How To Retarget Your Facebook Campaigns

How To Retarget Your Facebook Campaigns

1. Target Leads Who Abandon Your Shopping Cart


You need to understand that visitors who made it to your shopping cart and then abandon it are some of your hottest prospects.They have told you that you have something they like, and the price may be right. You may want to conclude that they aren’t interested! But the truth is, there are million reasons for someone not to finish a transaction, since you don’t really know the cause, you need to retarget them.





You can do this by creating a custom audience through Facebook and put the audience pixel in the header of your shopping cart. Try to retarget the same product that brought them close to your shopping cart.
Another thing you can do is to add a bonus or a small discount through your retargeting so that they can finish what they have started.


2. Target ADS For Specific Products Based On Users Visiting Those Products.

This steps will focus on the audience that have abandon the retargeting shopping cart. What you need to do is to build an audience in Facebook and put retargeting pixels in Facebook, and put retargeting pixels in your product pages. This way you can target visitors to your site based on what products they have been looking at.
To take this one step further, you can even choose to only target visitors who have visited a particular product more and once! This way, you are isolating people who are in a decision making phase. You can give them a small bonus or incentive to engage them.
Another way to build trust with this audience is to be creative in your service, delivery speed or warranty. This will set you apart from others they might be considering.


3. Target Users With Products In A Category Similar To A Product They Have Already Purchased.


retarget product

Retargeting to drive upsells is a very profitable, imagine you sell shaving supplies. A customer may initially buy a starter kit, which comes with a handle and a couple of razors. Assuming the initial purchase goes off without a hitch and they like the product which means you have a satisfied customer. This customer is now a huge opportunity for retargeting. So all you need to do is to create an audience based on what product they have bought. Your ad creative will now promote a product which compliments what your customer has already purchased from you. This means you will be retargeting them with shaving cream and brushes to compliment the razors they already purchased.


4. Run Special Retargeting For Your Sales Pages, With Urgency Drivers Built In.


A ton of ads for specials, sales etc are Presented on Black Friday. To take advantage of this, you will run special retargeting ads based on visitors to a sales page.
Asuming you are running ads for Black Friday, you will need to add a retargeting pixel to your sales page. This new audience will get tailored ads based on your sales page which urge them to come back for the sales while they are available, you can even give them an additional bonus or percent off. Adding a countdown to the end of your sales will create an urgency.


5. Run Trust Building ADS, Talk About Success Stories, Shipping Options, Certification in your ADS


We mostly discuss about sales, coupon codes, product retargeting etc. The truth is that not all consumers are having issues with what to buy, or how much it costs. For Some it is where to buy. This can be due to so many reasons, it might be shipping options or warranties etc.

So what we need to do in this issue is to build an audiience based on visitors to our shipping options pages, or FAQ pages. This will work for an audience who have expressed interest in more service related issues. For this audience, your should focus on the service aspects of your business, let them know that your shipping is free while your competitor charges. This alone can turn the shopper to purchase from you. It might even be your warranty that a customer needs to decide to purchase from you.


6. Reconnect When Consumable Products Expire. For Example, Selling A Training Course, Target Them With A Follow Up Course When Their Current Course Expires.


If you are selling online training courses, when the course is complete, run ads targeting people with the next step, or the next course that will get them where they want to go. If you are selling consumable products, figure out when users will finish with the product on average and target them. It simply means you have to set audience based on timeframes for the sale, so if someone buys in February and users typically “complete” your product in 3 months, wait until April to run retargeting ads with creative that invites them back for “the next step”.


7. Promote ADD-ONS For Products That Can Be Enhanced.


Supposing you are selling survival tools online. And it has grown to be a huge market, and people are constantly building and comparing “kits” with each other. Let’s say one of your biggest sellers is a utility belt for survival situations. The basic model you sell comes with a simple set of tools. However, through your site you sell add-ons which enhance the kit for more intensive users.

All you need to do is to build an audience of your customers who bought the basic set. Then, run retargeting ads that sell the enhancement accessories which fit into their current kit. You need to focus on something they already own and enjoy, whole teasing the next upgrade which will take them from basic to premium. You may decide to run small discounts or loyalty benefits to your customers through your advert.


8. Upgrade Subscriptions: Subscription Based Services Can Retarget Users With The Benefits of Higher Level Subscriptions.


If you are selling a subscripton based product, such as LeadPages, you may have higher levels of the subscription with more features, better service etc. You an also promote this type of service via retargeting. In this type of service you will have to build your custom audience for your users at each level of service. After building the list, you can retarget your customers with creative that sells the value of the higher level subscriptions. Once users click through, take them to an easy upgrade page where they can enhance their subscription.


If you are in a promotional season, consider doing seasonal upgrade bonuses and discounts, these make good ad copy because they are seasonal, and your customers expect to see special offers and are conditioned to take them at certain times in the year.

9. Retarget Your Highest Value Customers: Devote Higher Resources To Your Big Spenders or Users You Identify As More Likely To Buy.


A lot of us run our advertising on a tight budget, so do a little research and build a buyer list for your visitors and customers who are typically your big spenders. Once you identify who these people are and how they act on your website, set up a custom audience targeting these big spenders.

10. Target Users With A Series of Sales Pieces, or Videos, Pages etc For A Product Launch or Something Similar.


Many people in the Internet Marketing World run episodic promotions, video series, monthly trainings etc. We can use retargeting to make these types of promotions even higher impact. Typically once someone is on your retargeting list, they may see the same ad for a month at a time, and after a few impressions, may tune it out. If you are running a dynamic training or promotion, you can set it up so that your ad creative changes every single week with the new content.

This way, your potential customers will see what you’ve got going on and that you are putting out new content weekly. This has a couple of benefits.


Firstly, It let’s your prospects know you are an active and engaged advertiser and that they can expect to see new and exciting content from you regularly, that’s the kind of business people want to learn more about.

Secondly, if your first message doesn’t entice them enough to click through and engage with you, you have more opportunities as your promotion changes each week.

11. Provide “Retargeting Only” Promotions, Make It Clear In Your Copy That This Particular Offers Is Only Available To Those Who Click Through.



Retargeting opens up a good opportunity for us to provide medium specific incentives. If you are running creative to an audience, you can tell them in the creative that you are offering “Display Network Only” bonuses or discounts. When they click through the ad, you can take them to a special landing page which has promotions that are only available to people who engaged with your retargeting ads. The advantage of this, is that it trains your customers to pay attention to your retargeting ads, which can pay off big time when you are launching a new product and need a high engagement rate to jump start things.


Friend, you really do not need to apply all the above techniques at once, you can start with one of two of these to get started with and the returns on investment will surprise you.


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