How To Rank Your Vidoes

How To Rank Your Vidoes

How to Optimize Your Videos Such that Search Engine Robots Would Like to Rank Your Videos?


When it comes to optimization, there are two parts, the on-video optimization & the off-video optimization.


We will discuss the on-video optimization first.


On-video optimization is a no-brainer. Remember that whether you are trying to rank an extremely difficult keyword or an extremely easy keyword, the on-video optimization method is the same.


On-Video Optimization

Once your video is ready & and you uploaded it to and you uploaded it to YouTube, it is very import correct.
that you are trying to rank for. So if you ”, name your video as “FB infinite Review”.


The name of the video should have your Main Keyword that you are trying to rank for.


Name Your Channel as Main Keyword


Now when it comes to naming your channel, if you don’t already have a YouTube channel, you could name your channel as the Product Name Keyword.

For FB viral cash, I didn’t create a separate channel only to promote the video. I uploaded it to  my channel where I upload other review videos as well. So I didn’t have to add the channel name as the name of the product.


Keywords in Title


The next thing you need to make sure is to have the keyword in the title.



This is what will really separate you and your competitor when it comes to good on-video optimization. Many of your competitors will not have long descriptions. The key is to have very detailed description as possible.

If your descriptions are long enough, your video will show up when people use certain keywords in YouTube to search for information other than the Product Name Keyword.


The description is divided into 3 areas i.e a beginning, middle and end.

At the beginning of your descriptions, you need to have your affiliate link. This is vital because then only people will perform the desired action that you want to perform. i.e click on your affiliate links. It is better if you cloak this affiliate link.


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