How To Sell Fast From Flippa

How To Sell Fast From Flippa


Most of the squeeze pages you see listed on Flippa – and mine were included in this group – add the incentive that the BIN winner (Buy It Now) will also receive custom-written autoresponder messages to load into Aweber/GetResponse to send to their new subscribers.

… in the end, that is probably a smart move to make. That extra bit of encouragement can easily lead to a BIN sale and more money in your PayPal account.

That being said, what else can you do to add value to your listing?

Well, I utilized one trick and one trick only – and all three buyers of my squeeze pages mentioned to me that it was one of the main reasons they purchased from me. Simply put, I purchased stock photos from stock images websites rather than using random images from Google.

Note that it may be more worthwhile to purchases the images off of a stock image website. It will only cost you a few bucks … and the potential earnings from it trump it anyways.

Of course, there are any number of creative ways to make your listings standout above the rest … think outside the box and try things out.


I am going to tell you a few things I have picked up along the way dealing with the listing of your site.

First, the price of your BIN option and where to start it. In a tactic I am seeing become more popular on Flippa, let me advise this:

… if the lowest amount you are willing to take for your squeeze page is $297 (which is very reasonable … I probably should have sold mine for a lot more) then that that your reserve (obviously). Next, set your BIN at exactly $100 more (so, in this case, your BIN would be $397). In doing so, you are promising yourself that you will be getting the most bang for your buck out of the auction. Either you get one bid and get your reserve price (which is the lowest you would sell the site for) or people bet it up to $397 and somebody gets smart and uses the BIN option. As mentioned, it is the perfect pricing strategy to use to make sure you get your money’s worth.

Next, I would advise you to pay very close attention to the subject title of your listing (that one that shows up in search results). I spent the better part of a day working on mine (and I am still not happy with it). Nonetheless, just like anything else in marketing, you need to be able to grab the attention of a potential buyer right away. And the absolute first step is a powerful listing title. After that, I would recommend purchasing the listing upgrade that allows you to place a thumbnail of your site in the search results.


• Decide what niche you are going to build your squeeze page in

• Find a suitable background and start redesigning your squeeze page using the associated files I have provided for you.

• Decide whether or not you’d like to offer an autoresponder series as a BIN bonus. If so, write them yourself or hire somebody from the Warrior Forum (or elsewhere) to do it for you.

• Purchase a domain name for your new squeeze page. Remember, you simply cannot sell just a design on Flippa as they require a domain name to be associated with the design.

• Create your listing on Flippa. Use the proven swipe file I have provided to you. If you wish, follow my pricing scheme as detailed above.

• Pay your listing fee.

• Once the auction has a winner, go to the ‘Sale Completion Area’ on Flippa and let the winner know that you will need access to their (1.) hosting account through an FTP program like FileZilla;

(2.) Access to their Aweber account; and

(3.) for them to accept the domain name push. Of course, you can also provide installation service as a BIN bonus.

• Once you have the information, begin the process of pushing the domain name to their account. If you need assistance in doing so, all major domain registration companies have detailed guides on their site.

• After the buyer provides you with their Aweber account access information, create a new list and web form for the buyer. Use the information from the web form to copy and paste the information you need into the index.html file associated with the website.

• Once the domain has been pushed, remind the buyer to switch over the DNS nameservers to their account.

While they are doing this, upload all of the files to the buyer’s webserver. Once the DNS change has taken place, the site will be live and ready to go.

• After all your work is done with your buyer, pay your success fee on Flippa and start making a new squeeze page to sell.


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