How To Offer Super Service In Fiverr

How To Offer Super Service In Fiverr

When you call your cable or internet company you expect bad service. You expect a headache on the phone and long wait times. What if you were to call your cable company and a real person answered the phone and solve your problem right away. You would be shocked and happy! Every step of the order process is great way to exhibit great customer service. From messages to a potential buyer, to delivering a finalized piece of work, wowing off your customer service is a great way to nail down repeat buyers as well as bring in new buyers.



When someone is browsing around aimlessly on Fiverr they are generally looking to buy something. They will probably send out numerous messages to different sellers offering close to the same gig. Generally whoever responds first is who they will order from. Fiverr keeps track of how long it takes you to respond to messages. If you respond to messages as fast as you can, YOU WILL SELL A LOT MORE!


From my experience buying on Fiver, most sellers take 24hrs to respond. By that time, buyers would have bought from a seller who has answered questions with a quicker response to their messages. If you want to stand out with your offering, the easiest way is to be prompt in responding to messages.


Fiverr keeps track of your response time to messages. They take all of your messages response times over the previous 30 days and average them together. It can be seen on your user page.
A good rule of thumb is to keep your Fiverr average response time to under 15 hours.


After you receive an order

After a buyer places an order with you and submits the information you ask for, you will receive a notification that the countdown to delivery has begun. After the order is officially open, I like to respond to the buyer to let them know the order came with something like: ” Thanks for the order! I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Let me know if you have any other questionss.”

When You Deliver A Gig

After you have finished the buyer’s order, it is time to deliver the work to the buyer. When you deliver, you should drop them a little thank you note as well. When I deliver orders I say something like this:
” Here you! This was a really fun project to work on and I hope we can work together again in the future. Let me know if there is anything you want changed or added. If you are satisfied, I would appreciate if you could mark this order as complete by leaving a thumbs up with a positive review. If you would like to add on any gig extras to this you can at any time. Thanks so much!
Insert your name”


This is personalized and lets the buyer know you care about their satisfaction with the order.


Get Positive Feedback
Wen you first start out do everything you can to get all positive feedback. When buyers ask for corrections, do them for free and in timely manner. Getting all positive feedback ensures that buyers will trust you and you’ll get some love from Fiverr as well.


Avoid Cancellations

Every order that you cancel from a buyer has a negative impact on you. Fiverr tracks of cancellation and gives you a certain percentage before they take away your seller rating. AS a rule of thumb, try to keep your cancellations to under 5%. If a buyer places an order by mistake and wants to cancel, tell him to request a cancellation and you will accept. This way, you are never the one who cancelled. Be sure to avoid a force cancellation at all costs!


Following the Rules: Play Nicely

The easiest way not to succeed on Fiverr is to ignore their Terms of Service. It might look like a long and confusing document but there are few basic rules that you need to know. If you follow the rules you will never get in trouble with Fiverr.

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