How To Get A Massive Traffic From YouTube FREE

How To Get A Massive Traffic From YouTube FREE


Here’s a screen shot of the views from one of my many YouTube accounts. There are only 22 videos in this account. 1374 views total.


video traffic


I didn’t create any of these 22 videos! They’re in my account.


They’re getting traffic for me! I’m sending that traffic to affiliate offers and making money with it.




I didn’t shoot not one of those videos! Creating that entire account only took me a couple of hours.


Traffic…yet no work! How’s that possible?


In this report, I’m going to show you about an amazing resource inside YouTube. It’s called Creative Commons Videos.


I’m going to show you basically how you can leverage other people’s work…and gain from it.


You can use this to send traffic virtually anywhere you want! Creative Commons Videos


First, log into your YouTube account, and go here:


You’ll see this:



video traffic 1


When you first land on this page, if you already have videos in your account, you’ll see them here.


What you need to do is to click the “cc” icon at the top. (I’ve got an arrow pointed to it!) When you do, you’ll see this…


video trffic 2

In my picture, I already had the keyword phrase “weight loss” typed in. But…here’s the deal here.


When these videos were uploaded the owner did so under a different license from YouTube’s normal standard license. They did so under YouTube’s Creative Commons license.


That license gives anyone the right to reuse the videos! Here’s how I use these videos.


1. To quickly create videos for low quality keyword phrases I’m trying to target.


2. To quick create whole channels for affiliate niches I’m working on getting traffic for.


If I have a channel I’m working on, and I have a few very low quality keyword phrases that I would like to easily rank a video for. And…I don’t want to spend a ton of time creating a new video…I just to go the editor, look at the creative commons videos, and use that one.


I re-optimize the video for the new keyword phrase that I want to rank for! Let me show you a quick example.


Suppose I want to create a channel that targets the bodybuilding affiliate niche.


One great way to get low volume, easy to rank for keywords would be to append city names after stuff like “bodybuilding gym”.


So, you’d be looking at “bodybuilding gym Atlanta,” “bodybuilding gym Denver,” “bodybuilding gym San Francisco.”


Stuff like that.


Do that for the top 100 cities, and you’d be covering some online real estate!


But…the problem is creating 100 videos for those low quality keywords would be some work.


Here’s what you can do…


(You can skip this part, if you want!)


I got to Fiverr and get a video intro made for my niche. So, for only $5, you can get an intro created. Upload that to YouTube.




Go to YouTube’s editor and click where I told you to to get to the creative common’s videos.


Get your intro and drag it down to the editor, and then grab a creative commons video and drag it down.


Look at this screen shot…

video traffic 3


Here’s I’ve dragged the CC video down to the editor. When I drag the intro down, I’ll put in in front. I can also do neat transitions between the two clips by clicking the icon I’m showing you above.


So, basically I get a CC video and put my intro in front of it. I’ll then publish that video.


Once it’s published I’ll go into the Video Manager and edit it.


Here, I’ll do the following.


1. Make the title the keyword phrase I’m targeting.


2. Put my website’s full URL at the top of the description.


3. Put in the keyword phrase.


4. Go to EzineArticles and get an article that’s related (with the correct author attribution…nothing blackhat here! ) Put that in.


5. Put the keyword phrase in again.




Now, you’ve got a very well optimized video.


How long did that take? A few seconds?


What I do is I’ll take a niche, and use the CC videos to create an entirely new channel. I’ll optimize each video in that channel for a separate keyword phrase. With a little back-linking, these videos will start to rank and start to pull traffic from within YouTube itself.


With this method, you can easily create entire traffic spewing machines with only a couple of hours work.


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