions to join

Quicker route: Ask a friend to invite you from her account

5. Important for businesses: At this point you can only link to Facebook

through your Facebook Timeline or Twitter account.

This means you cannot link to Pinterest through your Facebook

business page so you will need to build your business-related

Pinterest following via Twitter.

6. Install your “Pin It” button. This can seem a little baffling at first, but

it’s easy. Go to top right of screen, click on “About” and then “Pin It

Button” from the drop down menu. Drag the obvious “Pin It” button

to your bookmarks bar which is the space underneath the website

address navigation area.

7. Look around online and find images you like. When you see

something you like, click on your “Pin It” button on your toolbar. A

page will pop up that shows all the images on that page.

Hover over the image you’d like to pin and the words “pin this” will

appear. Click on that and another box will appear entitled “create

new pin.”

Decide what category/board you would like this pin to belong to

(Recipes, Places I Want to Visit, My Style) etc., type that into the

“Create New Board” box and then hit the “create” button. Voila. You

have added your first pin to your first board.

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