How To Research and Buy Your Solo Ads

How To Research and Buy Your Solo Ads

A popular trend right now is solo ad directories. These are usually compiled by someone who has spent a lot of money on solo ads and has weeded out the duds and has made a list of the winners.


Although a directory like this can be a highly valuable resource, it’s not fool-proof. You’ll still have to do some deeper digging.


Not all lists respond well to all offers, even if those offers are high quality. For example, my list tends to respond very well to marketing topics like Youtube, SEO, backlinks and niche marketing.
When I promote affiliate products to my list, I try to find an offer I think the majority will like.


Take note that nothing is 100% for sure. If you buy a solo ad from a highly recommended vendor from one of these directories, keep in mind that it may flop. That’s the reality of doing business. That’s why it’s so important to ask the solo ad vendors some detailed questions about how they built their list and what kind of offers their subscribers like best.


Here are some questions you should ask:

* How did you build your list?

* Are your subscribers mostly from English speaking

* What kind of offers do they respond to best?

* Is my offer a good fit?

* Are you a product creator?


Also, ask if they write the solo ad themselves. Unless you have solo ad copy that has been converting very well for you over several solos, you should ask them to write the copy.


The truth is that, the best solo ad vendors will almost always write your solo ad copy. If they have a good relationship with their list this is the only way that makes sense.


Buyer Lists

Look for solo ad vendors that have a high percentage of buyers on their list. How do you know? Well, you can ask them upfront and hopefully they will be honest. Just keep in mind they can obviously say anything and in some cases it may be nearly impossible to verify. But here’s a smart way to go about it: If a vendor says they have a lot of buyers then do a little research and see if this person is a product creator themselves. If they have created many products then it is reasonable to assume that the
customers who bought those products are on his list.


Where To Find The Best Solo Ads

* Solo Ad Directories

Although they are not a magic bullet, they are definitely helpful and can be a good place to start.


* Solo Ad Review Sites

A trend I’ve been seeing lately is solo ad review sites and Facebook groups dedicated to buying and reviewing solo ad vendors. These sites usually include valuable feedback like price, conversions, time it took for the clicks to deliver, ease of communication, etc. as well as exposing scammers.


* The Warrior Forum

This can be a great resource because it’s so easy to do background research on the many solo ad sellers.


Here’s how to do it:


Go to the the Warrior Forum and do a search for the keyword ‘solo ads’ under the Warrior Classifieds Ads section. Dozens of solo ad sellers will show up. Now you’ll have to take a little time and do some prudent research.


Look for positive reviews. Yes, testimonials can be coerced or faked, but with a little critical analysis it becomes easy to see what is natural and what is not. You can take an extra step and actually private message (PM) some of the more recent customers who have left reviews. Just politely ask if they were happy with their results. Most people will give you honest feedback.

If you like the reviews and feedback you’re seeing, the next step is to do some background research on the solo ad seller. Type their forum handle into the keyword search bar and search for any threads started by them.

A lot of solo ad sellers make a big deal out of having a buyers list and for good reason – these kind of lists usually get better results in the long run.


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