How To Rank Your Website With Social Bookmarking

How To Rank Your Website With Social Bookmarking

What Social Bookmarking All About?


It is a Web 2.0 based technology for websites and blogs. It implies saving bookmarkes online. It is a great way to generate huge traffic. The prime technique to improve your website ranking. It makes the web work for you.


Who uses Social Bookmarking?


Everybody uses bookmarks, it’s also the easiest way to share information. It is for everyone who utilizes web passionately looking for new information. It helps your website to be indexed in search engines. You can set up your networks with social bookmarking sites.

Social Bookmarking allows innovative marketers and business to connect. Businesses and internet marketers get consistent traffic toward their website and enhance their page rank.


How Does Social Bookmarking Work?


Most internet marketers use it to advertise, boost traffic, get found and raise their page ranking in search engines. Social Bookmarking unbolts new ways to arrange information and classify resources. By sharing your bookmarks among your networks, you will be able to hook up your audience across the web. And if other internet users search for the same niche and topic that is already tagged, they can easily look for that website using the descriptive keywords. Feautures of Social Bookmarking such as bookmarks, RSS feeds and shares, assist your audience in acquiring resources in which they are interested.


Impact of Social Bookmarking on Internet Marketing


It allows you to tag your websites using related keyword to the webpage to magnetize your internet marketers. Using social bookmarking services for your website will enhance your possibility of being viewed by search engines.


Internet marketers rapidly became aware of social bookmarking and know that it is an important tool for their business and research. Social bookmarking is also a great tool for search engine optimization to boost your website search results.


To start with social bookmarking, you don’t need to become an internet guru because this markeing methodology is not complicated to use in order to grow your website popularity.


Why You Should Use Social Bookmarking For Your Business?


It is really valuable for SEO Purposes. It is a new process to promote your website. It allows you to collect and share your favorite web pages on the Internet. Social Bookmarking is one of the best ways to help you drive unlimited traffic with free high quality backlinks.


It has an amazing benefits and Increase targeted traffic:


* It authorizes you to segment your traffic. It enables you to drive a consideratble amount of organic traffic. The website becomes famous. The page rank increases subsequently in search engines.


Get Quality Backlinks 


* The primary aim of Social bookmarking is to create a buzz. You can notice drastic enhancement. Social bookmarking is a crucial tool for search engine optimization. It helps you work smartly.


Rapid Indexing:


* It is a quick technique to get noticed and listed in search engines. You will be able to engage search engine bots and spiders to crawl your webpages. All you need to do is register your website on social bookmarking sites.


Enhance brand awareness:


* Most social bookmarking websites provide you a fixed space to generate a public profile. By posting valuable content, usually you’ll be able to expand your fans following you. * Social bookmarking sites also permit you to connect with other users.


Extend Online Visibility:


* The best social networks are great methods to enhance your wbsite’s traffic.The more bookmarked content you have, the more exposure and visits you’ll get. By having extended online visibility, you have a chance to get noticed.


SEO Benefits:


* Social bookmarking empowers you to boost your search engine ranking in a short spann of time. Bookmarking discloses different kind of users to your website and enhances integrity and demand. Don’t lose precious time with those social bookmarking sites which do not have higher page ranks.


Go Viral:


* It allow s other users to vote, rate, bookmark and share your web content. People will bookmark it and share it in their social and other networks. But this will only work when you do it in a correct way.


Showcase your content to others:


It enables you to present your important and valuable content and visual designs in a great manner. You can group your newsletter list into different categories. Some social media policies permit you to bookmark all your content While some allow significant part of your content.


Increase you Revenue:


Social bookmarking is a great way to enhance your website popularity and visibility. The best Social bookmarking sites are low cost and use search engine optimization approaches in a legal manner. You will be able to expand your audience reach which also boosts your revenue.


Measuring Success:


As more users bookmark your websites, it will enhance the quality and importance of your webpage. If your webpage owns multiple bookmarks, you will have more authorization. So many good ratings drive content to the top of newsfeeds.


Shocking Facts:


Moz started to rank on Google for “Beginner’s Guide” after Smarshing Magazine tweeted out the guide. Shrushti moved from page 400 to page 1 of Google due to social media.


One site received 100 Goog+followers to a Google+ business page and their rankings went up 14.63%. 70 Facebook shares and 50 Facebook likes were given to one site and their ranking went up by 6.9%. One site received 50 Tweets and their ranking went up by 2.88%. – after receiving tweets, his article skyrocketed into the #2 spot in uner 12 hours. Jeff of found out that a Google+ share from an established account was all it took to propel some of his niche sites into a quality ranking.


A one month old site got 2,670 visits, where almost 40% of that traffic came from social bookmarking. A top ranked video on YouTube got on the top page of Google a couple of minutes after using Onlywire. 22 minutes after being uploaded, a YouTube video got the #1 Google Ranking after using Syndwire.


How Do Social Bookmarking and Search Engines Work together?


Social bookmarking has proved its importance in the business scenario. With an effective and planned approach that guides you through social bookmarking, you can enhance its benefits for your business.


Pay Attention To Your Titles:


Titles perform the most important role to describe the content. Many good articles are not visited because of their less than appealing headlines. Remember to never overpromise. Each and every post title should be unique and short. Use your main keyword in the title to make it SEO friendly.


Be Active On The Social bookmarking Websites:


You are able to write great content for your website, if your article has a great headline, description and content, online users will love it. You can post it on different social bookmarking websites.


Facilitate interaction with other social bookmarkers:


The general rule in business implies that for getting success, you need to walk hand in hand with people who have stood with you in times of distress. So, if you want to get the best from social bookmarking, you have to interact with them on a regular basis.


Content is King:


You cannot forget tht importance of good content. It gives the first impression about your company and if not arranged in a proper manner, you can surely miss out on a chance to get many scattered consumers into your customer base.


Write a short & meaningful description:


* Never apply false facts to attract on online audience.
* Duplicate descriptions look like spamming.
* Provide a short description of that link because users don’t like to read long, wordy reviews.
* The lenth of description should not be more than 100 to 150 words. It is good to have a single bookmark instead of five.


Make it easy to bookmark for others:


Just make bookmarking easier for online users. you can add social bookmarking sites buttons. Provide something valuable. Likes and shares will boost your posts in order to get to the top.


Add Related Tags and Keywords:


This way you can assist internet users to look for suitable search results. Relevancy in keywords enhance the traffic towards your websites. Keywords are not the same as tags. There is not any need to over optimize.


Limit Your Social bookmarking from a single domain:


It is generally said that excess of anything is bad. Too many backlinks from a single bookmarking website will hurt you. Many links from one bookmarking site, It is enumerated as one link by search engines.


RSS feeds & newsletter subscriptions:


There are more than 100 functional directories, with this, you will be able to get quality backlinks and potential traffic related to your niche market. Put your RSS feed at the right place on your website. You will see the new subscriptions, and you will get to the first page of social bookmarking sites.


Mix no-follow & do-follow:


A no-follow link does not have any SEO benefits, and it is not included on Social bookmarking profiles.


Do-follow links are a backlink that gets all the SEO benefits. Ensure that you are using quality backlinks in order to get success.


* Delicious
* tumblr
* Digg
* folkd


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